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  1. Got shallow near Sheldrake had a nice hit on a FF. The horse shoe took the hook right in the center and fought with all its weight. Think it's a new state record for the species.. What are the odds??

    Great evening last night in the Cayuga Laker League with lots of lakers n a really nice 26" bow. All released except the shoe... 20200611_185909.jpeg20200611_201100.jpeg


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  2. I think that a balance is the only solution for comeback on Seneca.
    Reduce pollution, including salinity.
    Reduce the number of lamprey.
    Establish a balance that is self sustainable.

    The one big difference between Cayuga and Seneca is the sturgeon. I believe that the sturgeon eat the lamprey. Maybe I'm wrong but the guys on the west coast love to use them as bait. The key being letting nature balance itself.
    It's a cyclical lake, it's getting better time will tell..

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  3. Two grinding days of fishing yeilded 7 lakers one 4-12 bow and a last minute 7.84 land locked. Fishing pressure and boats at Sampson were minimal. Seneca will come back. I agree with Bobby n Les, also more death to the lamprey. Question is what can we do as anglers to help the situation? I'd donate to the right organization...20200525_090402.thumb.jpeg.631ee1d6202b3b1facb5d7235e2309c8.jpeg


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  4. Please don't empty out my little lake. Catch and release. Specially the browns. They were very scarce a few years ago and only now have they made a comeback. Thank you.
    DEC stocks about 2600 browns a year,
    I truly hope your aren't serious. There are plenty in there, they are difficult to catch which makes it seem like there aren't a lot.
    We can eat our naturally stocked resources.
    "Catch n release into the grease!"

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  5. Sunday we did very well.

    Shoved off at 6:15 trolled south, with my favorite mix of sticks and spoons, riggers/ boards, from a mile north of girl scout camp to south end, turned east heading across, back up the north side to about bolton point area. Doubled back in a few spots where we picked up fish. Packed it in at 10:45, ended up 7/9 total,5 salmon were all undersized, 1 laker 22 in, 1 smallie 19 in. Only picture worth taking was of my truck, all alone when we got in. My buddy who launched next to me this am was gone, he had to get to work. You didn’t miss much Andy. Anyone else do anything worthwhile today?IMG_0470.thumb.JPG.89274e7c0ceb797587d05e3fbcd8fa7d.JPG
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  6. Wow. It’s all about you guys.
    Can’t give up fishing for a couple weeks or a month??
    New York State is the Covid capital of the world .
    Between 700 and 800 people a day or dying in New York City.
    It’s all about you guys.
    Let’s say your buddy Dave lives in NYC and he decides that a couple of buddies and he want to go fishing .
    Boat launches are still open so off they go.
    Did I say it’s all about you guys?
    Dave was exposed to Covid 5 days ago.
    So in the truck his buddies are now exposed. They stop for fuel. Some kid working the cash gets exposed.
    An hour later they stop for a meal.
    More people exposed.
    They get to the launch and fish all day. They come in when you come in.
    You pull a 15 lb brown out of your boat and everyone runs over to congratulate you.
    Well congratulations, you forget about the 6’rule now you are exposed and going to take it home to your loved ones.
    This probably won’t happen but something like this happened because that is how we all got into the ****SHOW we are in now!
    It’s all about you guys.

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    No it's not about us it's about our rights and what our government is doing to them. My wife and I fish together. I stay away from people, period, regardless of the virus. We love to eat trout and venny. If you think it's selfish of me to want to do what I've put thousands of dollars into as a hobby you may want to move to a socialist country. This is America last I checked. More idiots out there texting and driving killing people than this virus especially in my county. NYC is the covid capital.. not upstate.. stay healthy, tight lines, tight groups. Arrest me.

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  7. I'll see who's enforcing such BS.
    I'll check with local authorities, if they are chaining off entry, (which would be a big hazard if emergency services were needed for a water rescue. ) that would be their only way of enforcement.
    The launches without an attendant should be open.. can't get much farther from people then out on a lake.

    The only way we can challenge this is to check its legality. It's America folks. Walmart n Lowes are open. Telling me I can't catch fish for my family n friends. I'll be the first to take this ticket to a judge.

    I think you're on to something..... I see this about the launches where there is an attendant to take $$.... not the launches where there are no attendants. 

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