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  1. ive got a niice set o four speedtrol downriggers sitting in garage with no boat. anybody interested and want them throw me a serious offer! 315-718-8389 txt. or email [email protected]
  2. yes...stove still sits in my shed. and i have a ton of flashabou and flashabou accent. what colors u looking for?
  3. the pflueger multi lite spoons with bulldog trademark are PRE 1947...they made them with a block swivel from 31' thru 47'......scoop a couple for the collection while u can.....wont see theese again for a while ecspecciallly these older ones. the new ones have the normal barrel swivels..not these heavy blocks.
  4. All for sale... mariner homestrand alcohal stove for yachts/ or sailboats...made in larchmount NY....75 obo. Cannon sport trol downrigger with base and stainless wire. 100 obo. Flashabou, flashabu accent, kiptail, roosterneck,bucktail: flashabou $4 a package...lots of colors to chose from flashabou accent $3.50 a package lots of color choices kiptail $ 8 green roosterneck $7 pink floro bucktail $6 Pflueger multilite in line spoons...rare OLD...$10 a peice three sizes and blade finishes to choose from and over a dozen of them all together..... more to come as i get pictures and time to load them. thanks for lookin.
  5. the real suttons come from sutton's outdoor store in NAPLES NY......make the trip its worth it just for the scenery! only ones u cant get are the heavys...they dont have a sorce for the heavy guage metal they use anymore....so hang on to your old heavys and tie em on TIGHT!!!!
  6. same here....no bites....too much bait schooled up i think they were full! lol those suttons should land u some monsters soon i hope!!!
  7. id definitly buy it and fabricate a third rig....willing to let it go for 50?...i live in Geneva and can pick up later this week when i get paid ?
  8. went out on crazy cove this morning did two qwik trolls north then south about 1/4 mile from dock.... used one of my two new/old victrolas that i got this weekend to replace my stolen one! 8( wind up great i put about 500 foot of old dull bare copper on them as the both had monel.....tied on my usual suttons worked a 22 heavy single hook and a 66 flutter single hammered. marked tonnnns of bait @ bottom and up from bottom about 10 to 12 foot thick in 55-75 f.o.w., lots of big markers in and above the bait balls.... and alot of top 20's out oer 75-90 fow... browns n salmons i take it. no takers tho.....didnt feel to ambitious, clouds looked weird and wind was picking up so i called it a day @ 9 ...goood to be on the water tho for a sunrise...its been about two months... the shallow fall bite is coming cant wait!
  9. its all about age...new ugly sticks are mass produced by little asian kids im shure....ive got two ollllld one prolly 20 years old or more with wooden handles theyr 8'6" riggers and they have taken a serious beating....the clearcoat is peeling off the rods theyr so sunbeat. but they still have alot of fight left in them.....its two different games with new vs old uglys the new ones are junk...the whooooole lineup not just rigger rods. they arnt like they used to be. plain and simple...just another example of how corp. structure and big buisness ruin american products...mass production with no quality control and cheip materials....
  10. reeealy! ... ive caught them as big as 30- 35 inches, seen bigguns surface over 40 inches in [email protected] mays pt. they do put on a show dont hate! and they are an awsome fish prehistoric lookin lol
  11. welcome to the club....seems fishing equipt. is the new hot item on crackheads lists!.....lost my cherrrished victrola recently....someone had the nerve to open up my contractor cap on my tundra and help themselves to it.....its kept me up a night or two drinking! lol hard to replace somthing thats over 100 years old and has caught u literally hundreds of trout and LLs and made memories that are ireplacable......hope these theives get caught...
  12. so whats it gonna take to get these spoons sent my way or arrange for pickup if possible? shoot me a PM thanks for ur time !
  13. is 25 a lowball??? i see at least 6 spoons out of that collection i dont have and would like to try.
  14. lmao...Angle ur boat name is funny i used to play league 8 ball here in geneva and my pool teams name one year was ballzdeep! lol love it!
