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  1. Not an easy pic to tell but I would say that the shape of the body from the dorsal back is definitely more sunny like. Smallies that length, unless stunted severely, would have a more gradual body slope to the tail. In fact, they probably look more like a chub at that length. Fish id for Rockies isn't a common problem. I would take Xingtau's word on it.

  2. I'll take the heat. I mostly (almost always) buy mine now. With a ceramic hip and lower back pains, it is just easier on my body. However, as a younger gent, I would have toured a park or cemetary just before dawn after a day of rain. Sometimes with the right rain, you can get them after daybreak and they are still moving. These are the best places and don't tell your friends. You can keep them in a fridge or bury a styrofoam container and place it in the ground (no direct sun). I dig my trout worms still but getting crawlers usually happens at the local Wally world.

    I heard some people talking about this at work last week and they were talking two methods which I have never done. The first is placing an electric charge in the ground. And the second was pouring bleach on the ground. I guess both methods make them rush out onto the surface. The scientist in me was curious, however, I am a long way from trying it. When I was a kid and we had the dog days of summer, I would spy on robbins and when I saw one pick up a big crawler, I would rush it so it would be spooked and drop it. Kids have the most fun.

  3. I read that there are golden shiners as well, is that true? I hope so because that's what half of my arsenal consists of...

    I was going to suggest golden shiners but I never fished for muskies in this lake. The lake I grew up on did not have alewives but had golden shiners and they were definitely musky candy. Are you trolling? 3 rods, use a perch, a golden shiner, and a alewive presentation.

  4. I caught a drum in Seneca lake a few years ago. It is the only one I ever caught. I never saw one before and it spooked me when it came up. The only way I could describe it to another fisherman was that it looked like a black bass mated with a carp. I have heard of people catching them in most of the tributaries and through out the ditch. I hear a lot get caught around Buffalo too. Person I work with grew up by Lake champlain and she claims that they are easy to catch on crayfish. They use to catch them to make jewelry.

    If you are catch and releasing, probably the pier at the Genny is a good place for pictures. I would not eat one from there unless I was skin and bones starving - smoked or otherwise. Real cray fish or tubes is how I would attack them with light weight on the bottom. I have fished over them with bobbers (I saw them) and they never bothered with the bait and the trout, salmon, bass, walleyes, were taking.

    If I catch another one, I will keep it for the jewelry and I am curious what it tastes like. To be honest with you, I don't think you should put a lot of effort into it. You will probably hook a 7lb bronzeback trying - get a picture of that.

    BTW I know about striper fishing :yes:

  5. Now that the big fish are here, drift through the pods with 5the live herring (as long as you have a friend on board) you will pick up bigger fish. Make sure your bait runner is set..........a striped bass taking a line herring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i live that sound

    I know!!!

    I am trying to find out which is the best time to fish . Is it with the tides 2 hours before high and 2 hours after , or at Dawn and Dusk . Seems to me we had better luck on the outgoing tide . All comments are welcome , shed some light if you can .

    I am no expert having only fished 3 times, but everytime I noticed the fish bite was as fast as the water was. Soon as the tide hit a lull, the bite dropped off.

    Seems like you have been putting the time into it. Get some live herring and try that. I wish I was close enough to get back there repeatedly. (3.5hrs one way) I would love to be able to put a lot of time into it. Maybe when the kids are older.

    Good luck. Get a 30# cow - post its picture.


  6. The Bulls in Conesus act more like Cats. I caught some 14 inchers this spring. Very aggressive and a lot of fat. I ate a couple last night for dinner - very tasty too!

    It is funny that they are following lures. Channels can be caught trolling. Next time those bulls run after your lures, throw a few green pumpkin (with or without flake) soft baits at them. I have had them be aggressive with me before while bass fishing and they short strike but they definitely strike.

  7. Saugherties, NY 5-15-12


    Caught on live herring... Some on chunk...

    3 of us caught about 12 in 2 days. Rained almost every minute. Still an awesome time. I recommend it. Think of a large mouth, but bigger, and if you ever had a steel head run you out 30yds or more, that is striper fishing!


  8. I don't understand...

    We blame the county? How about we blame the criminal? I get the anger and frustration. But direct it toward the right area. I can almost with a 100% guarantee that you were not victimized by a true fisherman. Except for the ocassional pissing match (see other thread "how long will this last") fisherman respect each other. I think you are looking to find someone who is going to fence this stuff and not someone who is going to use it.

