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  1. Lots of great info already given..Can't miss if you follow their advice..I'd just ad that you might have 2 or 3 rods rigged ready to replace any that tangle or god forbid have a fish break you off..Spare to match at least 2 of your top rigs..Keep eye open for weather changes,,Stay safe and good luck..
  2. Sounds like those that have spawned and are finishing their life cycle are the ones whirling on surface....that sure should draw in some predators..Specially browns and smallies..
  3. Was hoping to take the wife up for 2 day charter session for browns and lakers out of Oswego..But darn can't find out if it would be a good choice in the next 10 to 15 days. Any help would be appreciated..Nothing seems to be reported..Looks like western Ontatio is the place right now...
  4. I wouldn't give up to quickly on Brown Trout fishing being the doldrums,this soon, but having a good back up plan for lakers is a great idea..You'll have to keep checking conditions where you'll be fishing..Cowbells a consistent producer, but without down riggers not very sporty using 2 pound weights to keep lures down.Also speed is reduced so that tactic doesn't allow for other faster moving tactics.. I'd keep inquiring here give location and when..I'm sure helpful tips will follow..If no results go with your gut and where your most experienced.If no action shallow figure a way to get deeper Dipseys mite be the ticket..Keep eyes on electronics for tips on where fish hanging out.Good luck
  5. Great action for you guys..Luv the pics, keep them coming..
  6. Great job on some beautiful Browns...Curious what they were feeding on??
  7. Trolling with bait rigs pretty common, curious if drifting live saw bellies being tried by anglers, specially if fish are found scattered on electronics..Or kind of consolidated in a smaller section of water,,We did it on finger lakes, and other NY large reservoirs and lakes, worked pretty good..Wonder how it would work on Lake O???.
  8. WOW: great day and some great pics of your mixes bag..CPR on all those beauties is worth 2 HIgh FIVE''S
  9. Tough to beat DAD'S smile..That pic is worth more than a 1000 words, good job...
  10. Never tried those b4..But I always say nothing ventured nothing gained..If u are fortunate to have many days to fish, then I suggest u go for it and experiment..Good luck post up if you have any real success..
  11. Trolling till u find deep bottom fish is step one on big water, 2nd part is the tricky part is staying on these deep lakers with a heavy duty trolling motor good electronics a big plus..Rest is actually easy, drop the lure of choice jigging spoons or jigs tip with plastics or live bait all work. But I think trolling on lake Ontario is much more exciting because of the variety of game fish available with a good spread of lures covering many depths.. But jigging can score good if day calm and deep fiish showing on locator..Nothing wrong with jigging..Good luck
  12. Too many words to describe the fun and pleasure seeing your children catch fish, especially trout..Lots more happy days to u and yours..
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