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John nastasi

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  1. Where are u located interested in fish trap

    1. kappy


      Hi John  I am on the edge of greece in the city, by stone and dewey area

      thanks Rick


    2. John nastasi

      John nastasi

      Wish I was closer I have the same trap but was looking for my son in law.We are just south of Syracue.

  2. How far from syracuse? Do u ever come any where near Syracuse or Lafayette NY?

    1. glowgetter


      Not really what are you interested in that I have for sale ??

    2. John nastasi

      John nastasi

      The trailer tire.

  3. Let mew know if he doesn't take them.May be interested?

  4. what are the ugly stick rods heavy, or medium?

    1. Total Chaos

      Total Chaos

      Light, 6-20lb line

  5. where's the boat located?

    1. spider14812


      At my house Beaver Dams, NY

  6. Still have hds  7

    1. Todd in NY

      Todd in NY

      Another member said he wanted it. If he changes his mind you are next in line, and I will update my sale ad. I told him I could mail it out Tuesday with a tracking number and he hasn't replied yet.

  7. Still have unit.Call 315 466 9197I can answer any ?

  8. U better stay of this site.the next thing u know your broke!!!!

  9. I have 2 nets One is brand new I forgot my net when I went to Wilson & had to buy one for 100.00  never netted a fish been in the garage ever since.Like to get 80.00  I have another 1 for 65.00 Ilive in Lafayette about 5 miles south of syracuse.May be able to meet in syracuse.If your interested call me 315 466 9197 

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