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  1. Go smokeless! you will never regret it. here is a great option to get into smokeless without breaking the bank. Chromeslayer has proved what you can do with a higher end build like he has and from his post you can see nothing he can't do with his that most can't even do with a rifle!
  2. I puchased 0ne for my 10 meter Trojan a few years ago after talking w Rick from Yankee troller. I called ordered over the phone with the amount of rod holders I wanted and where, they had all the measurements from other boats and was no need for me to do so. they keep all info for every arch they build so if they have ever build 1 for a boat like you have they will build it and it will be perfect! they are build to outlast your boat and the craftmanship is over the top. installation is not hard but you willl need 2-3 people to do it....mine was 12 feet wide with 14 rod holders. on mine I had to cut the "legs" on it as they make them long depending on how high you want it. it can be unbolted with 4 bolts and removed in about 30 min if you ever desire to do so. to say they are overbuilt is a understatement. If you can take time to drive down to pick it up you will save $$ as shipping is kinds pricey. good luck
  3. Set my boat up with all Cisco rod holders last year. very well built product. I have 12 tube rod holders and 2 of the short cradle holders for dypsies. everything is on cisco tracks as well. I run my dypsies behind the rigger at the very back of the boat so the rod handle does not stick into the boat but, along the stern and is not it the way. They work great and it is very easy to get out when a fish is on. The ONLY problem i have with them is I run roller rods and the reel would sometimes rotate in the holder so the wire would be not be running true on all rollers...if you run twilly tips or a roller rod with a swivel tip this would not be a issue. It only happened a cpl times when I was running Tekota 600s but when switched to 700s it happens all day because of the heavier reel. When running two on each side my others are the tube style which you can leave unlocked and pull up very easy just like ratcheting holder. IMO the cradles are a little easier with a big king pounding on it but both work fine. good luck.
  4. when I had my 24ft Penn yan hardtop. I just purchased tite-lock rod holders and screwed them to the top across the back. spaced about 8" apart. they were adjustable to what ever angle you want to have them at. they could be folded down flat to the roof when not in use which is what I needed to do to store the boat in the garage.
  5. nice work BadFish...see you Thursday. keep at them
  6. FYI...friend of mine just ran into same trouble. cannon uses the same rigger body for the digitroll's so under the "sticker" on the top where the buttons for digitroll would be there is a hole where they run the wires thru. if any of that sticker starts to peel up as his did just a little in one corner...your rigger will fill with H20 and fry you switch and board! his had 2" of H20 in it when took side cover off to change board! I placed small bead of silicon around mine after seeing that!
  7. check out the cisco cradle rod holders for dypsies. i always had berts rachets till i used these. no more struggles to get out when big king hits...can do it with one hand.
  8. If you are from Ohio..check out CISCO rod holders they are made in Ohio and are all machined aluminum...awesome. http://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/
  9. Just got The New to me 10 meter Trojan to Wilson last week. got it on lake Simcoe in Canada. 1984 never been fished. PO had just replaced the Top and complete interior inside and out and installed the Plasti-teak floor. in last cpl week I have installed a complete Trax system and Rod holders from Cisco. The cannon riggers, Furuno fishfinder and Fishhawk X4D. already had a 9' Raymarine GPS/ fishfinder. Installed a 14 rod custom fishing arch from Atlantic Towers. should be ready to fish by next weekend! keeping it in Wilson for few more weeks then off to Oswego. http://imgur.com/hl0OZuQ http://imgur.com/0rQQjLb http://imgur.com/hwUuqAL
  10. I just mounted 2 4 ft traxs, 1 3 ft trax and 2 2 ft traxs with 8 rod holders and 4 cradle dypsy holders on my Trojan all from Cisco..could not be more happy the product!! great company to deal with as well. i had berts on my last boat and had very good luck with those as well but, these are VERY well crafted and rugged. http://imgur.com/0rQQjLb
  11. looking for 2 clamp on style planner reels. would like Big Johns but will take look at what anyone may have. call or txt 802-558-2658 or message here. thanks Eric
  12. sweet ride guys....guy would never let it stay in water more than a few days at a time...he would take it out just to clean it!!...I am SERIOUS!!
