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  1. yeah i'm seeing that i might end up shore fishing or breaking out the waders and going to a trib (lake O) but given the chance i would rather troll

    I was going to go trib fishing at 20mph forecast, woke up, saw 30mph forecast and stayed home.

  2. One bow limit is fine. They should do it for Eastern FL tribs too.

    A couple of years ago when we had that long winter, I felt that the trout took a huge hit. Driving up 14 all you would see on opening day was ropes dragging rainbows out, eerily similar to how kings are treated in Lake O tribs. The longer than usual cold pushed spawning back into April and low and clear waters made it easy for spottumgottums to get their fish on. Once I heard contemplation of stockings, I kinda figured it was coming. I have been known as a meat fisherman (not so much with trout/salmon) and I think it is ok to keep 1 bow creel limit. I'd rather catch them than eat them so if I had to choose, I would let them go.

    During this fight, I've seen a lot of changing, in the way you feel about me, and in the way I feel about you. In here, there were two guys killing each other, but I guess that's better than twenty million. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!

    I do hope that this is enforced "better" this coming year.

  3. Most of the teachers today are concerned with saving whales or forests. There are a few conservatives mixed in but I highly doubt that any would feel comfortable packing a glock. With that said, The VPs or principles, or better yet, a well trained person in the field of security to be on the school payroll. A lot of the rules about guns were designed to save students from students. What we just had in Conn. is absolutely horrific. It scares the hell out of me to think that my kids may have this happen. It already happened once so it is possible, it could happen again. I have a 6yr and a 7yr old and from what I read the same security protocol in their school.

    I am not a member of the NRA but I have hunted since I was old enough to shoot a BB gun. I have a lot of guns (no pistols) and all of them are designed for hunting. I showed my wife two identical guns with different stocks at Gander Mtn. She thought the grey smoke stock with handle grips was more dangerous than the natural finish standard model. Thats the problem I have with gun control is that tree huggers don't even know the difference between guns, ammunition, etc. They hear buzz words and it gets them all fired up. I call them scary looking guns. I thought about buying one. The .177 with scope and noise suppressor. It looks scary. Perfect for killing squirrels and scaring libs.

    I was taught how to respect a gun from day one by my father. I played video games with violence and know the difference. I watch action movies and westerns and know the difference. Don't point the gun at anything unless you intend to kill it. Gun control sounds fine but at what point is the second ammendment voided? How about we make our children educated and we take control our households and stop expecting government to take care of us. the koolaid they serve has to be getting sour by now. Me complaining about it won't stop anything. It is an absolutely terrible event and will most likely divide us as a nation.

  4. This year is my first skunk. Kinda sad about it but it is good to get the disappointment out of the way. Thought about muzzle loading but with the weather pattern hanging tight, I figure I would get back to fishing for a bit. Hoping the perch are biting.

    Gill-T, good story, sorry about the ending. It happens. I lost an 8 pt in a large unmowed hayfield one year. I knew I hit it good but lost sight of it because of the terrain. Looked and looked and had my family look too, and finally gave up. Walking across the field a week later stumbled right on it. The deer took a left hand turn once it went out of my sight. The coyotes didn't even find it yet. I still feel aweful about wasting it like that. I killed two deer that year that never made to the freezer because of that field. Field gets mowed now.

    Congrats to those that got nice bucks, to those who got there first ever or first in a long while, and to those that have that much needed venison in their freezers. I think I will be buying beef hotdogs from wilson farms this year.

    And remember, a good beer and some venison jerky will keep the inlaws away from you these holidays. :lol:

  5. My family use to go to stay with Friends up in Omar when I was a kid. Absolutely love it up there (when the bugs aren't biting and the snow isn't blowing into my face at 20 below). It looks like you have some good memories right there. If the drive wasn't so brutal, I would love to spend more time up there.

  6. I love watching somebody get their first deer. The smile on their face is priceless. The look of uncertainty as they start to field dress it. The occassional drag by the hind legs is hilarious. We had a rookie with us this year. I was rooting for him but he didn't pull the trigger. I wanted him to kill something (buck, doe, fawn) for my excitement. Oh well, I am hoping he makes it back.

