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  1. This is nothing new but not too many people do it. Most all video and guys I know across all the great lakes target them at river mouths in that 30-60 foot of water range. Over deep water, you can get them on jigs if they are on bait. No bait, it is brutally tough. Browns take jigs incredibly well. WE get them as deep as 100feet down. And if you like lake trout fishing, lakers love jigs. There are two guys that I know on Champlain (Burlington) right now banging up 6-12pound lakers; drop and reel. Take a look at www.ardentangler.org. I have a lot of video there on jigging browns and some on lakers. The kings did not cooperate last summer for me.
  2. Daiwa Sacrifice Leaf Jigs. In an effort to go smaller than last year, I will be using Seagate 20 conventionals on Saltiga Jigging rods in the 5'10" size. You can also use spin reels but many fish hit the jig on the descent and lead to missed fish. At least for me.
  3. Yes, I have actually. Back when I worked for Shimano (now with Daiwa), they sent me to the Great Lakes right when they launched their Butterfly Jigging System. On days when it blew hard, we were forced to fish and field test the product on the Finger Lakes. We caught tons of lakers. We did not target brown trout. I fished for a 10 day period in August. The difference between a 1 and 2 ounce jig isn't much because we are swimming the jig through the water. Think of it as a zara spook for the top water bass guy. My jig is swimming in that Zara Sppok style zig zag motion underwater vertically. But, as you go heavier, lure sizes tend to get larger which in turn, turns these fish off I think. On both lakes, 45 gram jigs are hands down the best. Followed by 55 and 75 Grams. I would not go heavier than 75 grams. Sting-o jigs out of NJ makes a 60 gram jig that performed well last year too. In fact, Ted Dobs from Lake Ontario Outdoors Magazine preferred that jig. By now, most all manufacturers are selling some sort of jig. But, keep in mind that the jig is swimming through the entire water column, not being jigged in a specific depth range repeatedly like one would say a crippled herring. This swimming of the jig has me personally looking for jigs with defined edges and planing surfaces for the best fluttering action. Not all jigs are created equal. The cutting edges and planing surfaces equate to better fluttering and swimming actions in my opinion.
  4. Thanks Mortigan, Here is a teaser http://www.onthewater.com/fishing/lake-ontario-vertical-jigging-recap-otw-tv/ http://www.onthewater.com/fishing/lake- ... ap-otw-tv/
  5. I forgot to add a Special tTanks goes to Lake Ontario Outdoors Magazine. The folks at LOO helped me pattern the lakes in the weeks prior as well as helping as the chase boat. But, they had just as much fun as they were catching fish too.
  6. Last year while working for Navionics, I brought the folks from On The Water Television to Lake O. Those that get Comcast Sportsnet in New England will see just how productive Vertical Jigging can be. The show airs on Sunday, March 25th at 10am. I am working on segments that can be aired here as well but that will take more time. I have been vertical jigging the lake for years so nothing is new but the latest trends so THANKS to K&G Lodge and Top Gun Charters as well as Good Times Sportfishing for keeping me in the loop. In the end, most of the show was filmed in the trench where we had 30 fish days easy! Thanks Capt. Chris Gatley Formerly of Navionics Now with Daiwa Corporation
  7. Rapala uses VMC hooks on all of their lures, even Luhr Jensen products.
  8. The Daiwa Seagate is a non level wind and they have a small reel suitable for brownies. But, I never matched the Seagate 20 to a Saltist 20. It may be the same size but the Seagate 20 is small. Sells at $149 and has the saltist guts.
  9. Learn more on HDS at my site under electronics Www.ardentangler.org There are around 12 videos but not tracks. That is a good one. Also try using the find feature. That makes life easier as well.
  10. I have found it to be accurate myself. I was shocked two weeks ago when I jumped aboard The University of Vermont's research vessel and they use the TD every day. It matches their probes data they send down. I actually have video on all of it too, even the UVM probe and data collection. I may have put some of that in the video section here. If not, I'll get it up.
  11. I took some video from the research vessel on Lake Champlain the other week. Using some expensive gear, they showed us a little about temperature, chlorophyll, clarity and more. The quaality is poor and I will work on it but better than nothing. Listen close. O-leFk8Q_kc For more visit, www.ardentangler.org and click on Capt.'s Cam Reports
  12. Just wanted to share this link and their thoughts. Rather than keep you in suspense, day two put roughly 20 browns/lakers in the boat. Even the Lake Ontario Outdoors boat caugh fish while helping us film. http://www.onthewater.com/?p=5883&preview=true More at www.ardentangler.org with video uploads happening all week.
