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  1. I have 2 cannon mag 10hs they have extentable booms, dual front rod holders and single rear holder. they do not come with bases, has new styled power cord, they have seen very little use. $600. i will be in Oswego everyweekend and will have them with me. thanks 802-558-2658
  2. I use to own her. solid fishing machine, Captain matt has been taking care of it, all routine maintence always done when needed. will make someone a great fishing boat. can take on lake O yet be trailered very easily to and from the lake, launched and loaded with ease. Getting a boat like this turn key and ready to fish...you should check it out.
  3. Go to the Lake Champlain Forum and ask your question there. I Fish Champlain But 20 miles south of plattsburgh so I really can't help you much up that way. the salmon are biting good in willisboro bayn which is not that far south, for the lake trout you want to find 80-100 ft of h20 and bounce bottom with inline blades and vertical blades with spoons in the nk28 size. green, blue/silver, glow and UV as well, somedays they want vertical and others inline. good luck
  4. As Pete said have him run Slide Diver Lite Bites. We run these with 50 lb pp braid here on Lake Champlain for LL Salmon. You can get the lure as far from the boat as you want then set the diver and set it to the depth you are fishing. You can set them so even some of our newly stock salmon (7-9") will set them off every time but they wont trip till you jerk them from the rod end. Awesome rig for smaller fish.
  5. Congrates on the win.....And thats a tuff one coming from a die hard SOX fan!! lol! your reports are always great and very informative. thanks good job.
  6. I have never tried them when fishing on Lake O for kings but when we are on Lake Champlain fishing for Landlocks & lake Trout I can tell you there will be A LOT more boats running them then not! they work...and yes on most days you will get more hook-ups when you are running them. just my 2 cents.
  7. By looking @ your name on the forum and your ghost hunting hobby you should name it "THE BILLY BUCKNER" because there had to be a ghost or something that made that ball go through his legs!...from a die hard sox fan!
  8. My 27 foot Baha Cruiser and my fishing charter business is named MADSIERRA after our 2 golden retrievers....Madison and Sierra. One of them turned 16 in january and the other one will be 14 in march. If the boat is on the water the two of them will be on the boat!...actually told a client to find another boat to fish on when he said he didn't like dogs and did not want them on the boat!
  9. I have purchased items off this site on 4 differnt occasions...each time from four different people I have never met and probly never will. All Items were just as the seller discribed and were sent to me in a timely manner. Very happy with this site...you are buying or selling to other fisherman unlike other sites where you may be buying from someone who doesn't no the difference between a power boat and a blow boat! I sent Pm's to each seller and recieved promt Pm's back, I also told them they had a Pm. Great site...keep up the good work guys.
  10. I have a auto pilot made by Panther called a T-4...sold by the same company that sells you troll-master. I have a 27 ft Baha with a mercury 9.9 mounted in the center as my boat is a inboard. The unit cost less than $500 bucks and for $200 more you get a wireless remote for it. I have had mine for 3 years and spend 60 plus days on the water trolling 6-12 hrs a day and have NEVER had a problem with it. Took about 2 hrs to install and can be used with your Troll-master speed control...I have a Pro 3 on mine. good luck
  11. i have 1 on my 27 ft baha and love it! i have the wireless remote and can steer from anyplace in the boat. had it almost 2 years with no problems. i use mine all the time from flat calm days to 6 footers...it does take some getting use to because you hafta push the buttons a lot in rough weather.
  12. i have a awsome bracket on my baha. mine is a fixed bracket as my kicker has power tilt. the company also makes one that has the tilt built in. they are a very well built unit. It is a Panther Bracket BY MARINETECH. Im sure you can find them online. Good luck
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