    Chas, Biggest deer I ever got had a small rack. (3 on R, left broken) Definitely an older deer. We assumed it never recovered from the previous year's rut. We don't know that for sure. Could be something else. I have seen management shows where they decide to cull what they call "scrub bucks". I really do not know how this is determined unless they have really good knowledge of the herd and know what to expect for development.

    Gill-T, It takes a lot of seasoning and experience for most hunters to lay off a nice young 8pt. Buck fever gets them and those tines look a lot bigger when the deer is still running. It happens to me a lot more than I want to admit.

  7. Good stuff Ray.

    Buck to Doe ratio is very important too. I have noticed areas where hunting is not prevalent but there is ample forage that some fawns are being born out as late as August... Antlers not dropping until April. These areas are more susceptible to winter kills. There are still a lot of hunters that believe in no doe hunting. This can lead to a weakened herd.

    Predators also include Bobcats and Bear which are obviously more difficult to manage legally.

    BTW I forgot my pack last night. I had 5 shells in my coat and my knife was already on my belt when I put my pants on so I didn't manage to cash in on the forgetting my gear luck. Oh well... Try again tomorrow. :yes:


  8. There are a lot of posted signs and too many people who see brown then shoot brown. This is my challenge. If less people shot little bucks and got a doe instead, we would probably start harvesting more 140-160 class buck around here. I can't stop the neighbors from doing what they are doing. One hunter I call him making coyote bait. If the deer doesn't drop in its tracks, he doesn't get it. He is a one man herd culler. And I am referring to those that kill multiple deer in a season - not those that have never bagged one or handicapped people or haven't gotten any in a long time etc... I am not trying to preach - just don't claim viking rights when you show up to the party with a croch horn. I won't be impressed. I will be impressed when you let a 10pt go by because you know it will have a chance to get bigger. I am not hoity toity either. I use to kill em all too. Got it from my Dad. But I have changed. I need the hotdog deer for the kids but I am wanting the wall mounter. So I will kill a doe for meat and wait for my big buck.

    And I have read the farm - It is bad this year. The food is not where it use to be and the the woods were logged last year so it will take a few years to get the undergrowth up where the deer will be happy again. Scrape lines are fewer this year too. We have discussed redoing the food plot. It is a lot of work but it keeps the deer on the hill. I'll get the hotdog deer. If I don't its alright.

    Ray, I agree with what you said. I'd rather be good than lucky (and commercial products). I'd love to stop down and talk shop with you.


  9. Nice Buck. Please use the word "only" loosely. I am without a hot dog deer so far. After seeing the other buck I am thinking two things. I wish you were my father-n-law and isn't that golden horshoe a little uncomfortable? It looks like you worked for it. Congrats. :clap:

  10. A tunnel jet to get through the river flats - tired of dragging the row boat. A 21 ft Nitro with all the bass pro accessories - cuz I want to look like I know how to bass it. I have always wanted a really wide beam walleye boat - probably the nicest all around boat for upstate NY. That boat at the beginning looks pretty nice too. I don't have a dream boat. I have a dream where I have a perfect boat for every situation and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay for it all - AND the time to use them everyday.

  11. Cat_10_21_12.jpg

    Got this yesterday. Somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds. It smacked a creek chub on the drop. My next biggest cat is 5lbs. I have never fished for them but judging by how long it takes to get them off the bottom, I can see why people would. My arm felt like I was pinning salmon all day.

  12. I try to keep a level heal about fishing. I do not want to get addicted to just one species but I think while everyone else gets steel fever I am constantly thinking about how the water looks, how the weather looks, Clear skies, wind, warm front-cold front, are they (eyes) moving upstream yet?, are they holding in deeper water? Are they feeding?

