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  1. Nikki and I were able to get out with Mike Sperry from Chautauqua Reel Outdoors and do some casting over the weekend. It was a strange bite but Mike got us on some fish during a window that opened up right around noon of all times. Went 1/3 with Mike. Nikki went 3/5 on the previous outing and she would have had a new personal best had someone (cough: me) not botched a net job
  2. I am really hoping that I wont have to be traveling for work on this date. Dr. Ferrell is a wealth of knowledge with muskies and the St. Lawrence river - I highly recommend for anyone interested to make this meeting! Great job Steve.
  3. Yessir you can have your shot then! In the mean time for the Mark Troy make sure to fish the bridge in the channel if you want to try and take the title
  4. I am bummed that I will not be able to fish the Mark Troy tournament this year...by far my favorite tournament to fish it's a blast and Ed and the gang do a great job of organizing it! Hopefully all who fish that one will fish the MI tourney later that month!
  5. I'm actually glad it worked out this way as I wasn't going to be able to attend this weekend! now I can fish it! Hopefully the turnout is good
  6. Recently upgraded so I am selling my HB 587 HD CI Down scan. Comes with transducer and mount and original box. Item is located in Buffalo I can upload pics when I get back to house! Asking 150 shipped
  7. Would any of you gents be interested in a Macccs net holster? I bought it at the Muskie Max show and it just sits in the box. I bought it with the adapter for the Lund track system, $60 OBO if anyone is interested!
  8. Larry put me in for 2 if you can! Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have been on here, nice to see everyone chatting about Chautauqua. We did not have quite the action packed opener everyone else I spoke to did but oddly enough my best day so far was the post-frontal east wind last Saturday. Between Nikki and myself we managed 3 fish with the biggest being this snake from the deep south fishing the slop with jerkbaits. Wish I could be fishing (or washing baits as it usually turns out for me) at the Chautauqua Tourney this year but unfortunately I am unable to attend! Gents, has there been any discussion in regards to reinstating an early fall Chautauqua tournament?
  9. i'll echo that it was a great time and I'm glad Chad was able to convince me last minute to take part! Nice to see everyone again and nice to see that this tournament continues to grow each year we do it
  10. I should be able to do it again this year! Steve have we had any other tournaments lined up this season?
  11. More like this is what happens when guys use/sell illegal bait I'm very familiar with Rudd having researched them on the niagara and they are a real concern/nuisance and poor choice of bait to say the least...
  12. love my curado, make sure you upgrade to carbon matrix drag washers because the only down fall of that reel is the drag weight. Also have a calcutta 401d that I like a lot.
  13. Final Flight you (and the many other anglers who come to similar conclusions regarding muskellunge/northern pike) are severely mislead and uninformed/ignorant. Muskiedreams provided you with some informative reading material and in addition I figured I'd offer my .02 in response to your previous postings. "...the river has never been cleaner than what it is now, so it's not "pollution" that is to blame . Cleaner/ clearer water allows these eating machines to grow to there large size in a short time" Zebra mussel colonies were first found in the Upper Susqi beginning in the early 2000s and have since been documented throughout the river system down to as far as the Chesapeake Bay. Most fisherman are well-aware of zebra mussels as I'm sure you are too. They are incredibly efficient filter-feeders that can remove substantial amounts of suspended nutrients from the water column. I can't remember exact volumes but a single (1) mussel is capable of filtering over one liter of water/day. Their introduction is in large-part to blame for the clear waters you notice. In regards to clearer water being the factor that allows these "eating machines" to large sizes in a short time that is incorrect. Temperature is one of the primary factors influencing metabolic and growth rates in esocids; clarity as very little, if anything at all, to do with it. "If I'm not in the boat trolling the lakes I'm on the river, 50-60 days a year(?) and I have really noticed the sufferance in the forage base..." In addition to increasing water clarity, their ability to filter out large amounts of suspended nutrients in the water column deprives other species of food (especially those towards the bottom of the food chain i.e. zooplankton and forage fish). Very simply put: more nutrients removed my zebra mussels -> less food for zooplankton (less zooplankton) -> less food for forage species (less forage species) -> less food for gamefish herego less gamefish. Is this the sole reason you see a decrease in forage species or any other species? Absolutely not, it could be attributed to numerous other factors or combinations of multiple factors. "You can't put 689,000 eating machines in a water way and not have an effect!" You were able to read the articles above discussing impacts on other species so I won't bring that up again. There are several articles discussing survival rates of stocked tiger muskies. To think that even 10% of what is stocked survives (especially in a smaller river system like the susqi) is a severe over-estimate. Mortality of stocked tiger muskellunge is very high. Many of these stocklings end up as food for largemouth bass, walleye, birds, and other muskies. So there is an effect right there: more food for your bass and walleye! Kidding aside, will some of them survive and grow and occasionally eat a walleye or smallmouth bass? Absolutely. Will largemouth bass -also a voracious predator- consume plenty of yellow perch and panfish? Definitely. Perch, rudd, alewife, etc. also feed heavily on walleye fry in the spring...if a the walleye population declines over the years is it still the muskie's fault? Questions like that can't be answered without substantial amounts of data collected over extended time periods by qualified biologists. The point I'm trying to make is that ALL fisheries are dynamic and experience changes. Some faster than others and the susqi is no different. The reasons for these changes are numerous and likely a combination of multiple factors. For any angler to assume they know the cause of a declining sport fishery simply because they've fished it for a while and not try to educate themselves on can be irresponsible and furthermore hurt a fishery that people pay for the priviledge to fish with their hard-earned money (insert lake st. claire muskie bashing video here). Think, Think, Think....don't assume, assume, assume
  14. Congrats to your wife Upstate. What was the length?
  15. Selling my Hoyt Maxxis 35 Bow. Comes with everything on it and 4 arrows. Draw is 27.5" and 60lbs. Any questions feel free to ask. $600.00
  16. way too many says who? thanks for the headsup on the auctions, nice selections!
  17. Selling a bow-mount motorguide 46 lbs 12 V trolling motor that came on my Lund. I upgraded the trolling motor and have no need for it. Comes with mounting bracket as well and works perfectly. I can take some pictures of it for anyone who is interested. Will let it go for $100.00. Shoot me a PM with any questions or interest -Mike
  18. trevor, I got to the baits before you did....no gold colors left...better luck next time
  19. Brent, Muskies Inc meeting this monday at 7 pm at the Moose Lodge in henrietta ny.
  20. Adam, I got out with Trevor (tigerhunter) and his buddy Ed on his new Nitro. Definitely a nice boat to cast from and it handled the sustained 25 mph winds well. I should be able to make it to the meeting, gotta go to syracuse all day but am planning on making this one finally!
  21. well done! love the snow in the background with the fish
  22. nice fish! was able to get out over the weekend as well and got this chunk. Can't believe season is winding down already...
  23. the 400 has a wider spool, if you plan on casting larger sized baits you'll have more line capacity for 80 lbs test and up with the 400 than the 200. The 400 is a great all-around purpose reel, good choice you won't be disappointed by it.
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