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  1. Typically, clients who spend their hard earned monies on a charter do not want a box of small fish to show for their efforts. Charters most often will pull off pods of these juveniles, when located, and search out better quality fish for their crews. Three silvers of 15" in size doesn't make for much of a bag of fillets for the persons traveling back to their home state with. It tends to become a production element for the captain, not that I believe box fulls of quality sized fish should be the only reason for myself and crew being on the water. Being out there on a beautiful day will always out weight a box full in my book. But, it's high on the list of actions that generally brings the client(s) back. If you want to keep a legal fish, enjoy the meal, but I do not think there are many captains on Lake O keeping them simply to boost their box numbers, my opinion.
  2. Great steelhead! Hope you were in the LOC cause that's a top 5 fish!
  3. My first mate and I work reverse roles on my boat. He is an older gentleman who suffers from bad knees so he cannot stand for long periods of time. But, he's the best damn boat driver that I have ever been privileged to fish around. So, he keeps us on the fish, once their located, and I must say keeps me very busy at the back of the boat. He also keeps the clients amused by giving them hell each time a fish is dropped or missed. For his services, he's paid $50.00 per day, and receives all tips from my clients which are normally fairly impressive. I would/will be lost without him if/when the day comes when he tells me he can no longer do it. Tip of the hat to my first mate, and friend Jack Rossman.... Wishin to be Fishin Charters
  4. I think that might be my first Lake O boat. I had one with same hard top, traded it up at Deseanor Marine, Sandy Pond for a new Baha in 97. When I had the boat it was original paint. Can't mistake the hard top, very custom job. If it is, you've treated her very well, by her looks.....
  5. RYE

    Hour meter

    Overton's has Sierra's or Faria's. Your local marine dealer will have them as well. Easy enough to install, find the hot side of switch wiring with a tester when on, and a ground. Just remember to double check your switches to make sure their always off, such as after a trip, or fuel fill-ups, or they'll keep on racking the hours up.
  6. I used the west side facility for 16 seasons while rec. fishing and I support the modest charge. It's a nice facility, plenty of parking room, nice docking system and convenient rr's that a few people continually trash. As long as it's kept up with the monies collected, which they have in the past, I personally never had any issue with the cost associated with using the facilities. It sure always beat the cluster that seemed to form on the east side...
  7. that's odd, I have 5's and 10 stx's and my cannon covers fit over the rear dual holders? Their tight, but they fit, think they actually stretched a bit once their on. I've had them three seasons, though, maybe they have changed design...
  8. John give me a shout when you have some extra time preferably after 2pm. All my info. is listed on my website wishintobefishincharters.com call my cell.
  9. I'm fairly sure you will need to run each rigger individually to either a fuse panel or the batteries. Keep you wiring as short as possible also. The riggers draw a considerable amount of current, I don't see parallel working for you, my opinion. I agree with Vetting on the fuse block, much cleaner install.
  10. 30# Big Game, with about a 10 - 15' section of lighter # fluorocarbon, no fleas, very durable, if you set your drags correctly, and inexpensive...my experience/opinion
  11. Have not had the pleasure to try a smart troll but can tell you after running an 840 for years I am a big fan of the x4. I get a full season out of a set of aa's and it just plain works in all types of wave action....Having the x4 I'd be hard pressed to move to a smart troll given the x4's ease of operation. my two cents
  12. RYE


    PA 9 pt. 12-4-13
  13. Hit em by accident with da mouse and they scare the crap out of me......
  15. Not sure you got the pm but I'll take the four std silvers
  16. I'd take all six of the std. silvers (#1 & #2) @ 2.75 ea if their still available. $19.00 total including shipping? If you can take a personal check more than welcome to hold til it clears? will need contact info. let me know, thank you
  17. Pennfish, thank you. I'll give you a call when we get close on Saturday, I'm hoping to be in the area between 12p-1p, if that's OK. take care, Bob
  18. Good luck to you as you begin the new journey! I'm sure you'll have many questions, and the guy's on here will be glad to assist I'm sure!
  19. Gotta say it, author you should continue driving the boat....or spend the time on the slow days teaching your students the "tricks" you possess. If you gamble on ap doing all the work you'll miss a lot of opportunities.. driving a "no-brainer"? Most days without a good driver, who knows the electronics, and boats' characteristics in and out, results are a light cooler, my opinion. Yes, as we have all seen, some days the fish seem to jump on the lines, but most days they do not, requiring those lil driving techniques to fill in the blanks....Autopilot surely has it's place but it will never out do a knowledgeable fisherman at the wheel...
  20. I believe I saw you guy's a few times on Saturday, nice report and fish! Luv the Oak!
  21. With wire, Twilley tips for sure, line counters when running divers a must for precise zone repeats. Some days 221' will key strikes, but 229' won't, that's where the lc's come into play. Here's a tip for wire divers some of you are probably already using but some may not know, buy yourself a bag of #3 or #4 rubber bands, after your wire is out the footage you desire, set your drag very light (just enough tension to keep wire from playing out with forward motion of boat) and wrap a rubber band around the wire just above the spool and attach it to the reel knob. With wire there is no stretch, when a big fish takes your offering the initial strike will be violent. If the drag is set to tight, the fish can and sometimes will rip itself free (no stretch in wire). The rubber band will break, the drag will run with the fish, grab the rod, adjusting the drag tension by slowly increasing the drags' tension and hold on. Many more fish landed successfully since I began using this simple trick which was shown to me by an Oak captain years ago....
  22. You almost need to acquire a feel for the correct tension, although, I have not run mono divers in years, only wire. If the divers are new I'd work them by hand tripping them multiple times to wear the catches a bit. They should ease as you continue to trip them by hand. You will need to set them relatively light due to stretch of mono and snubber combined. Set screw by feel and they should fire when hit. I have only had experience with Luhr Jensen divers though. Their a great addition to the spread when the rigger bite slows...
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