  15. yessir...thanks neo...what do u want for it....i can make my own box to fit my fancy!...this site is the best what a good group of people always willing to help!
  16. just went to my truck and opened up door on contractors work cap....ive had my 100 year old victrola handline rig with about 900 ft of bare copper on it in there for almost two weeks now since i got home from 8th lake in the Dacks.....and itwas gone. Theived.....im beyond words....reallly piissed and miserable at the thawt of someone prolly a crackhead stealing it for scrap.....anyone who is willing to trade or sell me one or two nice working victrola rigs will be greatly rewarded.....help a brother out and get me back on the water.....all pics below are of things id be willing to trade...just gota get al Ol' Victrola back on my boat its my bread and butter. sealines sigmas and id be willing to let go a matching pair of riggers...short ones prolly but with the right deal id let the long arms go.
  17. i want it...i have the same one on my fishing dingy...its beat tho. i can send money order some time next week.....hope to hear back from u...thanksZ
  18. i like the idea of e chips on the suttons.....thats a trial that sowed results.....i pull copper by hand, im going to rig up some different e chips on a few single fixed hook flutters and heavys and give them a try and see what hooks into more fish, in a given period of time and test the differents sets of spoons in different conditions suchas dawn/dusk and mid-day.......cant wait to try.
  19. BEUTIFULL PIC.... good luck with the PD in Geneva ud have better odds on ur own with a lil street justice...they are too busy busting ethnic dime bag dealers and perving out on the william smith girls when schools in session.....u prolly got a weird look when u tried to make a report and a remark like well what do u want us to do about it......lol been there done that with missing/ stolen property....What a beutifull laker i see some monsters like that roaming the shallows near the city peir in november when they are spawning....they run the rocks along the south side of the peir when the south wind gets a kicking....the more wind the better.....some of the BIIIIG spawners ive seen out there were darrrk and long just like urs!....god knows weve still got 15s and 20s in this lake just hard to getem....they arnt big because their stupid!...... FYI from the belhurst to kashong on the west side.....thats the hotspot for bigguns. mega honeyholes in that strech....LIVE ACTION!
  20. WOW!, on the two mouthed lakers...... makes me wanna go out and pull some copper right NOW!...lol i hope to catch one someday! itll get mounted and ill put a couple stogies in the "mouths"...n mount it on me wall...
  21. be carefull in geneva....the city cops are ASSSSSSSHOLES...they target the fisherman and boaters....they make mannnny trips to that parking lot to check reg's and trailers almost daily .....to the point where its way too obvious what they are doing.....I live in this town and i know their time could be spent doing more worthwhile things than harrassing taxpaying boaters and fisherman that are out stimulating our local economys with their paychecks....and hitting on all the tellers @ the local banks when they are out walking the beat downtown trying to rid our city of the welfare sucking leeches that cause trouble sitting on their stoops all day. ......the boat ramp @ chamber of commerce has been out for a while now but as u guys said they dont make it to visible half the time the sign is on the ground tipped over or where no trailer yeilding individual could see it upon entrace to the park.
  22. sounds like a good seneca sunset! makes u wonder what turns on and bites @ sunset in the salty waters around Italy where ur client came from to make him want to fish our neck o' the woods~!..
  23. nice fish and spoon...i use the same green tape on my suttons....really entices some serious takers, specially in the laker dept.!.....
  24. roys marina also has bait....youve got to go north from dresdon.....halfway to geneva...itll be a couple miles past Kashong point on the lakeside
  25. WEVE GOT ALOT OF GAR IN. Montezuma....mays pt. ive caught the around fathers day when they are under the dam in some serious numbers and size....4 footers arnt uncommon....toothy lil terds...caught all mine on fathead minnows ...definitly tying up some rope flys now and taking my john boat out there to catch a giant!.....ive seen some surface that were 4+ ft and looked to have the girth equivilent of a softball persay....just could never persuade them to be real aggressive. now ive got some new ammo for the fight~! sweet
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