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  1. Did you see the one of the cat following the buck? A buddy of mine swore it was in the southern tier on a friend of his property. I told him as cool as it was that there was a cat in the area that it was even cooler that he had mule deer on his property.

  2. I always went to Tim Steele in Avon and he made the divers into chees-dogs that were incredible. no idea how he does it. we shoot a ton of divers on Seneca and conesus and I didn't know what to do with them anymore so I just asked Tim to do what he could, and they're great. I figured id give Doug a shot as all his other products seem really good.

    Tim does a great job.

  3. Did some calling last night with the foxpro I blew it on a double I smacked this one on my right side at 100yd then looked to my left and had one running straight at the caller . 20yds i got him to stop then shot right over him .  fox fever!   Did a few more sets with a possible yote sighting .  .  had deer walk up to us while we were playing coyote howls they didn’t seem phased by us at all .


    Good stuff!

  4. That's awesome. I trap after hunting season and the thought of sitting in a recliner with a rifle on my lap, watching some tv by the fire waiting for the motion detector to go off is heaven compared to what I go through. Kill them all!!

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    It's a lot more work than that, when the alarm goes off I have to walk upstairs!!!!
  5. so i still have a buck tag and its getting down to the wire. i have had very limited hunting time this year, I might have maybe10 sits in so far but I have a 5 day stretch free this week just for hunting . last night I passed on a 100-110"ish 8pt at 10yds he was young and looked like he was walking on stilts. If you guys get to this situation do you risk eating tag for a shot a mature deer right to the end?

    No right or wrong answer. Being an 8a/c guy it stinks that after bow the tag is useless. Really going to miss late season. Tonight's my last night of vacation but I'm not shooting unless it's a big deer for me. My biggest was a nine around 110-115 inches. Big four year old deer. I have never even seen bucks like some people here have shot. It's been a great week and I can say that regardless of what happens tonight or the rest of the season it's been and will be great.

    I put a roadkill deer in the backyard last night and the motion detector and trailcam are set as well. The receiver is upstairs in my house and the 17 and 204 are ready to rock. When the alarm sounds the light shines out the spare bedroom and the fur is going to fly. Will be posting pics soon.

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