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  1. Stay home, honest opinion. Nobody will be catching fish. Fishing will be the slowest you have ever seen. Hate to have to type this but trying to save you a wasted trip.
  2. 20's-30's from the ne will constitute a reset. Matures will be difficult to find until they start staging in a few weeks. A ne blow like we're currently having spells trouble for this time of year. Time will tell...
  3. The western ends never ending salmon supply will finally be reset by a northeast blow near the end of this week. August will be a different story than June and July. Going to be a disappointing weekend from the niagara to the oak. Get out tomorrow if you can....
  4. 41 lb King day before 2014 fall loc started. Both downriggers fired simultaneously both fish immediately shot out of the water like missiles. First landed was 28 pounds and rite after the 41 pounder came to the net.
  5. This is a good read. People can not be more wrong in saying we need to handle kings more carefully and practice catch and release. No doubt in my mind kings all die that are brought up from 120 feet of water (possibly 45 degrees) to the bath water on top. Don't even consider releasing matures after you have your photo party back into the lake. THEY are DEAD! I truly believe 100 percent of mature kings that get caught during the summer and possibly fall are dead on arrival. Use to believe 50 percent were surviving but I am convinced after trying to revive countless matures they nearly all die. Keep in mind what has happened on Lake Erie with the steelhead runs. We are seeing less than 30 percent of what we saw in the early to mid 2000's. Nobody talks about it, the dec is completely lost and has no idea how bad the fishery has fallen...no idea! All about stocking, we can make excuses all year...stocking stocking stocking...Erie discontinued strains that led to its fall...now it's Lake Ontario...goodbye the dec is the only one who can truly fix this. Pull up your records from 1999-2003 and repeat your stocking steps for both Great Lakes or forget about it.
  6. chirp sucks. You heard it here don't waste your money. I payed a fortune for chirp and still end up using old school sonar frequencies. I would spend the extra couple hundred, not on chirp, but on a screen bigger than 8-10." Chirp is wayyy overhyped, may be an advantage in the ocean but so not worth it on lake ontario. Rich and vince use humminbird, if there was something that was way more productive I think those two guys would have it.
  7. Great day today out of olcott. 14 for 22 mostly a mix of matures, steelheads, and two year olds. Biggest fish was 28.8 lbs. Fished towards Wilson in 440-490 fow down 40-70. Ss spoons worked well in green and yellow.
  8. Had temps of 39 degrees down 40 feet in quite a few spots from 150-300 fow. This ice water has RUINED the western end this year. Fishing for matures 30 feet down has gotten old. It is going to be interesting seeing what happens with more east winds on the way. Those matures may not be staging heavily anytime soon. We will have an answer if the kings were here all along soon enough when they move in. I think there will not be a lack of fish in a month. All winter and winds this year, I believe the numbers aren't much different than the years past.
  9. I don't recommend captain bobs for anything. My honest opinion would be to drive 60 miles out of the way, rather than spend coin there.
  10. They are getting temps in the 50's because the lake flipped a few days ago. Not odd at all.
  11. Miserable days out of olcott. Never seen such a blank screen this time of year 80-300 fow. May be better fishing at Burt.
  12. Fishing was good until the dreaded east wind came in. Here we go again bye bye fish...20 hours of east wind today, tomorrow should be horrendous for catching...
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