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  1. Just wondering what you guys have experienced with cork handles on rigger rods? All my salmon gear is the foam style and cracking them down in the riggers time after time leaves them with a permanent dent in the foam from the rod holder on the rigger. Just wondering if cork is just as bad or if it is worse, and eventually leading to the cork to fall apart? Reason I ask is I would like to get a bunch of Clarus trolling rods for spring browns and they have the cork handles. I don't plan on cranking them down as tight as I would for salmon but wonder if I'm just gonna end up damaging them anyways. I don't really mind the dent but I just don't want the handles to fall apart all together. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Backed mine with 30lb big game also and have never had a problem. Running the tekotas 600s for all four of my wire rods and have measured out 300' in my back yard and with a full spool I get 294-306 on the counter with all four reels. very slight variation in numbers due to a a hair more or less of mono and wire on each reel but they are so close to 300' I feel it's as close as your gonna get
  3. If you want features cannons. If you want simplicity, reliability, and the most bang for your bucks then Scotty's. my 2 cents
  4. I heard boat almost sold this past fall but sale fell thru.
  5. Guess its gonna have to go on the team boat! Sorry man but thanks
  6. I have tried to post interest in this boat three times and somehow my posts are not making it. Very frustrating. I actually think someone behind the scenes here has something to do with it
  7. Is boat still for sale? I heard u talking about stinger issues one day on the water over the summer and I'm sure survey says its fine but does have me concerned none the less about the rest of the stringers. How ever I know it can be fixed depending on how bad the rest are. I guess I'm just curious if the boat is sold, winterized or still available?
  8. I'm interested but ive heard that the boat has had considerable water damage. I heard u talking about some stringer issues it had over the radio this past summer and even though they have been repaired I'm concerned with the rest of the stringers. If one goes the rest arent usually far behind. I know a survey says its good but stringer repair is very costly and not sure it's something I wanna do to an 87! But if she doesn't sell over the winter and your still looking to unload her let me know maybe we can work out a deal
  9. If it doesn't sell by spring I'll give ya what ya got into it, to help make it easier on me to get ya out next year. Price per gallon is going up!
  10. I fish and live in Oswego and I have often thought of the same kind of idea. But why not do it like every other sporting event where there are divisions like in football. They have regular season play, then play offs, then Super Bowl. What I mean is organize it so the west end runs their own tourneys and east does the same ( under the same rules). Then only a certain amount of boats make it to the playoffs and then the fish bowl! It's perfect! The Fish Bowl! Small buy in to get more boats involved. Just my thoughts
  11. Gonna need u to donate it to our team boat for next year
  12. Absolutely Scotty's! They also have the tip up feature. Very strong and fast. And they only use power on the way up instead of both directions
  13. Im running a 150 two stoke on my boat and have heard a lot of different opinions on ethanol fuel treatment. Some say it just alcohol and that alcohol just attracts moisture and damages rubber parts like gaskets and fuel lines. Others say they put it in on every fill up. I've been using k100 marine grade about every other fill up just incase it actually does what it says it does. I've heard many great reviews of the product. Any opinions out there on this matter? Help or hinder?
  14. Better re think your plan on the big pond till ya get a better grasp of what's going on or your just in for a slow pain full ride with nasty tangles and headaches with the only good coming of it is your lures get a good washing
  15. Ok. Dumb question here but why are the beads even on the fly harness to begin with? With the fly over them can they even be seen by the fish? What difference does bead size and color make on the fly itself? I know color matters a lot to fish but if they can't see them then what's the thought behind it? I fish flies every time out and have always wondered. I figured they were there to protect leader between the single hook and treble from the sharp toothy kritters
  16. U still need an observer? I'm from Oswego with a boat of my own and have been trying to learn how to fish the big pond for the last 3 years! Would love to go if u still need someone
  17. Who cares they are like pulling in a wet boot. Fish kings or bust!
  18. They are perfect. And if ya ever wanna run two per side all ya gotta do is buy a pair of 8'6" rods and it will help keep them separate in the water. Longer rods help on turns also
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