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  1. I just did mine last week. Here is how to measure them so you can buy the right one.
  2. No I'm not sure but I think the cable that I'm replacing is about 15yrs old. I've only had the boat 6 yrs but I think they put the cable in when they put the motor on.
  3. A friend of mine fished inside the wall all last week and did OK.
  4. Here's a couple of pictures to show you what I mean. Sorry for the bad pics, it's all I have on my phone.
  5. It's just a regular Teleflex cable but there isn't enough room between the motor and the wall where the cable comes out and there's also a slight angle. They had to have put the old one in while they were installing the motor. I can't see any other way to do it.
  6. Awesome guys, thanks!!! I was thinking about 5200 but I'm going to use 4200. Thanks again!
  7. I have to remove my outboard (90hp Merc) to replace my steering cable. Do I have to put anything like silicone or something like that in the 4 bolt holes when I put the motor back on the boat? Oh yea, it's an aluminum boat. Thanks!!
  8. I run the J9s & 11s too but remember they will run deeper then the F9s & 11s.
  9. My buddy was there today and said the ramp was clear. Just a few ice chunks floating out to the lake from the river.
  10. My buddy caught a couple Browns by Selkirk about 2 weeks ago from the shore.
  11. Cool, thanks for all of your help!!!!
  12. Mark - the onboard charger I'm using actually runs off of the outboard's alternator so I'm not sure if I can keep it on. It senses when the main battery is at full charge and switches the alternator over to charge the deep cycle battery. I bought the one for 1 battery because that's all I had at the time. http://m.basspro.com/Minn-Kota-Onboard-Alternator-Chargers/product/95618/
  13. OK I think I got it. Take the outboard out of the equation, that's on a stand alone starting battery. I will disconnect the onboard charger. How does this look? I don't plan on using the both position. The main reason for this is when I run down the first deep cycle I can switch to the 2nd and keep using my trolling motor.
  14. Skipper - yes I have an onboard charger that I was planning on keeping attached to Battery 1. Mike - does it matter which battery's negative post I use? So if I'm understanding this I can run the positive wire from my fuse panel to the switch and the Neg wire to the battery neg post on Battery 1. The positive wires from both deep cycle batteries to the switch. Sound right?
  15. I have 2 batteries on my boat now and I want to add a 3rd. Right now I have a starting battery that only has the motor attached to it and a deep cycle with everything else. I want to add another deep cycle and put a switch between the 2 deep cycles so if 1 dies I can switch over to the other one. I bought a switch and on the back of the switch there's a terminal for the hot leads for both batteries and the hot lead that would got to he fuse panel or whatever you're powering. Where do the negative leads go??? The directions that came with the switch are horrible. I forgot to mention that I have a 90hp outboard and an aluminum boat ( not sure if it matters ). If you have any other suggestions like different switch or way to run it that would be great too. Thanks!!
  16. Hey Goat You have your video marked as private. GG
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