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  1. I also have some versatrack cannon rod holders if you are interested
  2. I have two brand new one. I was going to buy a tracker so I bought them, but ended up buying an alumacraft. I’ll sell them to you for 80 a piece
  3. Got out with ShawnJ yesterday evening to help him dial in his new StarCraft Fishmaster 196 👌🏼. Very nice boat. Got lines in about 5:15 and had a steady pick until we pulled the last rod around 8:30. Finished 6/10 with 4 kings, an Atlantic, and a laker. Fished 80 to 180. Riggers parked from 40 to 60 both with sliders. Divers at 30 and 50 both with flasher flies, and torpedo divers on the boards down 20 and 30. All methods took fish last night. Nice teenage king smashed the ff on the diver. Always fun watching those diver hits! Good luck out in the water this weekend
  4. Wasn’t the Hudson, but went out of Newport, RI this past weekend and we landed a couple beauties!
  5. Thanks Bill! What a crazy hunt Tommy had today too!!!
  6. I don’t know what I’m thinking lol. I’m sorry, you are completely right. I wasn’t even associating it was May because I’m usually chasing walleye as soon as it open, but I haven’t because I’ve been chasing turkeys this year. Good luck out there
  7. Was a good morning to be in the woods!
  8. Not trying to give you a hard time, but it’s illegal to target pike right now. If you are going to do it, I wouldn’t post that you are doing it. Good luck out there
  9. Grass carp put up a heck of a fight don’t they!? I have caught a few out of the pond on the corner of Flynn and Latta. Bread balls a foot underneath a tiny float
  10. I was thinking of the pond at greece canal park off of elmgrove. He is referring to the ponds off of long pond. I have got some nice bass and panfish in those ponds. Haven’t fished there in years. I would try chartreuse and white spinnerbaits or chatterbaits for the pike
  11. Caught some monster minnows in that pond with my kids a couple years ago lol. All I saw was small pan fish and minnows. You could be talking about a complete different pond though that I haven’t seen over there
  12. You can definitely do good with with divers and flasher/flys for Lakers. Just try and keep them within 10 feet of the bottom. Slow troll 1.8 to 2.3
  13. 4 cannon rod holders, and 3 versatrack mounting brackets. You will need to buy a 4th mounting bracket for the 4th rod holder. $150 plus shipping 2 Brocraft versatrack universal down rigger mounts $160 plus shipping
  14. I will typically tighten my drag enough to where you won’t get any line pulling off the reels when you are trolling. You want is set so the fish can pull drag on the hit and when they are fighting without breaking the line
  15. Sorry if it sounded like I was upset, as I am not. No problem at all. When they hit when trolling that shallow, the hooks typically set themselves when the fish hits. I run my stick baits on in-line boards, so you have to fight the board and fish until you get the board in and unclip it. When a fish hits those, they hook themselves. For divers in shallow I run size 2 chinook divers set on the 4 setting. 30lb braid with an 8 to 10 foot piece of 15lb mono attached to the braid with and fg knot. That goes the the diver via a swivel. Then off the diver I run a 6 to 10 foot 12 to 15lb pound flouro leader to the spoon. It dives at a 2 to 1 ratio. So if you are fishing 10fow let out 10 feet on the reel, if you are fishing 6 feet or water let out 6 feet on the reel, and so on. The fish is already hooked when they hit these also. Just pick up and start fighting the fish. For riggers, if it pops just pick the rod pointed up and reel down down fast until you get tight to the fish. This time of year we typically will troll at 2.1 to 2.5 at the ball. Hope that helps you guys out, and hope you have a great trip. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out
  16. 10 for 15 is a pretty good percentage lol, but the ones we lost were due to the following: had two coho jump out of the water during the fight and throw the hook, two on the divers shook the hook as we were fighting them, and we lost one on a stickbait mid fight, hook just pulled. Those thunderstick jr’s have small hooks, so it happens sometimes. It’s all part or the game
  17. Stayed the same the whole time. Slow pick at fish all morning. 8fow was best to us
  18. Just a week away! I have a few waiting for me
  19. Wind picked up throughout the morning. Waves started as 2s and built to 3 and 4s.
  20. Finally got the boat in for the first time this year. Focused on 7 to 11 feet of water. Boards with sticks and chinook divers and riggers with spoons. The chinook divers were the most consistent throughout the morning. Boards took a handful, and riggers were quite with only one fish. Finished the morning 10 for 15. 5 browns, 4 cohos, and a small king. No big fish today, but it was nice everything was working as it should. Lures that took fish today were: Michigan stinger perch(multiple fish), Michigan stinger pickle seed, bayrat ss red tiger, bayrat ss ayu, bayrat s3 green frog, and thunderstick jr uv green fire(multiple fish).
  21. Drove from Rochester to Auburn yesterday morning and didn’t see a single bird, there or back. I was keeping an eye out the whole time too
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