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  1. Thanks guys that was bird two so its time to get the boat finished and head to wilson on memorial weekend.
  2. Just a two year old bird but got him yesterday at 930 in that awful weather. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Starweld20 we go out of wilson every may. We like it because you can fish east or west depending where the kings are at. Olcott to the bar you shouldn't have problems getting into fish.
  4. Which port are to planning on fishing out of when you go up for three day? There are alot of guys that will share info but it might help to know which part of the lake you plan to fish.
  5. Ok pm me with what they are and the price for both. My cell is 607 857 1712 if you just want to text me
  6. I am looking for a pair of reels to put 20 test line on. Looking for convectors or daiwa's just seeing if anyone has any extras. Used is fine, just want the drags to work well. Thanks Eric
  7. We worked alot of water there today. We took 5 short shots on spoons with no one home. We did put up a 7.76 pound brown on a jointed gold and black rapala over 15 foot. But that was it. Tough day
  8. I might have a golden rainbow I could part with if you would like. It's from pa
  9. Bout time, same thing on my end, sent a text and never received a reply.
  10. i am looking for two reels for extra downrigger rods do you have anything like that?
  11. I also agree this is an awesome thread. Still grinding in tioga county. But in the end its all about the hunt and the respect we give to the animal or fish lol. Spring king c mon
  12. Very slow here in 7R as well. Usually sounds like WWIII. Not today
  13. Jakeybaby I hope you punch the tag tonight. I am out too. Been a tough year in tioga county. Like all the talk on here its great. Goodluck to everyone tomorrow
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