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  1. Here is my 1st attempt at making a video with my new GoPro. I made 3 copies of the same video but with different music because I was trying to get a feel for different things in the editing software. The 1st 3 fish are from day 2 with better camera settings. We were out of Mexico on 4/17 & 18. Day 1 we boated over 40 fish and it was a blue bite. Anything blue was getting hit with blue/silver F-11 taking the most fish, we couldn't keep them in the water. Day 2 we had 25 by noon and called it a day. We started with blue and by the end of the morning we were running almost all orange. Country Music Funny Music Electric/Dance Music
  2. Ok, I'm ready to throw my computer out the window! I spent hours cutting up my video and exported it. The video looks great on my computer but when I upload to YouTube it looks like crap and I don't think it's viewable on a mobile device. Oh yea, I used the GoPro Studio software to edit. Am I missing a setting or 2 on the upload? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  3. Saturday found a great water between Mexico launch and Catfish. Stained 40 - 42 deg and went 42 for 57. Everything blue was working, couldn't keep a blue/silver F11 in the water. All browns but 1 Atlantic & 1 Smallmouth. Today went straight to where we left them and the fish and water were gone! Found the warm stained water right outside Catfish today. Started with a blue bite and turned to orange. Went 25 for 32 today. Almost all on sticks only 4 or 5 on spoons today.
  4. Thanks Capt Rich! I'll be out Thurs and Fri.
  5. With the rivers running so high do you think it will be possible to launch a boat on Thursday at the Mexico ramp? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys I have a pained aluminum hull and it needs a good waxing, what wax do you recommend? I also want to wax my outboard cowling. I guess my cover was a little loose over the winter and with all of the wind it did a number on one side of it. What do you wax that with? Thanks GG
  7. Thanks guys!! I ordered a new cap, if it still leaks I'll try bending up the tabs (good idea). GG
  8. Wow I think you got it!!! The guy who used to own my boat owned an airport. I just searched on eBay and they look just like it.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a new gas cap like this one, it's leaking? The guy who owned the boat before me had this gas tank made so I have no idea where to get a new cap. I've tried everywhere by me and nothing. Thanks!!!
  10. Sounds like an awesome day!! Were you guys on the east or west end of the lake? GG
  11. Try doing a search on here for Spring Brown Trout, there is a ton of info on here. Search YouTube too. Good luck!
  12. Has anyone ever used these for trolling browns? I came across a few and was wondering if anyone uses them. These are 2 3/8 inches. Thanks
  13. I would like the Thunderstick Jrs. How much do you want for them? Thanks Gregg
  14. I think he's away fishing and should be home in a day or 2
  15. Do you have to have hydraulic steering to use autopilot? I've been kicking around the same idea.
  16. http://www.rapala.com/Scatter-Rap-Minnow/Scatter%20Rap%20Minnow,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=rapala-lures What do you guys think about these for spring browns? The action looks great in the videos! They dive 6'-9'. I'll probably give them a shot and see what happens.
  17. Hi Yankee - Would you sell just the cover? I will give you what you paid for it plus shipping. Thanks GG
  18. Man, thanks for all of the tips and advice!!! I think I went a little overboard with the accessories. I have; Handlebar mount Roll bar mount Shotgun mount A long telescoping pole mount 32 gig card 64 gig card Floaty thing Wasabi Power Pack w 2 batteries Battery Backpack The GoPro phone app is really cool and I tried the Studio 2.0 software. I put an adhesive mount on the bucket I sit on while icefishing and did a little filming. The only thing that sucked was that the battery ran out before we started catching anything. I used the Studio 2.0 software to put a short video together just to practice. You can check it out if you want to I had the camera set on 1080p with 60fps GG
  19. Thanks, I purchased the batteries and downloaded the Studio 2.0 also. I just started messing around with the software and seems like it's user friendly. I really need to take more video to really figure everything out!
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