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  1. How did you guys get the extra keel? I looked on big jons website. Didn't see any.
  2. I read an article last summer about a guy catching kings on Lake Michigan jigging 1/2 oz jig-heads with big gulp minnows. This was after the lake flipped and the kings were stacked up in shallower water.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I will check them out. You would think Lowrance would give you an instructional video or manual (longer than 4 pages) for $650.
  4. Fished the shoreline sunday heading east out of port bay. 1-1 on browns. 8 fow "major woodie" scorpion.
  5. Anybody have any experience with these? I bought one and have used it several times. Not having any luck marking fish. Been fishing 8-30 ft. Played around with the settings some. Not sure if i'm doing something wrong.
  6. Nice!! I got a couple Thursday morning there. Even picked up a 14-inch yellow perch on a jr thunderstick.
  7. Did some flat-lining yesterday out of port bay. Ended up 0-1 on browns in 3 hours. The one fish hit a firetiger cleo spoon in 12 ft of water, spit the hook at the net.
  8. I'm also new to trolling. I have an 05 Lowe with a 90 hp 2-stroke Mercury. I just had a troll-a-matic trolling plate installed. My boat will now get down to 1.38 mph on the GPS on a calm day. It was $100 for the plate. Before that the slowest i could get was 4-5 mph. Glad you asked this question about adding weight. I was wondering the same (no down-riggers yet). For running spoons in deeper water (20-50 ft): i was thinking about adding a sliding egg sinker to the main line then a bead then a micro-swivel to a 4-5 ft lead of floro to the spoon. Anybody think this will work?
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