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  1. Anyone have contact info for someone who does quality interior repair? Looking at a a few boats each with their own issues and one of them the headliner is completely gone cause owner was gonna redo it and never did. Just trying to see how much it would cost to have another put up if I went further with the boat.
  2. Well should say considering buying penn yan predator not done deal yet
  3. By the way I just bought a used penn yan predator in great shape. What angle transducer should i order and where about do you think I should install it?
  4. Do the external fairing blocks used on some models of thru hull transducers add any significant performance benefits over those thru hull transducers without them?
  5. Looking into buying a boat and the seller has bad stringers redone from the transom to the helm area including motor mounts. He said he had them redone with sea cast material and the capped of with fiberglass and then painted. Any input as to this sea cast product or the description of this method of repair? Anything to be concerned about or look for? Survey would be done before any purchase but just looking for opinions
  6. I'm sure it just bad luck. Atommik uses top grade floro leader. Teeth are big and sharp this time of year
  7. First of all congrats to Vince and team thrill seeker on their win and for being able to once again being able to demonstrate his legendary fishing abilities but also his ability to do it in a smaller boat than most involved! Great job! Secondly and most importantly to me I would like to publicly apologize to Tom for any criticism I gave him via text for conducting the tourney when he did and also for the "stink" that a team member also made about the issue on Lou without me being involved. I am responsible for anything and everything said or done on my boat and I will take it on the chin and own up to it. I have a 21' trophy with a single outboard and very low cut transom. Due to that if the boat takes the wrong wave I'm in alot of trouble in a hurry and felt that due to the experience of not only myself in such conditions but also my very inexperienced and new crew I felt I was operating that boat at it maximum safe capacity and decided regardless of what I had on the line investment and time wise was not worth a chance of losing life or property and decided to bring the boat back to the dock. Staying out in those conditions under a call that I make may have had consequences that effected other members of the team or my observer and if something were to happen I would have never been able to live with myself. The tourney was conducted and run in a safe and fair manor and myself as well as such team member let our emotions get the better of us before we thought it through . So for that I am sorry to Tom and Steph whom I consider to be my friends for any and all additional stress in an already stressful situation. Sorry Tom and Steph and at this point all I can do is to be better prepared for next year which I am truly looking forward to. Thanks and sorry to all involved
  8. Depends on how much ya wanna spend. I just bought airmar tm260 and boy am I glad I did. I love that thing
  9. Did you wet sand and buff the gel coat repair when done. I buffed a repair I made in my gel coat and it raised my repair slightly. It must have had something to do with the heat generated I'm guessing. Repair is still intact and looking good so I haven't done anything since
  10. Wondering what is safe to run on the big boards with relation to how many colors out on each line. What I mean is, is it safe to run say a 2 color outside of a 3 color or are their depths to close? Just wondering if the 2 fires will it have issues clearing the 3 color on the inside of it? Just wondering if 1 color of separation is safe to run side by side or should I run a 2 on the outside and a 4 on the inside for example?
  11. Fished early and they seemed to be mostly on top and down to mid water column
  12. Decent browns in 15-30fow, lakers were plentiful in 120-140 fow, and I didn't hook any but heard a few kings taken in 350ish fow. Nothing crazy but a decent day on the water all together
  13. Let me know if you wanna sell any of the rod holders on it. I have the same arch but need/want more rod holders
  14. Fished out of Oswego for browns early with no takers. Slide out to 120-145fow and put the cow bells on and many lakers hit the deck. Best was about 14lbs
  15. Looking into getting a furuno fcv587 fish finder for the boat and have heard many good things about them. How ever there are so many transducers that can be used on these units that I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get. I have it narrowed down to transom mount only because when I upgrade boats in a year or two I would like to take the unit with me. So I have two questions. First is, do most people use 600watt or 1kilowatt power transducer for trolling on the big pond? I've heard the more power the transducer has, the cleaner the image you get at greater depths, but is 1kilowatt overkill for what we do? (1kilowatt airmar transducers range from $800-$1300! Ouch). The second question is what angle do people prefer the transducer to have? Some transducers have dual beam options from a wide 45degree beam to a narrow 12degree beam. The wider is better for finding fish but the narrow is more accurate and better for detail at greater depths. So if you had to chose what angle beam would you prefer to use for deep water trolling? Some of the airmar transducers like the tm270w has a 45degree beam and so for every 100' of depth you would have about a 40' circle on the bottom. To much? To little? The choices I've thought about for transducers is the tm258, tm260, and the tm270w. Any input on these units or transducer info would be great, just a tuff decision and an expensive mistake if not made correctly.
  16. Your friend in Oswego has taken ya out many times and has answered your questions and told ya what to buy and what ya need. I guess you should have payed close attention to what he was doing! Lmao. Just busting your chops bud. Call me or come down and watch and learn again
  17. It came and went. For a few weeks there were lots taken but it was kept quiet. Few still around. Mostly lakers now
  18. Mix up some two part epoxy and take a small paint brush and brush it to the inside of the cap and put it on. Problem over! I have the cannon single axis rod holders and I took each rod holder and put epoxy inside the cap then tipped the rod holder upside down to hold pressure on the cap over night to set the epoxy. Do not put to much in the cap cause it will squeeze out and make a mess and glue your rod holder to whatever you have it setting on
  19. I have a 1992 trophy with new canvas, riggers, rod holders and fish finder and fish hawk in 2012 season that I'm thinking about selling if your interested. Had transom Redone in 2012. Has bracket on back for kicker also. It has a 150 eve rude on the back that pushes it at 30-32mph and run like a top. Boat is rock solid and very clean. Looking for $10,000 all set up or would sell it stripped for a different price. Will be in slip in two weeks so sea trials will be available soon
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