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  1. Wire dipseys catch 80% of the fish. Try 170-220 fow out 250 on a 2.5 setting. Anything with mtn dew green has been hot in the sun.
  2. These fish were in the upper 20-30 foot column in 70-80 fow. Wasn't sure if i shoulda just flat-lined a heavy spoon or J-plug. Or ran a snap-weight.
  3. Def don't want 6 lbs test. Who runs that...even in the creeks? I go at least 15 main and 10 tippet. I've been absolutely schooled by large/fresh kings on my 10' 6" noodle rod with a stradic running floats/beads early in the fall. Couldn't even turn them! They headed right back to the lake!!
  4. I marked a lot of bait and fish out of Port bay late this morning in 70-80 fow. Ran some spoons off the riggers out to deeper water. Was wondering if their was an upwelling or salmon staging. Nothing biting tho. Did one major (21 lbs) in 200.
  5. I've told him several times it won't work without a drag. He just keeps dreaming of fighting a screamer king on a pin in deep water. Does sound fun tho!
  6. I would buy a dipsey diver and run that noodle rod out 250 with a mag NBK spoon and see what happens. You never know!
  7. One of my buddies keeps telling me he wants to try running a CP on a downrigger.
  8. Yeah, i got a couple of nice nicks! I had blood on the deck from fish and me.
  9. I just got a couple of the eagle claw dipsey 10 footers. They seem ok, but might be a little too light. One thing i noticed is while fighting a fish, the hand holding the rod above the reel can (and does) get nicked by the wire line. Do the roller guide rods hold the wire further away from the rod?
  10. Flea flicker line gets really twisty. I would go with 30 lbs Big Game.
  11. Thanks dude...you the man! These things are def a gotta have. I usually spend 3 mins untwisting hooks to take one spoon out of my plastic box.
  12. It is the thumb of the finger lakes! To catch smallies/sheepies/eyes/jack perch...drift with worms on sonars/bucktails/jig heads. Or troll worm harnesses. Or fish the shallows for largies.
  13. Will they get reception out on the big lake several miles from shore? I'm planning on buying one of the floatable Unidens for emergency purposes.
  14. The type that velcro to the side of the boat and have clear plastic. Where can i buy one?
  15. That does look delicious!! Lake O Salmon=the other gray meat! LOL Color of meat has to do with diet. Ocean salmon eat more krill/shrimp/etc.
  16. I would run two wire dipseys and two downrigger rods with 1 fixed and 1 sliding cheaters.
  17. Carmel dolphin on a wire dipsey was hot for me yesterday. I fished 130-220 in the Fair Haven area. Fish seemed to be in the 150-170 range.
  18. I fished Thursday evening east of Sodus and only got one skipper. Marked a lot of bait 70-90 down in 220-240 fow.
  19. Wow...you guys hammered em!! I might just have to put some of those dots on my spoons.
  20. I'd say you did great for the first time! Nice king!!
  21. How's the waves now? Calling for small craft advisory tomorrow.
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