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  1. Thanks for the info everyone, I fish the fingers for trout so i like 30lb may be a little much, i generally switch to live bait or jigging when they start costing me fish. Darn Fleas!
  2. Anyone want to weigh in on their favorite fish in the fingers? Personally I'm having trouble choosing... Let's see some pics too! Alex
  3. hey everybody, Anyone fish owasco for walleye? After a season i managed only 1 big female. She came deep 50+fow on a jig while trout fishing. Anyway i was wondering if there is anyone on the lake catching them consistently, and have any pointers?
  4. I generally run stren original 12lb and lower on owasco. (Just my preference) Will different types of line help beat the fleas? I've seen the heavier i go the better but would running braid for example stand up to the fleas better?
  5. anyone know of some good swivels they could recommend, and when fishing spoons do you attach your swivels directly to the spoon or from main line to leader? Please help, Alex
  6. Walt, I was so excited when i say your post about leadcore. I just bought some myself, and could use some more information on a good setup.
  7. great fish! slam in 15minutes?! you are the finger lakes master
  8. Thank you Sean, We live on Conklin cove Just north or long point on the east side. We generally troll north to Burtis then back down. I would love to be able to catch both walleye and rainbow from the boards. How many FOW do you generally troll in during the spring, and how deep do you put your riggers? Last spring we put our riggers from 5-30ft down and fish from 40 to 100FOW this worked well for the lakers. Also i have a large variety of spoons i bought them second hand but i have just about every size and color, can't wait to put them to good use. Any tips on color or pattern? Thanks so much, Alex
  9. ddubs, I didn't know that, i haven't bought my license in PA for 2012 yet. Hows the fishing out there in raystown? Ive been dying to get out and troll for those big stripers and trout
  10. Agreed large pike and trout share very little water only certain times of the year. The best way to save the trout is through selective harvest. I like to get my picture with them but let the big guys go. After all they are the breeders, and very important to the ecosystem.
  11. Tom, I had never heard of cheaters planer boards are very new to us. I did some quick research and saw that cheaters are another line attached between your rod tip and board? If that's the case how do you attached the rubberband and clip? I'm very excited about this, were from PA were its 2 lines per person. This 3 lines per person in NY is very exciting!! Thank you i appreciate the post more then you know, Alex
  12. Hey everyone, Just started trolling on Owasco, I was wondering about some trout rigs(browns bows and lakers). Also what type of line you run of your riggers and boards. I was thinking about lead core off the boards with a flasher/fly or a spoon? We troll a lot of stick baits from the riggers, and I would like to expand our bait selection. Please help were experienced rigger men but never really explored other bait possibilities we found something that seemed to work in stick baits and stuck to it. A good day for us is 6. I want more, and bigger!!! We have to 2 manual cannons, and 2 walleye boards. The boards are new to us, any knowledge on them would be awesome as well.
  13. Jigging is one of my favorite techniques for all species. I like to use a very heavy weight to insure my lure sinks fast which is crucial on windy days. Generally from 75ft and deeper i go with 1 1/2 - 2oz. obviously increasing as you get deeper. Rod selection is something that is a matter of personal preference. I like a shorter stiff rod with a soft tip to make sure i can feel light strikes. I use a shorter rod because i like having the bait closer to me personally i think you have more control that way. Finally line is something not to be overlooked I made the classic mistake of jigging with mono. This will cost you fish trust me! You need a nice low stretch braid, flouro, or superline. Its important to be able to stick those fish especially when they are over a 100ft away from you. Using mono you have an enormous amount of stretch, which makes it difficult to set the hook. Mono is an affordable option and can be done obviously but just my preference. Anyway i wish you luck sorry for the wordy response but contact me if you have any other questions.
  14. I'm more of the bargain troller. We run the very affordable cabela's whuppin stick 8ft light with Cabela's DM20 linecounter reels. For the price I'm in love with the rods, the action is great. The road loads up nice on the rigger and those 5-10lb trout feel like 30 lb kings with light line. The reels gear ratio is a little slow but linecounter is super accurate and the star drag is butter best $60 I ever spent.
  15. Just wanted to share some of my highlights from 2011. Fishing in both Owasco lake and the Salmon river. This was my first season fishing both bodies of water, and I was very pleased with both. Big spawned out female King on the salmon river 2 Owasco Lakers Owasco Walleye 6 and half pounds Skinny water King fishing nice action shot
  16. Hey everyone, Recently my parents bought a home on Owasco lake. My father and I experienced a good amount of success fishing in the spring for Lakers, but i was hoping to gain a little knowledge on the fishing(colors, lures, locations, etc). We are currently setup with riggers and planers. Most of our fish came trolling stick baits and spoons, but we did live bait mooneyes, and jig as the fish moved deeper in summer. We love fishing for anything that swims so any information regardless of species would be greatly appreciated, we managed to catch one large walleye(the only of the season), several smallmouth, and I'm happy to report i landed one of the famed Owasco browns even though it measured about 12 inches and he was caught casting from the dock. Anyway I'm happy to be a new member of LOU, and i look forward to making some new fishing buddies
  17. Name: Alex Location: Owasco Lake Home Port: baladocious Boat Name/Type: Cindy Sue 18ft Starcraft I fish for: anything that swims ================== Hey everyone, New to the forum, but very happy to be here after spending 10 minutes reading articles I feel like I'm already a better fisherman.
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