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  1. Well first off they are stocked through by State agencies, so they are an intentionally introduced species that are sterile and can be controlled at the population level through stocking efforts. Second off, tiger musky occur naturally in any system that contain both Northern Pike and Muskie.
  2. Invasive? Not sure if you are referring to tiger muskie as "invasive" but if so I think you may need to rethink that...
  3. Look forward to it Ivan, I'll take you out casting if you give me a trolling 101 haha!
  4. Very sorry to hear of the loss, Mike seems like the kind of guy everyone respected and liked for sure. This is an awesome cause and I will definitely be donating. Thanks for posting Ivan!
  5. Your fish was quite thick Chad, could you still see the goose in it's throat when you were getting your bait back?
  6. Nice fish gents! Spent a few days on Chautauqua with Brent in the beginning of the week and it was practically the dead sea glad to hear it picked up for you guys fishing it at the end! Here are a couple of fish Nikki and I got from a couple weeks ago and one plump fish to finish my season out from Waneta. Nikki's largemouth bass slim prowler has now become her "old faithful" Dan! Already looking forward to next season but in the mean time I will just have to spend my paychecks on frivolous things like groceries and utilities... Might even try to get a deer now!
  7. Gents, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up Mike Sperry is holding an open house at his shop on November 7 from 10 AM - 6 PM open to the public. He will have in store specials, discounted muskie tackle, raffles on all sorts of geaar, and a bow tech in the shop for any archery/hunting questions! Should be a good time, I plan on stopping by and if anyone else is in the area fishing that weekend just thought I'd pass it along!
  8. Survival will definitely take a hit with a lack of cover, but I do know that Lamoka has more cover than Waneta. I believe the Lakes association avoids treating both lakes simultaneously (at least there is 1 thing they can do right). It certainly wouldn't hurt to put extra fish in Lamoka, some will survive and it helps to get a jump start on reestablishing stocking efforts there and it opens up another fishing opportunity.
  9. Gents, I sent an email to region 8 requesting info on reestablishing stocking to Lamoka. If anyone else has the time to do so too it couldn't hurt in showing that there are a few of us interested in seeing that happen. I would really hope that it wouldn't be a pain in the ass since all they would have to do at the launch is turn left with their boats!
  10. Congrats to Zach and Brad, they cleaned house with their fish! I fished with my brother and was able to put a chunky 41" and 32" in the net and we had 4 other fish on but couldn't get them to the net...but that's how it goes sometimes! Fish came on RO twisted tube and 10" phantom. We were still rocking on Sunday from getting knocked around by the wind and waves but it was fun to be out and fish with everyone!
  11. I agree, giving the lake more angling attention may be the push needed to simply have them start throwing a few hundred of the YOY over there instead of all just in Waneta.
  12. Brent and I were tossing around the idea of having a tournament on Lamoka lake next season other day while on the water...I think it would make for an interesting tournament and would force all of us who have a hard time of leaving waneta to explore lamoka to fish it thoroughly! They are definitely in there, it'd be cool to have several people fishing it at once to get a rough beginning estimate of what their population density is. While still at ESF, I almost did some seining towards the south end of the lake to see if I could find any un-clipped young of year fish...there does appear to be some better spawning habitat that may allow for natural reproduction. Any thoughts/interest from anyone on this idea?
  13. Great fish! Awesome catch and one that many anglers will spend a lifetime to try and accomplish! I don't mean to be a downer but I'll be that guy and mention that if that's how a "guru" handles a fish especially of that caliber then it has me re-thinking the definition... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. haha, this went from Brent being a gentleman and offering to make generous donations to the tournament to him getting a lashing for being an eagles fan! (Typical disgruntled Bills fans ) Now I REALLY wish I could be there for this! If Nikki asks why I didn't make it to her little brother's wedding will you guys help me come up with an alibi?
  15. Brent maybe you should consider donating all of your eagles gear as well!!
  16. so bummed I have to miss this! I will be there for the MI tournament though
  17. Steve those are great ideas but when it comes down to feasibility it could get tricky...raising them would require a lot of time and supervision (all of it would have to be volunteer too) plus transporting them from a hatchery holding tank to a civilian-made pen in a lake would probably require additional clearance to assure no diseases are spread. Just my opinion, the most ideal method for stocking would be to stock fewer but larger fingerlings/yearlings. They throw thousands upon thousands of them all over the state (many of which are wasted in waters that receive hardly any angling effort - if any at all). If they cut back on the number of fish they try to produce and focus on feeding fewer fish a higher quality forage diet and transport them to outside earthing ponds before release I think it would increase survival. Good luck conveying that to the hatcheries though. I tried having this conversation with Dave Lemon a few years ago and he was all for making changes but the hatcheries are where I recalled the most resistance.
  18. I fished it for tigers a few years ago. There are certain points in the year where fish will stack up in the Seneca river mouth and I'm sure a ton of tigers do too. They stocked 10,000 3 years ago and have been stocking that portion of the Seneca river for a while now so they are definitely in there. North end is your best bet the south end is very turbid and void of structure.
  19. I think a lot of it depends on available manpower (laziness could also be a factor as well). As far as I know they will gladly accept volunteers. I think a lot of it comes back to how they are reared in the hatchery...there is an abundance of research indicating that pellet-fed tank reared fish have a much less survival rate than fish raised on minnows and in ponds. But since pellets are cheap and tigers will take to them NYS hatcheries will always go the cheaper route and raise as many as they can, throw as many as they can into a body of water and see what sticks. If you do it long enough you there is obviously some success (i.e. Conesus and Otisco) but there are far better ways they could be managing hybrid muskie fisheries.
  20. Good to know Delilah! No one means any offense just cutting right to the chase and making sure you know the proper handling procedures! It definitely sounds like a broken record but a lot of us have seen the results of mishandling of accidental catches/unprepared catches and are a bit on edge...though we all had to learn at some point! To be honest when I was first learning (just speaking in general I know you have been doing it for a few years) I would have been better off with someone like Ivan flat out telling me to hire a guide and learn how to fish right off the bat haha Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Haha thanks Dan believe me I still haven't (and probably wont ever) hear the end of it! Pretty much my box of prowlers sits up by her feet in the bow now I am left with the scraps in the back lol
  22. mine came on RO tubes and custom X crankbaits, she got all hers on lunge lumbers that's become her go-to!
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