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  1. I don't think you will find any 5-star resorts in that area!
  2. Try Port Bay. Which is east of Sodus. Easy launch and a quick trip to the lake.
  3. BTW: the Quiksilver DFI is the exact same oil as the Mercury DFI.
  4. Yeah, the people at West Marine are idiots! Don't ask them anything. Don't feel bad...they recommended the wrong oil to me too. I sensed they were wrong and called my dealer.
  5. I slow the boat down a little while deploying them.
  6. I was on the fence about going out. I pulled the plug early Monday morning and went to Oneida. I was out Sunday and it got a lot rougher than forecasted.
  7. We got a nice little brown about 10 lbs around 10 am...50 ft down over 60 on a mono dipsey pulling a NBK. Man it started to get rough out there after that! My little 17 footer was a bobbing and weaving.
  8. Thanks Adam...but i think my gunnells are too wide for those. I called Congels and they think the LOWE brackets will work with the swivel mounts. I ordered a couple. I guess we'll see. Not real confident on what they said. I got the feeling the guy told me what i wanted to hear. I'll probably end up selling them on ebay for a loss. LOL
  9. Sounds like a good deal! What kind of boat did you get? Post some pics.
  10. Firetiger is hot in Sodus! I caught a lot of browns on that color this past spring.
  11. Congrats Adam! I thought you were going to be my first mate this summer? LOL You should be good with a "middle-of-the-road" deep cycle battery (unless you have an electric trolling motor or some other energy hog). I would personally go with a Diehard from Sears.
  12. You know what they say: "a bad day fishin is better than a good day workin"!
  13. What i mean is the wideth of the bolt hole patterns for the cannon swivel mounts...are wider than my gunnell. I know LOWE makes a dr bracket. But from what i've seen (only in photo's off their site), they look like they are made for the non-swivel mounts.
  14. I just bought (2) cannon uni-troll 10 manual riggers. The cannon swivel bases are wider than the gunnels on my boat. I'm planning on mounting the riggers on the gunnels, between the windshield and back of the boat. And using them as side-riggers. Is this a good idea? The back of my boat has a elevated casting platform and i don't want to be standing on that cranking a downrigger in 3 ft+ seas. Plus, i have a swim platform on the starboard side. I don't want to do a board across the back or buy the track systems. Any other ideas? Thanks guys!! http://www.loweboats.com/showroom/deep- ... /fs175.php
  15. Un-freaking believable!! Congrats to you guys!! I will never...ever consider fishing canadian waters with all this bs going on.
  16. WOW...nice job with the yak! That must have been quite a work-out, pulling a dipsey that gets down that deep. Probably even harder fighting and netting your fish in that little craft. Congrats...you earned those fish!!
  17. I went out of port bay on sunday and it sure was rough in the morning. I have a 17 ft LOWE and headed out into the lake at 7 am. We turned right around back into the bay and fished for bass for a couple hours. Still a little rough at 10 am but gave it a go. You def didn't want to stand up unless you were holding on to something. LOL Ran some dipseys with spoons from 60 out to 120 fow and back around. But i think we were a day late and a dollar short.
  18. I just bought a couple 40 ft jet divers. How can/should i run spoons off these? Just starting out this season and no riggers or masts yet. I have 8' 3" light action ugly stiks spooled with 20 lbs mono and have a couple tite lok rod holders. And a couple off-shore side planers.
  19. If you guys were buying a mast and getting outfitted...would you go with the otter boat vs the other style?
  20. Most of the bait balls i marked today were 40-80 ft down. This was in 45-100 fow. Lower 3rd of the water column or on the bottom.
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