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  1. I bet the big box stores will not give the charter Captains a 10% discount either - the box stores are on average 30-40% higher on their prices too. And their at poorly stocked for us trout & salmon trolling fishermen. I avoid the large box stores because of these reasons. If we don't support the local businesses they will be gone as I have seen so many disappear over my 63 years of sucking air.
  2. Yeah, my daughter who lives in Houston, Texas sent the pic/email that is all over the internet to me asking if this really happened on Keuka lake - well , WHEN PIGS FLY!!!!
  3. Had a sail boat last week cut in front of my bow and then did a 90 degree turn back into me and aimed directly at me - well all my flat lines were toast because at the last minute and after I started to yell because I though he was going to ram me he went past my stern 10 feet from. Now he and his friends were laughing think their stunt us funny till my lines grabbed there boat at various location like the mask, keel and bow and the lures flashing by their faces - I wish I had got his numbers because things like that are dangerous and un-called for - he did that move to impress his sailor buddies at my expense - it was one of the rudes moves this year for me. I lost 1000 feet of wire, a 10 color core and 2 mono flat lines. Thanks mister RAG BAGGER!!!!
  4. Keuka lake is closed - no motorized vessels Canandaigua lake is 5 mph and is patrolled Seneca lake is no wake It's been on all the news stations in Rochester every night.
  5. Ontario county is enforcing the 5 MPH speed limit on Canandaigua lake - was on channel 8 news last nite. good luck.
  7. Was out on lake today - hit a 4 x 4 x 4 foot long timber under stuff in the south channel- there are walls of trees & branches every where and mud slicks like I have never seen before - fishing is tough too - Even when you hook up you can and will lose fish to branches and limbs - it happen to me twice today. it is a mess every where on seneca
  8. Penn Yan village opened all flood gates in the town this afternoon to release all the trap stuff and increase the flow out of Keuka lake. the town rarely ever does this but it means Seneca lake will see a large flow of timbers, trees, building material and mud. Be advised that boating will be risking business and the toury next week-end could be un-safe.
  9. today Penn Yan village opened ALL flood gates in the outlet to release all the stuff trapped and causing damming of the water flow out of keuka lake - it will dump thru the outlet to Seneca lake tonite and tomorrow and will make the drysden area (mid section) of Seneca VERY dangerous - BE advised. Captain Paul
  10. I'll come and play - see ya all Saturday - oh by the way I got room for 1 fisherman but he has to be a Seneca boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul
  11. Will be out early tomorrow 1/2 day and all day Sunday too. will be on 68.
  12. My son who was working with me on the charter took this picture as we were headed in 7-7-12 - took him awhile to send it to me - left side of pic was funnel cloud that roped out on right side of pic - when it hit the river opening the winds were over 80 miles an hr. This storm was moving at 65 miles an from the north to the south - I saw 2 kayakers sink in the channel, a pontoon boat had it's canvas top removed completely - poles an all and a 40 foot fly bridge boat get pushed down the river side ways.
  13. Happy birthday - oh yeah , and how about leaving some of those "footballs" for the rest of us!!!!!!
  14. Nick I guess I'm going against popular opinion but I like the idea of an observer - I have been an observer in the Pro-am several years ago and had a blast - treated like a king and learned new tricks - and it is impossible to cheat because the observer is part of another boat team. As a purse goes higher the cheating will begin to show it's ugly face. I dis-like running around to get my cooler check in but an observer means (hopefully) I can avoid that issue. Nick, you know I'll support your toury so count me in. Paul
  15. 2.3 @ the ball has been working till today 1.7 was the ticket today - those easy deep lakers shut right down this week - time to change tactics - I owe you one
  16. Friday's afternoon trip was abit slow 1st 2 hours - last 2 hours was pretty good - some quality LL's and Rainbows on east side and down the middle 500 + fow down 60ft - spoons. No lakers. Charter from Minn. Saturday started better on west side - same deal spoons down 50 - 60 ft - LL rainbows - release all - just scouting. 6 hr trip. No lakers. My son and his friend. Monday morning - no hits for 1st 2 hours - rigged for lakers down deep 130 ft - nothing - talked to Nick - said he was pulling some nice browns but He thought my speed was a bit fast - I lost both surface speed transducers Yesterday - no idea why - S--- happens - must be shot - oh boy some more gear to fix - Was running on GPS and bottom fish hawk speedos only - Re - rigged for 50 - 60 ft with spoons on down riggers and copper 300 ft on planer boards with J9 rapalas - action turned around and caught LLs and rainbows and 1 small laker - in front of the opening and the bigger LLs and rainbows out deep in the center 500 fow on the copper- a couple of doubles and 1 triple. New Jersey charter left happy. I like to thank Nick for all the info today - Speed was an issue for me today with broken transducers - Needed to pay attention the cables song - but it all worked out. But THANKS again Nick.
  17. thanks just looking for advice the down view looks pretty cool but alot of the fishing for trout and salmon can be pretty deep - it seems that 200 feet is the max
  18. I'm looking at buying a hummingbird fish finder to run my cannon downriggers - something like 700 series - there are 2 models 1 = 2d only second one has 2 d and down view. Is seneca lake too deep for down view? And is there any advantage for the additional $250.00? or is down view just for shallow water for bass finhing?
  19. Fishing has been hot all week-end - Friday as the front came thru it trigger a good bite - Saturday morning was even better - stay at the south end - pounded fish between the 2 salt mines Friday evening and Saturday morning.
  20. Interesting - just what is the MYTH??????? I did see ya following me on thursday morning - thought I felt sorry for ya because it sucked all morning for me. I just kept going north looking for the lakers I caught wednesday late afternoon north of the salt mine - not there thursday morning. Now some food for thought - Wed. very few fleas on west side - thurs. 1000 times more fleas , esp. down the middle of the lake - WHY???? WED. = LOTS OF LAKERS NORTH OF THE SALT MINE TOWARDS GLENORA - THURS = 2 LAKERS IN THE MORNING.PERIOD???? Thursday morning was a brutal day for fishing - with in 10 minutes my lines tripped because of 30 feet of fleas coating the lines - reduce to 6 poles so I could keep them clean and that was a struggle. But little to no fleas the afternoon wednesday - I'm baffled!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Great job Nick!!!! For a 1st time tourny on Seneca 13 boats was a pretty good turn out. Next year it should be even bigger and better.
  22. No kids - My son is on board for this toury but he is 30 - but he is still my Kid!!!!!lol
  23. I have a lowrance too and that screen looks to be bait fish schools - if they are really thick the bait ball hook will be purple/magenta in the center and almost round/oblong - fish will be all black sharper and smaller hooks - bigger hooks = bigger fish or you are right on top of them - You can max out your ping rate to aid in finding fish - you should be able to reduce your surface clutter but at a cost of reducing your sensitivity which should also be adjustable. I max out my ping rate and run on auto sensitivity because of the changing bottom depth near shore - in deeper water like the 500 feet depths on seneca your fish marks get much smaller. A big varible is which transducer you have - mine automatically switches from 50 to 200 depending on depth - you can also lock one or the other if you want - wattage power also effects image quality - but you must match watts to transducer - I could run up to 10,000 watts but I would need the better transducer or I'd roast it - I believe I'm at 4000 watts now but it is adjustable. Hope this helps.
  24. Lakes Gas in Penn Yan has high test no E for sale at their pump for boats on trailers or for cans - located on north end of 54 in Penn Yan,Ny which is on the wrong side of seneca lake for you.
  25. Where can you get the best card for seneca lake locally??? And the big O too ?
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