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  1. I see that they are now SS without the half weight just hard to pull the trigger on the purchase because of the price… I wonder if anyone makes them here themselves… I thought I could make them from tin myself … still have some time to think on it… this site is awesome and the number one reason I’ve been able to learn and advance as much as I have in this sport that I love. Thank you for sharing it always been a great resource.
  2. Right now I run a 7 and a 10 color lead core on my boats so I’m planning on using them into July or maybe August with the copper… thanks for the tips, especially on not needing the extra keel they are very pricey, it would cost as much as I paid for the boats originally.
  3. High guys, haven’t post in couple of years but bought lot of new salmon equipment. This year I added a 300 and 400 copper. I added a second keel to my otter boats and was curious about how far out to the side you run boats to help mitigate tangle possibilities. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  4. Have not used copper but want to try it next year so I’ve been looking at the Penn series reels I’m thinking the 30lw will handle 500 copper or should I go to the 50. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Yeah a day ahead won’t let me change.... hahaha .... I should go play today’s lottery.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Got out at 5:30 lake was nice at that point couldn’t keep the spoons down for the steelhead bite in about 150 ft of water. Kept heading north with dipsys at 300,325 and 350 and riggers at 75 and 80 ft. When we got to 250 ft had 3 small Kings in the next 30 min then had 4 in the next hour that never got to the boat. Got rough at about 10am started packing it in, when bringing in the 350 dipsy it had 110 feet still out my buddy says hey hey I got one, I thought no way but when heard the drag go out I was surprised, it ended up being the biggest king of the day 12 lbs. never had that happen before how about you guys. That spinny and fly couldn’t have been more than 5 or ten feet down. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Went out Sunday at Sodus with my daughter had one good hit in 210 ft of water on the 325 dipsy but lost it. Trolled for the next two hours finally got this king on a green and chrome spin doctor with a solid Green atomic fly down 90 ft on the port rigger in 360 ft of water. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Nice job!!!!! good looking fish ...... How deep were you fishing and were you using lead or riggers. Thanks for the info. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Haven't had a lot of time on the water do to my elderly parents being sick but so far smart troll system has worked good for two of the three trips to the big O. Not sure why but last trip out I lost signal from probes about one hour into fishing, called own (who I must say always answers his phone) and we were unable to get signal back, that very same day he sent a hole new system out to me. this owner has a passion and ambition for the development of this system and given time it will be the best system available. Although this new product does have some issues I think it is worth every penny to see depth and temp at my dipsy divers you can run as many as six probes at the same time. Owner is still working on speed and as soon as that becomes available I will buy a third probe. One thing I will say is that Darrell the own is definitely standing behind his product. Just wondering if any other smart troll owners have any thoughts or feed back on this product.
  10. Received my smart troll probes today, as for now, probes with speed are still unavailable so owner refunded my money for whole unit and told me to use it and we would work something out when probes with speed become available. Here are the pics, I put a pen next to the probes so you can make size comparison. I plan on keeping everyone informed as to product, service and how it preforms. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  11. I went from starting out with 10# then went 12# and for this year I have 15#, fished deep often last summer (100' to 150' down) and the blow back was terrible. I would spend the extra money on torpedo weights or sharks if you can afford them, ball weights don't cut the water like torpedoes therefor you get more blow back with ball weights. Good luck.
  12. It seems I have had more trouble when water is clear catching browns, I tie my stick baits on and use a #1 coastlock on all spoons. I did use the swivels on the sticks but found we got more action when we started tying them on. I have not used the snaps so not sure if they effect the action or not.
  13. If you really want to go stealthy try tying them on, there is really no need for a snap only for changing baits and retying only takes a minute. Only need swivels for spoons.
  14. Look at the box you bought the chip in, I have Navionics HotMaps premium and it covers from Michigan to Maine and down to South Carolina ( the whole north east ). I would think yours covers the same area.
  15. That makes me feel like spring is here knowing someone is getting out catching some..... nice job!!!!
  16. I use Mercruiser 25 - 40 synthetic blend, I think it holds up better to the long hours of trolling all day. I have also used Quicksilver blend as well, both work well.
  17. can't wait, this winter is killing me, nice video.
  18. Having trouble find torpedo wire, I normally use 19 strand smoke. Are they out of business or does anyone know where I can find some. appreciate any help locating it, thanks.
  19. I will give starting closer a try, this makes perfect sense. I haven't read Dan's books but I have Keating on kings one and two. Would it be worth it to also own the book, I have heard there is more detailed info in his books. Thanks for the advice and good luck to everyone this season, that's if the ice ever melts.....Lol.
  20. Did well on Ontario salmon last year but one thing I need to improve on is zeroing in on salmon earlier in the day. Most mornings I get my presentation out in around 100' at sun up and troll north until I find bait or marks on the graph. At that point I will start a east to west troll and a S type trolling pattern. It just seems many mornings I don't get on the fish until mid morning and then the early bit is over before I can fill my box. Anything I'm doing wrong or any help you can give I would like to hear from you guys. This year should be easier with a probe system but having never used it I'm sure you could give me some good advice with that as well. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
  21. One thing no one mentioned is using trolling bags, this really helps calm the bounce and helps with speed control. I still don't like fishing in rough seas but if the fish are biting I'll hang in there.
  22. Well pulled the trigger and purchased the Smart Troll system, speaking with the owner via e-mail he seems to be straight up and willing to stand behind his product. Ordered the plus package that comes with two speed/temp/depth probes. The probes with speed won't be available until April but I won't need them until May anyway. He said if for some reason they are still not ready he would send the temp/depth until the probes with speed are available. I will keep you informed on company service and how the product performs.
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