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  1. AWESOME!! She will be hooked for ever...hope she got to hear some bugles and all the cows talking! I have a good friend in Luna NM (unit 15) that I archery hunt with every yr I can draw a Tag. This year I got a Landowner tag up near Las Vegas NM (unit 41) for a late season hunt. What unit did You guys get to hunt? NM is a great Elk state...Im sure YOU are super proud and still have a big smile getting to watch her put the smack down on a GREAT bull!
  2. any vinyl sign shop can make them for you in any color you want. just get some pictures on line or of other boats and they will digitize them to your color and size.
  3. TTT Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Sold!! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. For anyone interested in my boat... it Is sold pending full payment from a forum member, I also have another forum Member that has 1st chance if I do not receive payment on Saturday after sea trial. I will continue to answer any question anyone else may have in case neither of these guys purchase it. I will update if It is officially sold on Saturday. Thanks for all the inquiries. Eric
  6. Yes...I did look at the boat last weekend. spent a couple hours looking over the Boat and then went for a ride out in the harbor. the boat is very clean and shows better then most boats 10 years or more newer. it ran great and everything worked as it should. TONS of storage and a huge flat fishing deck! I have looked at and been on a few salt water boats and this one does not look like them....keeps her in top shape for sure! We have wanted a Tiara for awhile and the ONLY reason we did not buy it is we wanted a little more room in the cuddy to be able to sleep 5 or 6 people. this would sleep 4 easy & fish 6 people & do it in comfort and class! Someone needs to bring this awesome fishing machine back to fresh water mount some riggers on her and bloody the deck with some Big Kings on daily basis!!! For anyone that thinks I'm just a friend trying to help sell a friends boat..I was in town and saw this boat on craigslist. had never Meet Bill and his wife prior to that day. They are Both very Nice and have a great boat in my opinion.
  7. i have not had a survey done. owned for 7 yrs. Baha's built in that yr and newer no longer have wooden stringers...they are composite and where guaranteed for life of boat. if you are really interested i would welcome a survey on the boat.
  8. now i see typo...thanks troubles! yes its 7 or 8 INCH step up.
  9. well....it mite be 7" step...its a raised cockpit as the motor is mounted under the floor between the the seats...great set up...and still has well over 6 ft of headroom under hardtop
  10. I have a turn key 272 fisherman completely rigged for great lakes fishing. It is a gas powered 350/330hp single screw inboard with just over 1000 hrs with 90% of those hrs @ trolling speed before the kicker was installed. The fishing deck is completely flat with NOTHING in your way while fishing. then a 8' step up into the cockpit so everything stays dry in cockpit. It has a raised traxtech rail system all the way around that holds 4 cannon high speed riggers and 5 Berts ratchet rod holders. there are 3 additional tite lock rod holders mounted on each side and 5' single Big john planner mast on each side. 10 rod rocket launcher mounted to Hard top. Furuno 585 fish finder with bronze thru hull transducer. lowrance elite 7 gps/fishfinder , standard horizon 5" gps as well. fishhawk 840 head with x4 probe. vhf radio, am/fm radio. autohelm auto pilot for main motor with a wired remote. Has 2009 4 stroke 9.9 xtra long shaft mercury kicker mounted in the center with full controls @ helm as well as a pro-troll 3 for speed and a Panther t-4 wireless remote for steering the kicker from anyplace in boat. wash down pump, led lighting. docking lights. plenty of storage. cuddy sleeps 2 and has a stand up head with pump out. new roll up drop curtain last fall. custom birds eye maple shelving in cockpit. Trailer is a 2006 twin axle aluminium load rite bunk with electric/hydraulic brakes. almost new tires w/spare. boat Is METICULOUSLY cared for, only in water at a dock about 10 weeks a yr...always fresh water. and covered when at home. bottom painted every yr and waxed at least twice a year. Boat is currently In Oswego but will be coming back to Vermont in a few weeks. only selling to step up to a bigger boat. asking $27,900. I would consider keeping some of the equipment and sell for less. you can contact me @ 802-558-2658. Eric
  11. X2 what hot wires said! awesome fish!!! just over 15lbs with big hook jaw. definatly a Atlantic!
  12. run them with braid and mono...never had a single problem...
  13. found it....this was his post in 2013. FISH-ON! or call 607-279-8194
  14. i think there was a guy on here that was making custom cup/accessories that would fit...tried to look it up cant find it....looked like very nice stuff
  15. Hey brokeoff, I have run slidedivers for years and never had that happin to any of mine, if i had to "guess" i would say it is sliding down all the way to your spoon and between the action of the spoon being right near the diver and the movement of the diver it is doing the damage. It is hard to tell from the picture of your green slidediver how you have your surgical tube but, I talked to a guy from the company a few years back @ a outdoor show and he told me if I was running braid on them and they were slipping to try turning the piece of surgical tube that your line runs through sideways before locking it down and it would stop it...maybe for some reason this is happing to you even though you are running mono...good luck.
  16. You put the sleeve through the back of the release where you put the pull line through...look @ ricks picture closer...you will see where they go. you put the nut & bolt where you put your sleeve.
  17. There are a few guys tying to get ahold of you from the Lake Champlain forum about your boat....you may want to check there...good luck
  18. We have been hunting coyotes with dogs here in vermont for about 8 years and shoot about 60- 70 per year..we start in mid december and hunt till about april 1st every weekend and some days play hooky from work mid week. A few times big aggressive males during breeding season have actually chased our dogs but never any of us. In my opinion from being around them a lot you will have more problems with young coyotes in early fall as they are finally out on there owen.& in small packs of young dogs hunting and they dont yet know what danger of a piece of lead or broadhead is! Most adult dogs will run @ 1st sight, sound or smell of any of us....there are exceptions for sure. we all know the best yote is the 1 we just shot and the 2nd best 1 is jus stepping into the x hairs!!
  19. Not trying 2 start a he said he said or call anyone out here...but i have bin hunting ohio, illinois& iowa since 1997 & working as a guide in iowa since 2000 & u cant hunt in illinois with a rifle....it is shotgun or muzzleloader only!!!....so dont no where that 300 killd a big buck & a 190 lb dressed doe????!!!!!. By the way imo buck is not a 160 but for the north east it is a true stud of a deer!...i hope you put him down and he is bigger than we all think and you prove us wrong! Go get him and post a picture 4 us all to see. Gud luck. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. we always rented a cabin from clarks...just before the lighthouse. saw this Dumb Ass in action on a regular bases. mainly just tried to avoid him becuse it was the easiest thing to do. had words with him @ the dock and trust me when I say this...HE DOES OWN THE LAKE...just ask him!! A guy I had with me asked him to get off his boat so he could give him a proper captains burial @ sea and he wasnt so tuff @ that moment & would not step out of his boat. I am a charter captain myself and like most other captains on this site I cant believe he is still in business.
  21. Long time ago when 1st started fishing lake O you spent sometime @ the dock showing use how to run a cutbait rig....still have the rig you & rick helped tape up & it still catches fish every year! Thanks & congratulations! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Sold pending payment Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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