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  1. Good luck with this one! Last summer, i did well with carmel dolphin and nucleur white with matching flies.
  2. Does running your riggers straight off the side cause more blowback vs running them straight off the back?
  3. I have the Elite 5 DSI and it only reads depth to a max 300 ft. Wish i had realized that before i bought it. Get a HDS 5 on sale now at bass pro for $549
  4. Cool! I knew i should've taken my boat out for a last hoorah!
  5. I fished Sunday. We ran some J-plugs at the mouth for an hour. Quite a few sharks jumping from inside to out. Couldn't get them to go. Then headed west out to 100 ft and trolled to 170. Marked tons of bait in the 110-120 range off of Sandy. Sometimes from top to bottom. Very slow, we had riggers down near bottom w/ sliders, dipseys in the middle and flat lines out. Lost a couple on the sliders. Scorpion silver confusion and steelie stomper.
  6. Never tried the fall trolling. Riggers out deep or flat lines shallow? Spoons...crankbaits?
  7. Was out of Port bay yeterday. Very dead. Didn't mark much on the graph. We ran out to 400 and trolled back to 200. We lost a couple on sliders too. Ended up 2-4 with a small steelie and a small king.
  8. Not sure if you will find a lot of stagers in front of port bay. Seems like the fish run the creeks off that bay later in October. You might have to head to sodus pt or fair haven if you want to do any shallow water fishing. I will be out there tomorow and i plan to head off-shore...out deep.
  9. I was out there. We fished 7-4. I think we passed that same sailboat around 3:30. We fished off-shore (300-600 fow) most of the time on the water. We did (2) 5 lbs steelie's, a teen king and lost a major. Carmel dolphin and nuclear white spinnies on the wires and one steelie on a nuclear green stinger.
  10. My buddy kept a 10 lbs king and did the same. Said it was awesome!
  11. Nice job on the ho's! The DEC were at Port Bay doing surveys too.
  12. I was out there from 8-3. We didn't do well either...5 lbs king and a 4 lbs steel. We dropped in 80 fow and worked out to 350. I wished i would've started out in the 400-500 range. I think the fishing was good out there in the morning.
  13. Good chatting with you on Sun night! You sure did a lot of catching. Sounds like you had a great trip.
  14. I feel your pain! All of my fish from 9 trips this summer (except one shaker brown that hit a NBK) have been on wire dipseys with spinnies/flies. I've ran my leads off my balls from 10 ft to 20 ft (usually fishing 150-350 fow). I have my rods spooled with 20 and 25 big game with no leader. And others with 30 flea flicker running a 15 lbs floro leader. I run speeds of 1.9-3.0 on the gps. I started out with 12 lbs round balls and recently switched to 13 torpedos. 98% of my spoons are michigan stingers. And i have a full box of some good ones (spent $300-400 this yr). I know another guy on here that hasn't been able to get spoons to go either. I think i'm going to run a stealth spoon way out on a mono dipsey this weekend and see what happens.
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