  13. Go on the fishing forum... Lake Champlain United... before you go...they guys there have been fishing all winter and most will gladly help you out with where the fish are and what they are biting on. good luck
  14. It is a PROVEN FACT that the elk herds in and around all areas that have large wolf packs are at or near all time lows. I have been a life member of the rocky mountain elk foundation for almost 20 yrs...look it up they have all the #s anyone could ever ask for in terms of facts...good or bad about Elk and wolf #s. The elk numbers in the park years ago were at all times high and even too high, so YES the habitat has come back now that are fewer Elk. anyone who spends any time there hiking or getting off the beaten path by getting out of there cars & hiking or camping in Yellowstone will Prove the point that there are not nearly the # of deer or elk in the park that should be or that the habitat can sustain. can you see elk in the park? yes but, when I say difficult to see they are compared to what it use to be or what it should be! Most ANY outfitter or hunter in the western states does NOT want to see "10 billion" elk running around most of them just want to see a substaniable healthy herd..in areas of HIGH wolf #s they do not have that. I have seen 1st hand how the wolves and the Grizzlies will now actually come to the sounds of gunshots because the know it may be a free meal! anyone who hunts the west where these animals are can tell you that . as stated in a previous post it is not just the Elk they actually take down it is how they are always around the herds and the stress they put on them...especially during calving. many more elk now "abort" there calves and has been PROVEN it is do to the High stress levels caused by wolf packs. as I said before I DO believe we need wolves in the wild to help keep things in check...but until we start keeping them in check the elk/ deer herds are going to continue to decline. as far as "about the $$" do you think the towns of pulaski or oswego would even exsist if the introduced a predator that came in and wiped out 70% of the salmon we chase?...I think not. Hunters do the same in the western states and keeps those business and family going. When hunters book trips with outfitters now One of the big questions is "do you have wolves" when the answer is yes many hunters move on to the next area!
  15. I am lucky enough to be able to hunt a cpl of western states every year and i will just say in my opinion in areas that i hunt that have wolf populations the elk population are WAY down. I have also been to Yellowstone a cpl of times in the last 6 years and i will tell you it is difficult to even see elk in the park where after a cpl days in the park you start to think there are nothing but bison in the park...there everywhere. TRUST me i hate to see the slaughter and wish there was a better way to allow ways for us to hunt them but that is never going to happin in the park & most of these animals have learned safty is in the park. Very few of them migrate out of the park. As long as there are elk and deer for the wolves there going to avoid trying to take down the bison, being in the large herds and so protective of there young and each other makes them MUCH harder for even the pack to take them down. So they are never going to be able to keep the bison herd in check. As a hunter i do believe wolves have there place...BUT... there are many places they have devistated the elk population! I hunt the famed Thorofare wilderness in Wyoming in one of the most remote place in the US on the SE corner of Yellowstone. The migration of elk out of the park through that area has been off by as much as 70% in the last 6-8 yrs. On last two trips in there we actually saw more wolves than elk...not good. Dont let anyone tell you any different ther are many more wolves in areas that have them they they will ever tell you...you can see it for yourself if you hunt, fish or backpack in these areas. When you see a pack of 8-10 wolves hunting in a pack it is impressive and you can see just how deady they are at the same time!
  16. Thanks for all the input. ordered up 2 of the cradle rod holders for my 2 main dipsy rod holders as I think they look like they will work great. and 2 of the adjustable tube holders. so I can take a look at them...will then decide if want to order up 10 more tubes or just stick with the cannons. have plenty of time to decide as the new ride is staying in Canada (where I purchased it) till spring.
  17. I agree with the ratcheting holders of just picking them straight up and pull them out...thats easy for me to remember but seems that clients never remember that and usually struggle to get rod out! Having the handle sticking out would not be a issue as i mount my dypsy's on the very back of boat behind rigger so handles would just be running along the stern of boat not sticking into any part if it. Will have to look into them more i guess to see about durability of the finish.
  18. I am looking to Rig my new Ride and am looking into what I want for rod holders . On my other boat I had Bert's ratcheting holders for my dypsies...I do like them and never had any problems with them. but i just saw the Cisco's Cradle Rod Holders they make just for dypsies.. They look awesome... and Very easy for client's to get out of holder with a big king on. I was looking for some input from anyone who may have used these and your thoughts. I plan on either using all Cisco's for my other rod holders or I am going to stick to the Cannon dual Axis. Thanks. http://www.ciscofishingsystemsltd.com/shop/cradle-rod-holders-(dipsy)-5259
  19. I have never had a problem. I also use one for my arrows when i travel to hunt.
  20. I use PVC water/sewer pipe. you can cap one end and thread the other. I then duck tape threaded end so its a little harder for the crooks to steal you rod! make any length and diameter you want. they WILL not break.
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