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  1. I will take lot one if it's still available.
  2. I'll take them. Do you have pay pal?
  3. How far are you from Mexico? We will be in New Haven the weekend of the 16th.
  4. Nice report Josh. Hoping to fish Fair Haven end of April.
  5. Are they still available? If so how much total would it cost to ship to 12839?
  6. If these are still available and you take pay pal I would take them.
  7. Troutman could you send some pics of your Suttons please very interested.
  8. Thanks Fishnchef good deal I'll have to think on it.
  9. What's the best you can do on the 2 24" tracks and the 4 rachet rod holders?
  10. I'm not sure if you received my message but I am interested in renting your cabin in May if it's possible.
  11. We eat them all the time. Just make sure that when your done filleting them all you have left is pure orange meat no fatty or dark flesh on them. Then we chunk them in small pieces and deep fry them like we do with perch fillets. Or my wife will pan fry the fillets with a butter garlic and wine sauce. Like someone else said the smaller the trout the better. yum yum yum!
  12. Do you do pay pal and will you ship?
  13. If the otters are still available do you do paypal and ship?
  14. Hi Harv, I purchased two of your weights awhile back and lost one. I was wondering if you could send me another 12 pounder. Let me know the price including shipping and address to mail check to. Thanks in advance, Keith,
  15. I think the release arm points toward the rod and not the bait am I correct?
  16. I have not had any problems with it. Got hung up once and it held up got my weight back. No cable hum either. The only reason I went with it is because the stainless was all kinked up plus I thought it might help just in case there was a voltage problem. So far its working good.
  17. Thank you Lilhelp, Yes I did try leads 100 to 150ft. I was just wondering if the steal connection from probe to the coated cable could be sending bad current out. I was just on the black box website and there is a way to check voltage off the boat hull. Maybe I will just replace the braid with stainless cable and check the voltage that way. Or you very well could be right it might be prsentations. Thanks again,
  18. Lilhelp, Did the black box increase your rigger bite? I have coated cable on one rigger and braided rigger line on the other. I am having trouble with my rigger bites but am doing alright on dipseys and lead core off the boards. I don't know how to check for negative fish repelling electric current with the coated and braided rigger lines. I am fishing in a aluminum 17ft tracker any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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