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  1. Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story. May she rest in peace. Len
  2. Merry Christmas , You have been blessed. Two great Bucks. Len
  3. North Jersey’s 2014 bear hunt culls slightly more than last year's huntIn the end, the state’s 2014 black bear hunt went as expected. By sundown on Saturday, hunters had culled 272 bears from North Jersey’s forests during the state’s six-day firearm deer and bear hunting season. The total was 21 greater than that of the 2013 hunt, falling in line with predictions from state biologists of a similar harvest this year. The hunt started quickly, with 189 kills – the largest one-day cull since the first day of the 2011 hunt. However, last Tuesday’s nor’easter helped stymie the pace to below that of 2013’s by mid-week. Ultimately, though, the six-day total surpassed the 251 black bears killed by hunters last December. On Friday and Saturday, hunters registered a total of 83 kills. Just as the number of kills was reflective of 2013, so was the ongoing discord between state policies and protestor sensibilities that has become expected since the state started the now yearly hunting season in 2010. The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), through its commissioner Bob Martin, has backed the hunt as a vital component of New Jersey’s Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy. The state’s hunters obliged by purchasing more than 8,000 bear hunting permits for the season, also topping 2013’s numbers. "The state’s overall goal is to reduce the number of bears to a more manageable number, while improving public safety by reducing bear encounters with people," Martin said. As much as the state has backed the plan as a sensible population control method, groups like the Protection League of New Jersey, Bear Education And Resource Program, and League of Humane Voters of New Jersey have derided it as an unwanted trophy hunt. On Dec. 13, members from the three groups converged on the bear check-in station at the Whittingham Wildlife Management Area in Fredon to push for more non-lethal population control solutions and protest the hunt as well as the strategy of using bait to lure and shoot bears, which they say is complicating the relationship between humans and bears. "We’re opposed to the killing of bears, but the practice of baiting is especially odious," Jay Lassiter of the League of Humane Voters of New Jersey said in a press release. "Luring a bear to a bait site damages the environment, changes the foraging habits of bears, and increases their population, and it’s a surefire way of increasing unwanted human/bear encounters." Protestors also point to the hunt’s limited impact on known aggressive bears. Of the 1,599 bears killed in New Jersey during the prior four hunts, only 69 were known nuisance bears, according to DEP spokesman Larry Ragonese. Another 274 kills were tagged for research. Prior to the hunt, North Jersey’s bear population was pegged somewhere between 2,200 to 2,500 bears in the four bear hunting zones north of Route 78 and west of Interstate 287. According to Ragonese, the state is currently working with representatives from Penn State and East Stroudsburg universities to determine a more accurate estimate as the DEP works to develop a new five-year black bear management plan for 2015. That plan could recommend ending annual hunts or altering them in terms of hunt dates, duration, and zones – among other things – he said.
  4. Hi Guys Here are some pictures of Black Bears on my farm I took in the last few years. The first two is a Boar,3rd. same boar two years earlyer, 4th. Sow with new Cubs and 5th. Same Sow with Cubs one year later.
  5. Hi Guys and Gals I thought I would share this with you. My wife just cooked up some of that 185 lb. old Buck I took on Nov. 15, 2014 in the Catskills. I got to tell you those inner loins were just great sauted with onions in a hot pan. Better yet we washed it down with some great N.Y.S. RED MOON TABLE WINE from THIRSTY OWL WINE COMPANY located in , Ovid, N.Y. It was a really good wine from the Finger Lakes Area. I'am going to call them to see if they have any more. I don' t mind giving credit when credit is due. Enjoy your holidays Merry Christmas to all. In God we Trust Len
  6. Great story Ray. Thanks for sharing. The Buck is pretty nice , I would take him any time. Can't eat the horns anyway. Here's to good fishing in the keys . Maybe see you there. Jan. , Feb. , Mar. We will be at Knights Key. Len
  7. Shot gun only is correct. IT is legal to bait here in N.J.
  8. I like 1 x 4 Mag. for shot guns . Most shots are within a 100 yards. Keep it set at low power for better field of view and quick pick up. If the game is further away you have time to turn up the mag. By a Shot Gun scope model only. The best one you can aford. Happy Hunting Shoot Strait. Len
