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  1. I tie my own up...depending on how long it takes you and how well you can tie skirts it can be cost effective (if you consider some of the prices people are paying for flashabou baits!). It's more so just fun to do in the off-season
  2. Gents, I was able to participate in the Muskies Canada Gananoque Chapter Outing this weekend and it was a blast! The raffle table there was worth thousands of dollars with all of the awesome baits that were donated and it got me thinking that we as a club really should consider putting more effort into our tournament raffle tables and/or early entry prize give aways to A.) promote more entries and B.) reward those who do purchase raffle tickets and participate in tourneys with an assortment of quality baits/prizes. If it weren't for guys like Bob Solly, Toothy, or Zach always going out of their way to provide a majority of the baits we really wouldn't have much available at the end of some of the most recent tournaments for raffle! After talking with some of the chapter members of Muskies Canada I learned that a majority of those baits on the raffle table were purchased and donated by members as opposed to just relying on asking for donations from bait companies/makers and I think this is something we can all do to help enhance our tournaments. Now this doesn't mean everyone needs to go out and spend big $$$ on baits to throw in but hell a few bucks here or there in the off season towards a couple standard baits, terminal tackle equipment, line, etc...whatever you feel generous enough to donate and by the time the tournaments start rolling around we have some nice schwag to raffle off or offer as early entrance incentive! Is this something everyone would be interested in doing? It can be anything from donating a pack of stay-lok snaps, split rings, a spool of power pro all the way to the $$$$ baits from the big-time builders. I'd love to hear some more opinions on this, tight lines everyone
  3. I think someone posted that that fish was not releasable due to issues with the gills being damaged
  4. Awesome that you want to get into it and no better place than the SLR...careful though as it can become an obsession! Everyone's idea of big fish tackle is different and with that being said what equipment do you own that you intend to use? On the average guys are using 8'+ H/XH/XXH muskie rods with 80-100 lbs braid and high capacity reels intended to handle the abuse of tossing big baits for hours on end. Your terminal tackle is critical and store bought wire leaders (like the berkley ones you find in dicks or gander) won't do...run 150-180 lbs fluorocarbon leaders with stay-lok snaps rated up to 300 lbs. Some guys use lighter fluoro but I've had little pike just about cut me off with anything below 130 so I figure better to stay 150 or above and even consider using 7 strand wire. A large muskie net is also a must...one meant to be used on these fish. There are a few out there but look at the frabill power catch 8425 for starters. Long pliers, heavy bolt cutters for cutting hooks, and jaw spreaders are also musts. I only list these items because I've spoken with a lot of bass fisherman under the impression that their heavy bass gear will suffice for specifically targeting muskie.
  5. Correct, Type E botulism affects waterbirds like gulls, ducks, cormorants, etc. It will affect certain fish species (primarily benthic species like gobies, carp, bullhead, sturgeon, etc.) but I am not sure if it will affect a top-predator species like a muskie
  6. Fish like this one are likely migratory from the st. Lawrence. They'll over-winter adjacent to their spawning areas in the fall/winter, spawn in the spring, and then return to big water. It is possible that this fish may have just died from old age (hopefully).
  7. I would imagine it's a bath tub right now but hopefully not...
  8. Just thought I'd share a pic of Nikki's new PB from over the holiday weekend...measured 47.5". Despite tough conditions we still got a few fish in the boat (of course hers were bigger than mine) and it was a fun way to spend the holiday weekend!
  9. I believe this will go towards a new trolling motor that I impulsively decided I needed haha
  10. Selling my extra Calcutta 401D (left hand model) with custom Daves Reel Service power handle (original paddle handle included as well). Reel is in excellent condition, is super smooth and comes spooled with 80lbs super slick power pro line. Let me know if interested! Reel is $285.00 with power handle. Chad hope this is OK to post here!
  11. Pre frontal with a major mid day I'm all in Bob haha bring the rain gear and watch the radar! Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Bummer Jay, this is a fun one but waneta will be a great one as well. Steve have you or Toothy let three rivers chapter know of the tournament?
  13. I put an announcement up on the esoxeast and M1 boards. This is usually one of the bread and butter tournaments with a good turnout but I haven't seen it advertised anywhere else so who knows how it will end up... Why don't we also get Mike Sperry's shop involved with organization of future tournaments? He's a valuable asset to have right on the lake and back when Larry had early signup perks like st. croix rods I felt it made a big difference and got more people involved and maybe this is something Mike could help us with in addition to advertising it through his shop?
  14. I think that's the problem, if someone hasn't made a meeting there really isn't anywhere else you can find information on the tourney that i'm aware of! We gotta change that!
  15. Figured I would start a separate thread for this... Where else is information regarding this tournament posted? As of 2 weeks ago I didn't even know it was on the 11th instead of the last Saturday of June like it usually is. Dan Hughes (lungelumber) didn't know either and he always participates so should we advertise this elsewhere to make sure that other anglers who plan on fishing it or are unaware of it get a heads up? Looking forward to actually being able to fish it (and probably get smoked by trollers like always ) again this year!
  16. It is ridiculous but unfortunately with limited DEC man power it'd be tough to enforce. Hopefully a heads-up from this season will have them checking next season. Heard similar antics were happening on LSC as well
  17. FishinNY just informed me that the Chautauqua tourney is on June 11 this year (thought it was on the 4th Saturday again therefore I would miss another one for a wedding) so this will be fun to fish it earlier!
  18. the memorial tournament is a great time
  19. You should try and fish the other MI tourneys we have going as well! They are all a great time and it gets you out on new waters!
  20. Nikki and I will be there next weekend! Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. man what a tough day on the water! saw lots of fish some really nice ones too that came up nose-to-ass on our baits but like everyone else noticed the fish were very sluggish. It certainly didn't help our morale to see guys with shiners put some nice fish in the net 20 yards from us all day! Congrats to you guys on capitalizing on a tough bite!
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