    I get the challenging part. Best fishing article I have read in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Pete,

    We all had fun with it. Rednecks are good people. You just need to differentiate between the white trash and the redneck. If they all look the same to you then you are definitely on the outside looking in. Don't forget Einstein's theory of relativity. It is all on how you perceive that person where you are standing. Relatively speaking, I am a redneck at work to a lot of my cohorts. Some think I am a lib tree hug commy (because they are stupid and mean). I hired a bigger RN than me (from PA) and when he gets worked up it shows. When he starts off on a rant I joke with everyone that I hired him to make me look more normal. His last one was about a stolen trail cam. He shared with everybody and started learning how to booby trap the whole woods. A redneck gets even or at least wants to. Rednecks also have your back. They are usually the people who are there first to lend you a hand when you are in need. Slid off the road in PA one winter in black ice conditions (no cell service) and it was a couple of good ole boys out in there P/U passing time helping people get unstuck (this was the only reason they were out that night). Rednecks are more inclined to barter. Last year I traded 3 walleyes for 5 venison hearts. A redneck will stay up all night to make sure the pig doesn't catch on fire knowing that the success of ther next day's pig roast depends on him. And he will do it for a case of beer. You don't need to be one to be friends with them either. Just be yourself.


    If you grew up in Virginia and travel to NY people think you are Southern. If you grow up in Virginia and goto Alabama people think you are a Yank. In either case that person is well equiped to converse with the north or the south. Throw that Bama person in NY (or vice versa) and there might be some tension. I think this is why Virginia is the state for lovers. :* Analogy might be off base but what I am trying to convey is that it is ok to be where you are at. You don't want to be too far Red or too far Yup. Right in the middle is best. You'll have more friends and probably better friends too. Want to break the ice. Cold beer. No micro stuff. Save that for your wife's firends' husbands. Remember what I said about killing something with an Axe. I verified with a few of my bigger redneck friends and they confirm. This is sure fire way to get dirt road cred. :yes:

    Red til I am Dead,


    (4 boats in the yard, also, 21 patents)

  14. The math is complicated because of all the ways the water comes and goes. The problems they have in the west are a result of mismanagement. The Aquifer in the great plains was depleted and then they got all that rain that one summer and it refilled. What about this summer? Mississippi is pretty low. At what point do the scientists/legislators say that the farmers have to reduce irrigation? Water is tied indirectly into the economy. The math is complicated. You are right - not simple. I honestly do not know what happened to the Colorado River. I must not be up to date. Sorry.

  15. Only have a possibility of happening when oil becomes less valuable commodity than water. The logistics for both of those hypothesis seem to stretch my realistic expectations to the limits. Using simple dynamics, a very large portion of the water is renewable. This isn't a tub with no spigot. It comes in and goes out. (ignoring evap and seepage) The stuff that goes out is of no value to you unless you follow it. So if you have something (water) that you no longer use and someone offers to trade for that something that you no longer need, for something you do need (money, oil), than this makes good business sense. However, I do not see it happening (logistics). This is why guys with glaucoma shouldn't be put into think tanks. This is a Hollywood suspense/drama story theme and at present moment has little to do with reality. If water is that valuable, than I think we would see a lot more imbankments to capture this vital resource.

    A village in my area is selling water to the frackers. They had surplus water and turned it into a revenue generating resource for the village water department. Doesn't adversely affect the residents. My most general theme is that it would be very difficult to build this pipeline or ship this water. My secondary theme is that managing a resource properly is good thing. There is a new generation of tree huggers and these persons are better educated with politics and more tech savvy. They know they need to form a base to support their conclusions so they fill in the blanks that support their claim and discard the rest. All you see is a perfectly formed video/article leading/telling us we are doomed if we don't stop it from continuing. They have an agenda, misguided or not, it is still just a biased opinion - Just like my rant just now.

    IF you worry worts want to stay up all night. Google Yellowstone 2012 apocalypse and/or fema prison camps and just let it take you on a magical world of conspiracy and doom. :devil:

    Me, I'm going fishing.


  16. I find some of these stereo types hurtful. Some of the most intelligent people I know are rednecks. It doesn't matter how successful they are cuz everybody else just thinks they are idiots and morons because they might have slept with their cousin and eat a little road kill from time to time. One thing mentioned above is absolutely true. If you weren't a redneck yesterday there is no way at all you will ever become one tomorrow.

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