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  1. definitely sounds like there is going to be a great turnout this year, looking forward to getting out with everyone!
  2. Justin I am still lost as to why you feel your membership was a costly mistake? Your goals are to enhance the fishery while educating others about safe handling, proper gear, C&R, etc. - the very same goals shared with every member of MI69! Do you really think this club was formed for the sake of cash tourneys...? From what I gather you're upset with the idea of handling sub-legal fish and rewarding those who do during the tournament yet in your first 2016 report on your website that you posted a link to there you are holding up a sub 36" tiger (and with boga grips nonetheless) and there is nothing wrong with grabbing a quick pic of the fish either (well, maybe not the boga grips) but if you have a problem with the rule of sub-legal tigers being handled in the tournament then this is a tad misleading no?
  3. Well said Steve! Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I like DDDs, nice action to them though I have not gotten bit on them yet (don't use them as much as my other go-tos) but my buddy gets bit on them a lot. He's a fan of the electric shiner pattern I like that and the lemon head
  5. Steve that is a pretty common thought process but not necessarily accurate...fish do no not just make seasonal movements, they make daily movements dependent on numerous environmental factors and large tigers are frequently caught in shallower water throughout the season (just as they are over deep water). Let me start this by saying these are my opinions...I am not taking the stance that "this is what I think so this is how it should be"...If rule changes came down to a vote by the entire MI club and there is sound fundamental reasoning behind proposed rule changes, then great - that's exactly how it should work in any club/organization. So with that said: To say that guys casting shallow water (mind you with 7-10" muskie baits ) are purposly targeting "dinks" is flawed...Haha I'm not really aware of any fisherman who purposly likes to catch small fish but call me crazy maybe consider that a boat doing this is covering water searching for active fish and sometimes those active fish are smaller than the 36" harvest limit...a pretty common tournament strategy. In fact, nobody is preventing Justin or anyone else from utilizing that very same strategy during the tournament. Guys like Nalod, Tigerhunter or BlueEye can share some pics of a fish or 5 that show not everything coming out of the shallows is a dink . Hell, all of us have caught a bunch of dinks tossing big baits over deep water...I may be able to dig those glorious pics up as well. In my opinion, consistency makes for well-run and enjoyable tournaments. I completely agree with Nalod and Ivan - MI and PMTT use the points system in combination with a big fish format on a nationl level and they don't seem to have any issues with it. Steve I agree with you - tournaments where fish aren't entered aren't fun...and if tournament participation is the goal, how well does everyone honestly see a tournament run like this appealing to anglers traveling from other areas? I know I wouldn't be interested if say i entered a few mid 30s against an empty field and then my entry fees were raffled off. PS Steve the legal limit on the Niagara is now 54" so I wouldn't hold my breath on filling 3 spots if we hold a tournament there haha. Again, this should come down to a vote and there should be sound agreeable reasoning behind it...and if this is how it gets voted so be it, I will still fish it because hell it's fishing who the hell doesn't want to fish and it is enjoyable to be out and catch up with everyone. In regards to sending the right message, one would think that the "If I don't get my way then I will take my toys and leave" attitude is counter-productive to sending any positive message at all but hey that's just me.
  6. ...what message are you even referring to? It sounds like you're claiming that people are intentionally targeting and intending to hook "dinks" with specific angling methods, is this correct?
  7. So wait are all of these changes going to apply to pure breed tournaments as well? I can't say that I really understand the need for these changes...people handle sub legal fish on a daily basis (we've all been doing it for years during every single other tournament) there really is no difference between handling a sub legal fish and a legal fish in regards to possible handling mortality.
  8. I think Joe rigged it...enters last minute an he's a winner! Haha copngrats bud. Great to see how much was donated for a good cause
  9. I'll be there helping out at the Chaos booth Saturday and Sunday...probably will lap the place several dozen times and blow a lot of money haha
  10. Thought I would leave this here since pike regulations have recently been discussed on here: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/73762.html There are some changes being proposed concerning walleye and northern pike in the St. Lawrence river and it's tributaries...more notably they are proposing to lower the daily northern pike limit from 5 to 3 which I think is a step in the right direction. I wonder if this type of proposed regulation will open any doors to enhanced pike regulation in other waters as well...