    Burnt Hills looks like a nice area to live in. How is the fishing there? Probably as good as it is in Corning. You went to Lake O for the same reason I do. I am truly sorry for your experience but don't take it out on the people in this forum.

    Charter Boat captains in Oswego should be weary of this as well. The guy was happy on the water but is going to tell hundreds of people how bad the town is. Not your legal repsonsibility, however, it could affect client business. It should be a priority of yours to curtail this.

  9. I love living 5 minutes away from the River in Kingston!!! But I would rather live 5 minutes away from the Big Lake lol.

    I live in Corning, which at first look seems like it is in the middle of nowhere. Every October after driving north 1.5hr + to get stream run fish my friends and I say the same thing. I do wish Saugherties was closer than 3.5hrs.

    Heading to Saugherties on Monday to fish with Hudson River Charters. Captain George is a pleasure to be around. My avatar is from last year's trip. Hard to make out but the background there is a log floating in the river. The river was so blown out that there were docks floating down stream. We pinned bait on the bottom because of the immense stain, but this year with the lower water (feeder streams) we are gonna float fish them. I can not describe to you how I feel about this trip. Last year was a bucket list item and now I am just plain hooked on it. If you have never tried it, it is worth the trip. For you trollers, there are other captains who troll.

    I describe stripers as a large mouth on steroids. The fight is a lot like the way the steelhead runs you out in the streams. They can have multiple runs too. It is a good time. :clap:

    tight lines everybody!

  10. Wow, not the kind of stuff I expect to see on a site like this. All the guys in those boats are pumping money into the East End economy. They are paying money for lisences that put the very fish we catch in the lake. I guess this all comes down to what a guy's real interests are. Your own cooler or the fishery? I guess we could keep the good fishing secret but then who's going to by the licenses and lodging and food and gas that keep the fishery strong and the economy of the local area going? Then, these same guys would be complaining that not enough fish are being stocked. And yes, I'm and East End Fisherman. And if not for a family illness, I'd be one of those boats out there in your way.

    I wish I could communicate that well. :yes: well said.

  11. People know I love to fish so I have been getting sound advice all spring on where the fish are biting. I give them sound advice right back. The fishing is good everywhere. enough said.


    Excellent Fishing started accelerating in August, slowed a little in January and took right off again in February.

    Good year to take somebody who doesn't fish a lot out to enjoy the sport. I do not think it will slow down again until July, and by slow, I mean it will still be good.

  12. Try using a bait runner reel or opening up your drag....very possible the fish is picking up your bait, feeling tension and dropping it. If your not using Bait runner reels just loosen your drag so it's easy to peel line....the fish will pick the bait up and not feel any tension, then they will be less inclined to drop it.

    I suggest using a smaller bobber. I go really light. It will only take an extra 1/8 - 3/8 oz to dip the bobber below the surface. Fresh shiners may be able to run it around and dip it below the surface but they won't forever. Once they tire of trying to drag it down is when you should get the hits.

  13. I think it is cool, however, I also think it is risky. Is it a strong suggestion or a law not to feed the wild animals?

    If that bear was in my back yard, I would already have the taxidermist ready to make my rug come fall. It is a wild bear - right? Or is it a fenced in pet?

  14. When I go out on my friends boat on the big lake I give him $50 for gas. He never asks for it and I had to ask his brother for an idea how much money he spent on gas for each trip. Its polite to offer. I would give him more if he needed more.

    When I drive guys up to the tribs for salmon/trout pinning, I never ask for money and they always chip in or buy me lunch or something and I never ask them. Its polite. I appreciate it and if they didn't chip in I wouldn't feel slighted in any way. I give gas money to them when they drive. Its the way it should be.

    The take a kid fishing or bucket list or down on your luck trip etc. This is always a noble thing to do as well. Like I said, nobody asks, its is just the polite thing to do. We all view it a little differently perhaps, but it is still about respect and appreciation.

    I imagine with GA$ where it is, this will be a bigger issue/topic of conversation as summer pushes on. for me, I started taking my 8ft bass hound versus my 16ft smokercraft Deep-V because it was just me and I already discovered how much money I could save by not taking my bigger boat to lakes/rivers. 8ft doesn't work on everybody of water, but it does work on a lot more than you think, and it is way cheaper to use. I think guys are using Yaks more too, for same reason. But this also goes to explain why you should offer your buddy gas money when he takes you out onto the lake in his nice rig for a day of fishing.

  15. Pics like that get my heart pumping... It has been a generous spring for bass fishing already... Doing really well on the smallies. Nothing over 3lbs yet but it is still early.

    Keep those pics coming!

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