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  1. sanfordnson

    Landing nets

    How far are you from Mexico? We will be in New Haven the weekend of the 16th.
  2. Nice report Josh. Hoping to fish Fair Haven end of April.
  3. Thank you for the quick response.
  4. Are they still available? If so how much total would it cost to ship to 12839?
  5. sanfordnson

    Accudepth golds

    If these are still available and you take pay pal I would take them.
  6. sanfordnson

    for sale : usa suttons sold

    Troutman could you send some pics of your Suttons please very interested.
  7. sanfordnson

    Berts swivel mounts $200/pair

    What do you need for the pair shipped?
  8. Thanks Fishnchef good deal I'll have to think on it.
  9. What's the best you can do on the 2 24" tracks and the 4 rachet rod holders?
  10. I'm not sure if you received my message but I am interested in renting your cabin in May if it's possible.
  11. sanfordnson

    1987 Bluefin 1710 Sportsman

    Where is this boat located?
  12. sanfordnson

    Lake Trout

    We eat them all the time. Just make sure that when your done filleting them all you have left is pure orange meat no fatty or dark flesh on them. Then we chunk them in small pieces and deep fry them like we do with perch fillets. Or my wife will pan fry the fillets with a butter garlic and wine sauce. Like someone else said the smaller the trout the better. yum yum yum!