  11. I'm waiting for you to post a custom 9'6XH predator that you "had" to have.
  12. Panfish numbers are likely not a problem in Conesus...the biomass is huge and it is a very productive system. I am not familiar with the status of perch however. Survival rates of stocked tigers (as they are currently stocked) is very poor...regardless of which water body you are talking about the mortality rates of stocked tigers is very high so keep in mind that just because the state is stocking tigers continuously, the population isn't continuously exploding. Additionally, esocidae prefer with less-spiney and more linear profiled forage species like sucker, shiner, etc. so generally speaking northern pike and tiger muskie aren't going to prey specifically on centrarchids when given other available forage - of course they do eat them but so do bass and walleye which occur at a much higher density comparatively. You should also note that in the absence of pelagic shad/alewife, hybrid bass very readily select other species like perch, sunfish, and crappie to feed on and they would occur in much higher densities than tiger muskie would...just a thought
  13. NY definitely needs to reconsider their creel limit on pike...I would like to see a slot limit myself to protect the larger fish that seem to become very vulnerable during the ice season. 5 fish over 22" is outdated IMO.
  14. Steve my guess would be an additional predator species in conesus (pike) help do more damage on tiger fingerling survival, Conesus is larger, has a lot more available habitat, and perhaps has less people specifically targeting tigers so angler catch rates might not depict what's actually going on under the surface. Plus it's hard to target tigers and avoid pike catches there as well. These are just guesses though
  15. final flight haven't we been over this before? You're still making blatantly uninformed assumptions (and presenting them as fact, because well, that's how you feel) about fishery dynamics and the waters you fish and now this thread has gotten way off topic because of that and my inability to keep my mouth shut when people like you try to play bait-bucket biologist (My apologies Justin and Trevor). Do yourself a favor: read more (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1577/1548-8659(1981)110%3C604%3ALBPOST%3E2.0.CO%3B2#.Vo65i3lIiUk, http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1577/1548-8675(1992)012%3C0474%3AMHSBAS%3E2.3.CO%3B2, http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1577/1548-8675(1996)016%3C0395%3ASSSAGO%3E2.3.CO%3B2). Contact your local fisheries biologist and politely ask them why they stock what they do and don't stock what they don't....and stop thinking you're smarter than them.
  16. As determined by who? You? I'm not entirely sure that I am following what you are getting at but I assume that you are implying that by stocking either tiger or pure strain muskie in a system will negatively impact species native to that system in some way?
  17. No, there is a difference between invasive and introduced. Muskellunge in general, are a native species to the major drainages of NY/PA. "Invasive" indicates a negative connotation used to describe a species that has infiltrated a system and has adverse effects to native species and/or ecosystems (think of the round goby). Do you refer to brown trout as an invasive? They aren't even native to this continent...
  18. Well first off they are stocked through by State agencies, so they are an intentionally introduced species that are sterile and can be controlled at the population level through stocking efforts. Second off, tiger musky occur naturally in any system that contain both Northern Pike and Muskie.
  19. Invasive? Not sure if you are referring to tiger muskie as "invasive" but if so I think you may need to rethink that...
  20. Look forward to it Ivan, I'll take you out casting if you give me a trolling 101 haha!
  21. Very sorry to hear of the loss, Mike seems like the kind of guy everyone respected and liked for sure. This is an awesome cause and I will definitely be donating. Thanks for posting Ivan!
  22. Your fish was quite thick Chad, could you still see the goose in it's throat when you were getting your bait back?
  23. Nice fish gents! Spent a few days on Chautauqua with Brent in the beginning of the week and it was practically the dead sea glad to hear it picked up for you guys fishing it at the end! Here are a couple of fish Nikki and I got from a couple weeks ago and one plump fish to finish my season out from Waneta. Nikki's largemouth bass slim prowler has now become her "old faithful" Dan! Already looking forward to next season but in the mean time I will just have to spend my paychecks on frivolous things like groceries and utilities... Might even try to get a deer now!
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