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  1. What type of downriggers are these for or are they universal?
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to wear the life jackets until May 1st.
  3. I have a 17' Spectrum and I like it. With a 90hp it runs in the low 40s. The only thing I don't like is that mine has a live well under the driver's seat (the seat is mounted to it) and it takes up too much deck space. You can kind of see it in the picture.
  4. I would try emailing him, he usually responds to email pretty quickly!
  5. Yes you can! Try the cement pier at Selkirk. Cast Cleo's and some other spoons. Good Luck GG
  6. When you say prop wash, how far back are you talking? Are you running it deep on a rigger or flat line? Spoons or stick baits? I've read about guys doing it but I've never tried it. Thanks GG
  7. Let us know how your buddy makes out after he drives around, I was wondering the same thing. I'm dying to get out!! Thanks! GG
  8. I have to move my transducer. What do you guys use to plug up the old holes in an aluminum transom? In the past I've put silicon in the hole with a screw. What type of silicon should I use or is there something else I should be using. Thanks GG
  9. I just acquired a few Finn Spoons. They look OK but I've never used them. Does anyone use them? What do you think about them? Thanks GG
  10. I ended up going with the Pro Troller Smart Tabs. Even if I don't like them for trolling and have to go back to the bags at least I can still use them as trim tabs. Once I get a chance to run the boat with them I will post a review. Thanks for everyone's input!! Pro Troller http://www.nauticusi...ro_troller.html
  11. I just received my 1st order and they are awesome looking spoons!!! The new Hot Potato & the Goby look sweet! I can't wait for spring Brown Trout. I haven't even used them yet and already placed another order. Those NBKs look pretty solid too, I may have to add them.
  12. I will take a set also! Thanks GG
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