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  1. I fish from a tinny and check the weather underground "marine forecast" before i go to bed and before i leave in the morning. I stay home if the waves are forecasted for anything bigger than 3 ft or stay in the bay and fish for bass. I usually stay in the 200-300 fow range max. Occasionally i will venture farther out if it's really calm. I always keep an eye on the sky and get ready to book if the sky darkens or if i see lightning/hear lightning. I don't care if it's a faint boom from miles away...i'm gone! Make sure your bilge works, you have life jackets and you have a VHF radio.
  2. What are those plastic dimond-shaped releases i see stacked on peoples planer board lines?
  3. What size tolara's do you use? I'm thinking of upgrading my 10 ft starfires to rods with roller guides. Or might just get an extra set and run two pairs. Not sure if i want those big long rods (even tho they have extra give) or go with a shorter rod (which is easier to use on my 17 ft boat). I'm also thinking that if i run 4 diver rods at the same time, it might work out better to have the rods in two different sizes.
  4. Never knew that was a good spot for catching eyes. You might have some company in the future. We used to catch a ton of bullhead there in the spring....until they changed it a few years ago.
  5. For flat-lining browns? And for running long coppers?
  6. Some good fishing on the west side of the Oswego River too. Across from where you would be behind the post office. Both are good spots for fly fishing. Or take a ride to Pulaski...even better! If you want to stick to the finger lakes...take a ride to Ithaca. You can find some tribs to fish there. Might have to do some research on mapquest before-hand and scout around.
  7. That seems like a pretty heavy set-up for trout. Usually an9wt is for striper or great lakes salmon. I bet if you went back to the smaller ontario tribs with a spinning set-up and fished floats with 4 lbs floro you would do a lot better. Or take a ride to Oswego and flog some water with your new rod. But wear a pfd!
  8. Just got the Otters for xmas. I plan on running 3-4 flat lines or mini-discs for spring browns. And a copper or two off each side for Salmon. Will i be ok with the single keels?
  9. Just got mine in the mail. They are stained/varnished. Look great! Very happy with them!! Thanks again!!!
  10. Depends on the depth you are fishing. General rule of thumb is...longer leads in shallower water. Tighter to the ball in deeper. But i would keep doing what has been woking for you.
  11. Do you just tie the end of the mono on the fly in a loop and clip it onto the duallock?
  12. What's the swivel clip for? I use mainly spin dr.s which don't have the duallock swivel clip. I took it off and tied the fly's line to the swivel (like on the spin dr.s). Is this wrong?
  13. I put two boxes of moth balls in my boat before it goes into storage. I put them in every nook and crany. And put a few in the splashwell too. Then i vacuum them up with shop vac in the spring. Takes about a week for it to air out. But keeps the critters out.


    So...you should not re-fill them with a cig burning in the corner of your mouth?
  15. They showed earlier and you couldn't add them to yoru cart. Looked like a cheap tent shanty anyways. Real men fish outside...unless it's a blizzard, -20, raining or really windy. LOL
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