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  1. Hi, I am in Milton Vermont. Send me your email address and I can send you a picture. I tried to upload but the image is too big. [email protected] Thanks! Greg
  2. I have 2 9' UGLY STIK BWD, SST guides. I have had them for about 10 years, I used them for planer board setups on Lake Champlain. They also make great rigger rods. I am selling them. Make me an offer including shipping from Milton Vt. Riddler
  3. hyperlite hot rod wakeboard with custom bindings . $125
  4. I have a brand new, in package transom mount speed sensor SP-U 99-76 for Lowrance/Eagle chart recorders. Says it fits all products 2003 and newer with speed display and a black sensor connector. 25$
  5. I have one of these I am not using. 150$. Email or PM me. It was really good on the old boat, I could dangle off the swim platform, steer the boat and watch the riggers. Cheap solution for fishing alone!
  6. Hi, Ok, I'll take the 4 locks. Riddler
  7. I have cannon Mag 10's, not fimiliar with these locks. Do you know for sure if they will work on Mag 10's? Thanks! Riddler
  8. I'll take the cannon locks. How much to ship to Milton Vt? RIddler
  9. Hi, What is your asking price? Also, where is the trailer located? I am in Vermont. I have a price on a brand new. I'm ready to pull the trigger! Thanks!
  10. Hi, How much to ship to Milton Vt 05468? Do you have paypal? Thanks! Riddler
  11. Hi, I have 2 of these and would like these for parts. 50$ and I'll pay ship. Contact me please at [email protected] 802-922-1333 after 4 Or 802-769-1780 6a-3p Thanks!
  12. Hi, Interested in Lot 3 + 5. If you still have them I'll buy them! Let me know, can paypal Thanks! Riddler
  13. Hi Looking for Cannon Mag10 White base. Also looking for spare parts if you have a broken rigger Thanks! Riddler
  14. Hi, I am looking for these. Where are you located? Thanks! Riddler
  15. I am looking to buy or trade for a 8# Cannonball mold with fin. I have 2 molds to sell or trade. 1 -8# round 1-10# round with fin 50$ each or will trade for 8# round with fin Thanks! Riddler
  16. Hi, I want to buy these. Email me at [email protected] Or pm me a message on this site I will need to arrange pickup. I have 2 of these and would like to match my pair. Thanks!
  17. Hi, Are the cannon deck plates still available? How much are you asking for the the cannon Mag adapters(picture 3) in the thumbnails? Thanks! Riddler
  18. Ok, Can you post a better picture of each of the downriggers? I will be traveling from Vermont to Pennsylvania next month. If I'm interested I can arrange a pickup. Thanks! Riddler
  19. Hi, I would like to buy one of these. Do you have a better picture? Do you accept paypal and how much to ship to Milton Vt? Thanks! Riddler
  20. Hi, Are the Mag 10's White or Black? Do you have any pictures of them? Email me at [email protected] Thanks! Riddlervt
  21. Hi, Interested in the dual rod brackets, Are these the ones that mount on the boom or on the rear mount post? I am interested in the rear mount version. Thanks! Riddlervt
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