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  1. Congrats Bill on finding that buck. DAMM Coyotes' !!!!!!!!!!

    Big Congrats on that 1ST bow buck. and other young hunter "pick-up truck" w/bow buck pic... Love the Young hunter pics

    And Ray................Your driveway has seen more dead deer on it than most month's worth on the Lake Ontario Parkway I drive EVERY DAY.

    I have know you long enuff to expect bucks like that from you. Now it is time for you to head south soon and molest lobsters .

    Just southwest of your house Jerry.

  2. Ok, I wasn't going to respond to the fact that I am a whiner...... but I changed my mind. By me going in the woods and reporting what I am seeing is whining? Yes this has been an extremely tuff season for me without a doubt! But I am not scared to report my unfortunates! So basically you want to come to this awsome thread and ONLY hear the successful stories an action that is happening in the woods? Well if that's what you want turn your TV or hunting video on because that's the only place you are going to get that. And what happens if say a new Comer to the sport of bow hunting stumbles across this thread? All they read Is that there are big bucks running around every tree in the woods when in all reality that's not fact? Forgive me for being a passionate bow hunter wether it's good or bad! And as far as me talking about the properties I hunt and what's going on with them, is to get feedback from others on here who may have dealt with the same sinario in the past. And yes as much time, energy, and money I put in to this sport you are damn right I want to see deer and be successful! So I guess my point is if you don't like what I have posted and am a downer to bad.

    Matt I have been off all week and like you have hunted hard and not seen one shooter. I hunt north Greece and Hamlin and have seen very few rubs and scrapes. The three or four one and a half and two and a half year old bucks were just cruising. No swollen necks and although there must be some rutting activity I don't think in this area that much is going on.

    In regards to the "whining" comments, ironic that someone that has "holy" in their name is passing judgement on others. I have a few words for him but I think they violate the terms of agreement lol.

    Hunting and fishing can be a lot of fun but there are certainly times where even just seeing some action goes a long way!

    Well it's blowing 25+ and is close to 70 outside. Time to grab my gear and get out there. Hey, you never know.

  3. But keep it fun. I haven't shot a buck in 3 years. Missed one last year. I pass what I consider small bucks but do take a few doe every year. If for whatever reason I want to get out early or sleep in some mornings I do it. A big buck would be great but to not enjoy precious time off would be a waste.

  4. Matt I think your hard work will be rewarded.

    Difference between hunting and trolling is you can always move your boat but with hunting you hunt what you have.

    I'm not sure the places I have to hunt are the greatest there is but its what I have and you make the best of it.

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