  9. Great Buck . Thanks for the story.
  10. I don't think so , but I will check that out. Thank you.
  11. My New Jersey 2014 Buck Season Our six day shotgun season started on Dec. 8 this year. My hunting buddies and I all met up at my Hunting Cabin, located on my farm the day before. We were all fired up in anticipation of the next days hunt to say the least. After a few cocktails followed up by a great Elk Pot Roast dinner that was slow cooked for ten hours we were almost ready for the next day. After few hunting stories and a toast or two for good luck we headed for the bunk, 4:30 am. comes real fast. Opening day I was in my tree stand at 6:00 am, it was really quiet that morning and only 18 deg. F. nothing was moving , until 26 Wild Turkey flew in to my feeder at 8:30 am. After cleaning up all the corn they walked off and a Doe and her fawn walked in . The squirrells showed up at about 11:00 am. and that was it for my morning hunt. It was time for lunch. My days of hunting all day in the stand ended a few years ago. I returned to my stand at 3 pm. And by 4:15 all the action started, 8 Does and fawns walked in. Following them in, 10 minutes later was another lone deer, I spotted his rack and my gun went up, my scope confirmed he was a shooter , letting him get to within 50 yards as he steped out from behind a tree , my crosshairs were just behind his shoulder when I squeezed the trigger . Well much to my surprise the gun did not fire , I knew I set the safety off, but checked it again, it was off . After squeezing the trigger two more times and opening and closing the bolt with no results, I raised the gun up to eject the shell and it fired without me touching the trigger . The firing pin must have frozen do to dampness and below freezing temperatures. A lesson to be learned here for sure. With the sound of the shot some of the deer scattered, but four of the Does remained there. The Buck backed off behind a lot of brush and hid there not knowing where the shot came from. Well it must have been my lucky day, he slowly moved toward the Does again to check them out, as he poked his head out from behind the same tree and my crosshairs centered behind his shoulder, I fired . This time he went down only going about 25 ‘ . He was a nice six point Buck with no brow tines. What a day.
  12. Congrdulations on your Bear and good story. Sounds like you really earned it. I don't know how you got it out by your self. Shoot strait Len
  13. Nice Buck. Some times we try too hard and don't see or get anything. The older I get, I find by taking the pressure off and relaxing a little bit, works to our advantage. Stay awake Shoot strait Len
  14. Congratulations a nice Buck does not happen like that every day. Thats what keeps us going. Enjoy Len
  15. Nice shooting , take a lot more of them SOB Len
  16. Congrats on a nice Buck. Shoot Srait Len
  17. Read the rest of my story on my next post. I could not figure out how to post it at the time. Len
  18. My guess he is 31/2 yrs By the way don't sell yourself short, taken 41 deer in 17 years ain't to bad in my book. Conradulations on a nice Buck Len
  19. My N.Y.S. WhiteTail HUNT 2014 Opening day of the New York State Buck season was Nov. 15, . The hunting conditions was just about as good as it gets. I was hunting at a friends camp in Andes N.Y. as I have for the last 38 years . Which is located in the Catskill Mountains. Two inches of fresh snow had fallen the the night before , the wind was calm with tempertures in the twenties. The rut was in full swing. Not being as young as I used to be after 55 years of hunting , I used my 450 Yamaha Grizzly 4x4 atv to get to my tree stand. The first thing I did upon arrival was to hang up three scent wicks soaked in Special Golden Estrus, on some near by scrub trees, it was about 6:oo am. and still quite dark out. I was situwaited in my tree stand at 6:10 am. ,visability improved quickly with the snow covered ground and just at about sunrise I noticed some movement to my right , sure enough it was a deer coming out from the Hemlocks and behind a lot of brush. It did not take me very long to see it was a shooter buck with my naked eye, upon raising my scoped Remington Model 7 , I confirmed it was a legal buck with at least 3 Points on one side . He now took few more steps and clearing a big tree , the first thing I saw was a good shot at his neck which was swollen , he was only 50 yards away from me at that point, the rest of his body was still hidden behind the tree and brush. I set the crosshairs of my scope just in front of his front shoulder and at the base of his neck and took the shot. He never knew what hit him , his front legs went up and he fell over backwards never taking another step, he was mine. I hit him with a .308 cal. Hornady 150 grain bullet from their American Whitetail series. That bullet did an excellent job , it took out its lungs and never touched his heart or liver. They made a great meal the next day sauted in bacon and onions. The buck turned out to be a 7 pointer and dressed out at 185 lbs. , making it the heavest whitetail buck I Ever shot. I know I could have waited for him to walk out a little more and maybe taken him behind the shoulder, but he also could have busted out of there at 40 miles an hour as I have had happen to me years before. I was not going to chance that again. It was a great hunt
  20. I took this Buck in Delaware County in the Catskill Mountains, early Sat. Morning. It was a one shot kill through the neck at 50 yards. Conditions were perfect with two inches of fresh snow on the ground. He is a seven point buck and dressed out at 185 lbs. This is the heavyest Whitetail Buck I ever shot. His antler spread was only 17 " . Shoot Strait Len
  21. P 3434 I will be on 5 or 68 . Hope the weather is good . Tight Lines Len
  22. Thanks for the report. Looks like fishing is picking up. I was thinking of coming up to fish on Sun. to wed. You just made my mind up. See you on the water. Tight Lines Len
  23. Thanks for the report. That King looks bigger then 25 lbs. Tight Lines Len
  24. Had two days of nice fishing , on thurs. we got lucky and boated 9 for 9 on the Browns . Started trolling at 6:45 and had or limit by 9:30 . All were between 5 - 10 lbs. 85' fow , down 50' to 60' a double on the riggers and a double on the Dipseys at 240' all on spoons. Hooked in to a Laker on the bottom at 120' fow , down 115' , but pulled the hook 30' from the boat , felt like about 10lb. fish. Water temp. on top was 78 deg. On Fri. we trolled for Kings , put to nice fish in the cooler at 22lbs each and released two other small fish. Both on riggers in 160' fow ,70' dwn. flashers and Flys. I t was a long day in at 6:30 am , out at 3:00 pm. We were happy to see some action , had a great time. Can't wait to get back up there. Tight Lines Len
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