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  1. As the weather permits, run out past the cold water, you'll find active fish once you find stable water temps. When a NE brings the cold water up and inshore, run deep to find the warmer surface waters. The fish and bait will be there, in their normally temps, just mind the weather at all times. PB's fishing will remain good or return rather quickly, after a NE, it will just be further north of what it was before the kick up. Just pay particular attention to forecast weather conditions before venture to far from home...
  2. Orleans County Tourism website take a look at their Charter Fishing page, or Lake Breeze Marina's Charter page, you'll need a few names to find one's available at such short notice.
  3. Glad everything turned out ok, listened to whole ordeal on 16 while fishing out of Point Breeze. Gut wrenching for sure to listen to. You stayed very calm with your radio transmissions as well! Great job Captain!
  4. My last set of cannon electrics I ran 15 seasons with no internal maintenance and no issues. I'm not suggesting not to perform any pm but they have been non-problematic for me. I run the basic ones, though, no programmables.
  5. Thank you, I have a trip on 8th but will be in port Thur eve thru Sat eve. Let me know when and where we can meet. I'm docked in front of service building at LB. Thanks again Vince, Bob Eder
  6. If the two with twillie tips are still available I'd like to buy both. Will be in PB for the Orleans ProAm weekend if that works for you? I'm docked at Lake Breeze. I could look you up when it suits you to exchange if that works?
  7. Been using a Shurflo Problaster II with no problems, good pressure as well. It comes with strainer as well.
  8. I might like to add water temp. preferences, don't allow yourself to become stuck on any specific temperature(s). Some of my best days have come from 47-49 degrees but not always the case. Find the concentrations of bait and hooks and fish to them, above, through, and below. Speed n direction is of equal importance as temp. You'll get'em.....
  9. No, they make a twilley tip kit which replaces your rod tip eyelet. Most of your lake shore tackle shops will install or you can do it yourself. Will need one though if you plan to run wire. Wire will cut a regular rod tip eyelet.
  10. If the boat is setup right, they are a pleasure to fish off of. For an older model I would suggest buying from a reputable seller and demand a marine survey as part of sales agreement. Most generally a twin screw is fished with one motor. Normally you run a sea bag from the opposite side of the operating motor. Rotate motor use to keep hours similar. I fished a 27' single screw Baha 12 seasons before I bought my current boat. I didn't see a considerable increase in fuel consumption with the twin, although, I normally don't push it on plane either. Cruising around 3200 rpm's is fine with me and it conserves fuel. Hope this answered your question....see ya on the oak
  11. I have a refurbished 21P three blade aluminum that came off an Islander 4.3L mercruiser I/O if it would work for you? It has a hub in it as well.
  12. Every boat I've ever owned it has been the very last two sequential numbers in the serial number?
  13. I have a 21P aluminum reman, w/hub I'll never use. If it would work for you? Came off V-6 mercruiser I/O
  14. Good smallmouth and walleye river. South of where your at is Sunbury which is good west branch and north branch after they raise the fiberdam before Memorial Day weekend. Area around Williamsport is good to above and below low head dam at Williamsport. Good launches near Williamsport with about 6 mile of running. I'm from central pa about 15 minutes north of Lewisburg. You'll like the area.
  15. 2003 TR186 Triton Bass boat w/ matching Triton trailer w/ new spare 175 hp Yamaha V MAX HPDI 2 stroke outboard w/ approx. 60 hrs. (max hp rated for boat) (2) Lowrance x51 FF's (1) on console (1) on bow Triple bank 10A charger Hydraulic steering Keel protector Factory installed Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo Triton custom travel cover Motorguide 71 lbs. thrust bow mounted trolling motor (2) stainless props (1) polished (1) not, neither with dings or dents The boats colors are white over purple/black/silver flake. It's always been stored in a garage, and as nice a 2003 bass rig you'll ever find. I have owned this boat since ordered new. It's a 65 to 70 mph boat with the right conditions. The boat is an original Earl Bentz boat, much better quality then what's being produced today, since the sale of company, my opinion. Boat is located in central Pennsylvania. Selling due to no time to use. Serious inquires only please, $15,000.00 firm. wishintobefishincharters.com
  16. RYE


    Thanks guys, we killed two big ones that week, mine and my hunting buddy's. There were nine hunters in camp and all took home mule deer. The rut was on and the big guys were chase doe all over. My buddy's deer was wider yet then mine. Both 4x4's.
  17. RYE


    2012 Montana Mule Deer with Rawhide Guide Service
  18. I've used Charter Lakes for six years now with no complaints. I have not needed to file any claims but they are easy to deal with and I believe their reasonably priced.
  19. North of the Ridge you'll have to call their hm phn #585 682-4376. He put in some newer campers that are alright. Also alot of my clients use Clean Sweep, never heard a complaint. The Lighthouse Rest. is whithin walking and under new management opening at 5am on weekends. Also Lake Alice Cottages right on Lake Alice 585 682-9733. Orleans County docks maybe an option, they have a website I'm sure.
  20. FF 20# is also my suggestion. Peel off around 120' off you mainline, replace 100' with ff then add 20' or so of a good leader line 15 or 20#. The ff knots nicely with your mainline/leader material. Only fleas you'll pickup is on your leader material if you have to long of length added. This has worked for me for many years. Good fishin!
  21. My vote would be for the Furuno. I run the 585 and never seem to see the need to touch it. Great detail w/ thru hull transducer and frequent adjusting is just not required for the detail it provides....
  22. I trailered up from Central PA in the spring and home in the fall 12 seasons with my last boat, 27' w/ alum. dual axle trailer. (2) sets of tires is all I ever had on it, last pair was Carlise radials, what a difference over stock bias. I'd never buy anything but radial trailer tires for over the road, my opinion.
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