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  1. I'm running the Raymarine and like it alot. Not into all the interfacing though,less hassle when upgrading electronics in my opinion. I would think either are good units, I know I can hit a button and walk away. Into them, with them, in the trough, it doesn't matter she stays where you pointed it.
  2. Walmart has the coleman sportcat for around 65.00
  3. I've run them both places on different boats. A lot of it depends where you spend the most time. If you spend alot of time rigging and you have to rely on different boat operators and different skill levels you may want to have the display where you can see changes in speed rather quickly as well as temp. changes at the lure. If your behind the wheel alot of the time than the dash is optimum. Nothing beats a GOOD boat driver. You're gonna lover your X4!
  4. I ran a sport pilot on my last boat. I now have a hydralic system on my current rig. There's not much comparison. The hydralic system (Furuno) is much more responsive, keeps up with wave action much better than sport pilot did. I guess it would depend on what outdrive you current have.
  5. Myself as well as few around me use Clorox Cleanup, does real good job
  6. Name: Bob Eder Location: Montgomery, PA Home Port: OAK ORCHARD Boat Name/Type:"SHOTGUN" 28'Bahacruisers I fish for: Salmon, Trout, Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass ================== I work in corrections as a mainstay, fish recreationally as well as professionally, during my time off. Fishing is my stress relief, love being on the big water and introducing new anglers to the waters of Lake Ontario. Have been commuting from central PA to Point Breeze, NY for the past 20 something seasons to chase salmon and trout on Lake O. "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" Daniel Abraham
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