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  1. You are right. Just having a bad day, and its not OK to take it out on Sammy Dog. Sorry Sammy.... I like the notifications, gotta stay quick on the grab! But maybe I should turn them off, as they can get a bit overwhelming at times. Thanks for calling me out Smoke. -Sonam
  2. DUDE! I just received like 10 emails from you in the last hour. Please be considerate of others and combine your listings in a single post. Would you do business with a person or company that behaved in this way? When you get 500 phone calls from a telemarketer, what runs through your mind????? When a person, particularly someone attempting to do business with me, behaves the way you are right now (totally disregarding the convenience and well being of others for your own benefit), I don't care if you were giving away that pretty boat in your picture (imotocoon??), I WILL NEVER do business with you. Good luck with your sales. -Sonam,
  3. I have a 1971 120 Merc. Rebuilt the upper unit this past summer. Started as a billows job that quickly grew into a rebuild. Learned a lot about out drives! Here are a few references that I found helpful. http://boatinfo.no/lib/mercruiser/manuals/mercruiser6.html#/0 http://boatinfo.no/lib/mercruiser/manuals/mercruiser1.html#/0 http://www.sterndrives.com/supplies/mdtips05.html http://forums.iboats.com/forum/engine-repair-and-maintenance/mercruiser-i-o-inboard-engines-outdrives/618538-replacing-oil-seal-in-alpha-one-gen-one-upper-driveshaft-housing/page2 http://www.mercstuff.com/yokesealreplacement.htm Good Luck!
  4. Thanks for the great report! Good luck on the salmon trip, that sounds AMAZING! A New Brunswick salmon trip is on my bucket list.
  5. Like others have said, buying a used boat or motor is a bit of a gamble. I think it depends on what you are looking for. If you enjoy mechanical projects and a bit of a risk (like me!), then I think used boats, Salt or Fresh, are great. I would definitely be VERY patient in searching for a used boat (I spent 3 years searching for my truck), but you sure can get some great deals. Every year I see a couple of boats here on LOU that are absolute steals. A couple of Islanders have practically be given away in the last couple of years on this site. The last boat I bough was from someone here on LOU (1971 21' Starcraft Chieftain/ $1,000). I knew it was a project boat, but I have always wanted to learn boat and engine repair, and I wont do anything unless I have to. Plus with the price of aluminum at what it was, and with the Big Jon down riggers and rod holders, I figured I couldn't loose money. Lets just say , that boat has spent a lot more time broken down in my yard than in the water. But for $1000 + parts... I now know how to sand, prime, and paint out drives and bell housing, replace the bellows, gimbal bearing, shift cable, upper and lower oil seals, and every other seal in between. Hopefully I get her back in the water this weekend! On the other hand I once bought a 1949 5hp elgin outboard for $75 from Craigslist. I have put hundreds of miles/hours on that motor, and the only time she doesn't run, is when she is out gas. Also, While saltwater is generally more corrosive than fresh water, I think fresh water can be very corrosive (i.e. comparable to salt water). On of my friends worked on a project comparing the corrosive properties of the Great Lakes water with sea water. I couldn't find too much infor on the topic, but here is a link for those who are interested. http://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/131055 That was bit of a ramble, and probably not very helpful to the original poster... Gonna go home now, and work on my boat ! Good luck with your new boat. I am sure you will love it!
  6. That is an Amazing fish! Great job! It seems like the quality of the brown trout fishing on Cayuga has really improved over the last few years. I have seen/heard of multiple fish over 10 lbs caught in the last couple of years. I haven't boated anything over 8lbs, but I have snapped quite a bit of 10-15lb test form forgetting to set the drag first thing in the morning . Even saw a picture of an 18lb brown taken from Cayuga 4 or 5 years ago. Thing had a baby muskrat in its stomach! I have noticed that most the browns I catch are full of gobies. Do folks think the gobies could be improving the brown trout fishery?
  7. Fished the south end yesterday. Went 1 for 2. Got 1 brown, just shy of 5 lb.
  8. Nice ride! In my opinion foot pedals are a must, I found that paddling with 2 mag Dipys for hours on end gets old real quick...
  9. I have been doing pretty well casting Little Cleo spoons from shore. You don't need to get your bait out deep, plenty of fish in 10 -40 FOW. I don't think location matters that much, fish seem to be spread out. Have been mostly fishing the south end of Cayuga. My buddy got the first nice brown I have seen this season. Right around sunset the fish was making a ruckus about 40 ft from shore, cast to the swirls, and Fish On! Good luck to you! -SS
  10. Hey folks, A few weeks ago I was fishing from shore just North of Myers Point. A some point in the afternoon I set my tackle down (took it out of my bag to lend a buddy a lure), either on a dock or on the rocks near shore, and continued to work my way up north. It was probably an hour or so before I realized I misplaced my box, but when I went back to where I left it it was gone . I am sure that someone thought it was lost, and took it with best intentions, hoping to find its rightful owner! The loss of that box was a big hit to my collection, as it contained some of the best from my arsenal. On the bright side, this gives me an excuse to buy more tackle! If anyone knows anything or stumbled across my box, I would really appreciate the heads up. I am willing to give a $50 reward to anyone who gets it back to me, and I can of course identify the box and its contents. Thanks! -SS
  11. Thanks for the report! Now that the tribs are closed, its back to the lake! Happy New Year!
  12. I fished Saturday from 7:00-3:00, fished a bunch of areas from Ithaca to Milken. Got one laker all day! Been doing pretty well in these areas for the last couple of weeks, fish were cooperating just fine on Thursday evening. Interesting that others did poorly this past weekend too?.....
  13. Have you tried still fishing minnows near bottom, or at the depths where you are marking fish. Might want to give that a try? Sometimes it takes the real thing to make em cooperate. good luck!
  14. Thanks for the report, it was a fun read. Pleasure boater were out in force on Sat! We launched out of T-falls on Saturday at around 8:00am. Fished until around 6pm. Went 4 for 6. Bite died around 10:30 or 11:00am, think I only had one hit in the afternoon. Was mostly running two dipsys out 280ft with spoons. Pink was the only color that seemed to work for us. Around 10:30 or so put out another dipsy rod out 150ft on a #3 setting with a dodger and pink fly, it quickly took a hit and ripped out some line, but by the time I got to the rod there was no one home. Best speed seemed to be from 2.5-3.3. Depth finder was acting up, so not sure about depths.
  15. Fished Cayuga for a couple of hours yesterday. Worked the area from Myers to just south of the salt plant. Water turns to chocolate milk once you get 3/4 of a mile south of the plant. Ran planer boards with stick baits and lead core down the chute. Only managed one dink salmon, the J11 was almost as big as the fish! I personally did not think the debris was that bad, although on a good day my little skiff maxes out at around 7 MPH, so even when I'm trying to "race" back to the ramp I usually have plenty of time to maneuver around things. Good luck to everyone, and if you do decide venture out use good judgement and be safe out there.
  16. any suggestions on an auto pilot make and model?
  17. Nice fish! thanks for posting. Doesn't seem like I will be able to get out this weekend, hopefully I can get out in the evening later this week... Hope the fishing keeps up on Cayuga!
  18. Has any one ever tried fishing the bug hatch with dry flies? Also,what depth is the water where you are seeing the bug/surface action? How deep can those mayfly nymphs live?
  19. Thanks for the report darkwater! What part of the lake where you on? Haven't been out in a couple of weeks, any suggestions on areas / depths to fish? Gotta clean the gutters and trim the hedges this weekend, but after that I'm headed to the water!
  20. What depth were your riggers set?
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