  13. metal is good. treated me well so far. which brand?
  14. GrqU5QXEpIc Here is some action from a recent TV shoot with On The Water. The salmon would follow but not commit. so we targeted browns. Th eastern basin salmon need one more week till they hit the jig.
  15. Mercury opti 115 is one of their best motors ever. If it has the blue saltwater logo you found gold. Sounds like an egg beater when running 4500 rpm's but that's offset by your need to pull skiers out of the water. Ditto the others, I troll mine too.
  16. I just got back from the north! Jigging the past two weeks has been on fire. On The Water Television joined me earlier this past week and together we pummeled the browns and lakers after looking at a Navionics bathy chart and finding a spot I never fished before. It took 30 minutes to fine tune our new spot selection and dial in on the activity. On day two of the shoot, even our chase boat (Thankfully provided by Lake Ontario Outdoors) got in on the action using Sting-o jigs and butterfly jigs on specially designed rods by Shimano. The best part is that every single fish swam away very healthy except the one that ate the jig down close to its stomach. I have tons of video with plenty of big browns and lakers taking jigs. On The Water TV will air their show in January or February. Outdoor Canada will handle the Canadian folks via their magazine while several more major media outlets are due to arrive over the next few weeks. Expect more soon! You can also see some stuff at http://www.ardentangler.org
  17. mariner's learning system is another. Google them
  18. The newer apps are all inclusive for US. Go to the android marketplace and search for Navionics. Older versions were More regionally oriented.
  19. If it works at home and at the cottage, the GPS receiver is turned on. Since it is not working out on the lake, could something be blocking the GPS receiver? A drybag or something? Here are some excerpts from our troubleshooting page: http://www.navionics.com/MarineFAQs_Pla ... egoryID=13 The Android phone calculates your position using its internal GPS, as well as any additional available signals i.e. Wi-Fi and/or cell signals. The Navionics Mobile app does not require Wi-Fi nor cell signals to function. Only a GPS signal is required to determine your location. With the Android phones, location technology is built into the device. Your approximate location is determined using available information from cellular network data, local Wi-Fi networks (if you have Wi-Fi turned on), and GPS (GPS not available in all locations). Once you have downloaded Navionics Mobile applications to your Android phone, they are resident on your device and are a reliable tool to access charts even when not in cell range.
  20. Does it work anywhere for you? I will help the best I can but you may need to email our mobile department at: [email protected] and you will get help.
  21. Some of us use iPads in our full time line of work. With Watershed bags, you can take your iPad out onto the water and have access to weather, coastal watch, our Navionics app and more. And, it is bigger than your phone. e9JsDoa_nsg
  22. Stay Tuned. I have been jigging fish out here for a long time. I just put more video up on the open lake forum. But, this was lakers
  23. I can't believe I forgot. I owe the lake trout to Lake Ontario Outdoors Magazine. They placed an article on the Navionics mobile fishing app and it put us on the spot. Just giving credit where credit is due!
  24. It was a hair pulling week with the editors from Outdoor Canada in town to do a piece on jigging salmon and trout. The lack of salmon made things difficult so back up plans were put into play. In the end, we got the job done by trolling browns on Moonshine Spoons as well as by Vertical jigging browns and lakers. Read the full report and watch video on vertical jigging salmon, trout and lakers at: http://www.ardentangler.org/captscamvideoreport.html http://www.outdoorcanada.ca - Read the blog under Field Findings, Patrick Walsh Back at it next week! Special Thanks to Good Times Sportfishing (Port Ontario), Top Gun Charters (Oswego) & Prime Time Charters (Oswego) for assistance throughout the week!
  25. Fishing Report Chris Gatley Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 8/8 Time on Water:5:30am to 9am Weather/Temp:N to NE Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location:Port Ontario LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: Outdoor Canada magazine came to Oswego to stay at K&G Lodge and fish with Navionics and Gpood Times. We ran a 3 riggers and 2 dipy's with all rods getting hit. Moonshine spoons took most of the fish with glow light blue taking hits early. Switched to a chrome glow hammered spoon from Moonshone and that worked well. We put 8 or 9 browns in the boat and tried jigging to a follower but no connection. Needed to put out a fire at work and needed to get off the water. Back at the dock by 10ish. Fish were coming between 45-52 feet down. ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================
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