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  1. Selling My Personal Boat. It is Fully Rigged for great lakes fishing/trolling. Have owned this boat for 10 years and have tuned it in to be a fishing machine. I am Located in southwest michigan. 269-325-1714 http://swmi.craigslist.org/boa/4113303991.html
  2. Have 2 of these on hand we are putting on year end special. Also see out Tekota 800 Pre-Spooled Copper Reels on Home Page on Special as well. Phone Orders welcome 269-944-1714 Brett http://brettsplaceonthebay.com/daiwa-saltist-40lcha-high-speed-6-4-1-linecounter-trolling-reel/
  3. Hey Guys Have 2 of these reels for Sale already built. Give Us a Call if you need Something Custom Made Brett 1-877-442-7388 http://brettsplaceonthebay.com/shimano-tekota-800-tek-800-levelwind-trolling-reel-pre-spooled-with-250-45-blood-run-copper/
  4. yes tunas here is a link http://www.tunasreeltroubles.com/
  5. Just Made This Video on installing a Twilli-Tip to a standard dipsy diver rod. Most Inexpensive way to add wire to your arsenal. See our other videos too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIraFZzU35g
  6. Take a look at our website we can easily ship items to you. We do custom spooling in house as well. Give us a call if you have any questions 1-877-442-7388 Brett Bretts Place On The Bay
  7. Just put this video together the other day showing knot used for attaching wire fishing line to a swivel or dipsy diver... There is more than one way to do this but I have found this is the most effective way to do this. Have had many folks ask this question over the years so we did a video. See our other Videos on attaching a twili-tip and curing spawn as well. Good Luck Fishing! Brett http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kRLwO1M77o
  8. We will be happy to help! Here is a link to our site http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/ Use our toll free number if needed we can put together custom package's or answer any questions you may have.#trolling gear online#trolling gear Hope to hear From you! Brett Bretts Place On The Bay 1-877-442-7388 @brettsplace
  9. We can Help! Here is a link http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/2-pk-okuma-xp-452l-combos-pre-spooled-with-blood-run-45-copper/ If you wish for different equipment we can definitely put something together for you. Thanks Brett 269-944-1714
  10. We just updated our website offering customers choice of rod and reel trolling combos. Customers can order a dipsy diver combo, downrigger combo, walleye combo or a universal trolling combo all online via our site. Need advice? Give us a call 1-877-442-7388 Will be expanding on this category with more options. Sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned. Have some great sale items right now!! http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/trolling-combos/
  11. Get geared up for the fall salmon run coming soon! We just added all in stock Acme Tackle KO Wobbler and Little Cleo Casting spoons to our site. These are ideal for casting from riverbank or pier for all species of salmon. Fall Salmon Run is coming soon so gear up Now! Will be adding more Fall salmon gear all week so stay tuned via our newsletter, facebook page or this site! Special orders, always welcome!! 1-877-442-7388 http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/acme-tackle-casting-spoons/
  12. Grayden Outdoors Just Got Caught Up On Fish Hawk X4D Units. There is a limited supply, very sure they will sell out new stock fast. Here is a link to purchasehttp://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/fishhawk-x4d-downrigger-data-system-fhx4d-system/ Please browse our site for other related items. If you are rigging a boat and need help, Simply give me a call will get you setup with the right gear and be conscious of your budget as well! Look forward to doing business Brett 1-877-442-7388
  13. Have an Overstock on Shimano Tekota 700 Levelwind Reels. Have 12 reels to unload at this price. Reels are are brand New in Box. We would be happy to spool them with your line of choice. Give us a call for custom spooling, package pricing or for any rigging needs we are here to help. 1-269-944-1714 We also Have Church Tackle TX-44 Boards on sale 29.99 for limited time as well. Book mark our site and sign up for our newsletter for future Promo Items http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/shimano-tekota-700-tek-700-levelwind-trolling-reel/
  14. My opinion especially in a wire diver scenario is to run snubbers. There is zero stretch with wire and braided lines. Salmon sometimes strike so hard they can rip there own lip off if there is zero give or stretch to the line. Everyone I fish with myself included runs snubbers all the time on there wire divers. Hope this helps Brett
  15. Hey guys Have 2 Overstock Otter Boats we are selling just above cost 99.99 Folks Can call directly 1-877-442-7388 or use the link below to purchase from our website. Please take time to browse the site, we do custom packages and Volume pricing. Thanks Brett http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/big-jon-sports-otter-boat-big-planer-ski/
  16. I run 4 dipsy's 2 per side. Inside set on 1 and outside set on 3. Outside dipsy is set farther back than inside. Need to stagger them otherwise you will have a problem. Hope this helps Brett
  17. Free Shipping On All Orders over 200.00 Through 6/16/2013 Bretts Place On The Bay is a Family Owned Shop Dedicated to Customer Service. Check out our website link in the signature or Give us call if you need custom products or service. 1-877-442-7388 Thanks Brett and Family
  18. Talk to a bunch of folks daily.. The facts we have is downrigger fishing is defined as controlled depth fishing. If you wish to target fish in at a depth you see see them, refine your downrigger program. There is so many variables with leadcore,copper and dipsys that we really just have an "idea" of the depth they are running. With the advancements in electronics I see controlled depth fishing being the most defined way of targeting fish at depth desired. We all know Copper/Leadcore/Dipsy's create a spread and catch fish... Most Times more than riggers. Create a spread and do not discount the riggers. They have caught fish for 30+ years now..
  19. Best Release on The Market... We are now selling more Chamberlain Releases Than the Black's RC-90 and RC-95. Most of us target multiple species of fish and we also have to adjust for time of year. Springtime the coho and salmon are smaller than fall. Also changing from salmon to walleye is big change. The Chamberlain release allows us to adjust for all of these variables, with a single release. You can purchase them on our website http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/brands/Chamberlain-Release.html
  20. Posted This On Our Facebook Page too.. New Okuma Product Not even available on our site yet. Okuma Big Lake Tournament Series Rods. There is 17 Models available and These are The Right actions For Salmon and Walleye Trolling. They are Tough, and Come With a 5 Year Warranty From Okuma. These Rods Compare and Exceed the Shimano Talora In My opinion. Have Handled many rods over years. Fished The Great Lakes for 35+ Years and I am 41. You want the right stuff Visit our store or website or call us live! Stay Tuned for More info.. Please sign up for our newsletter on our site for more updates. Model Retail BLT-DR-701M DR ROD 1PC $69.95 BLT-DR-762L DR ROD 2PC $39.95 BLT-DR-762ML DR ROD 2PC $69.95 BLT-DR-802M DR ROD 2PC $69.95 BLT-DR-862M DR ROD 2PC $79.95 BLT-DR-701M-WH WOOD HANDLE $79.95 BLT-DD-902 MH DIPSEY ROD $89.95 BLT-DD-1002 MH DIPSEY ROD $89.95 BLT-CL-702MH COPPER/LC ROD $79.95 BLT-CL-802MH COPPER/LC ROD $89.95 BLT-CL-902MH COPPER/LC ROD $89.95 BLT-WR-862MH WIRE ROD $119.95 BLT-WR-1002MH WIRE ROD $139.95 BLT-W-802MH SWIVLE TIP WIRE $109.95 BLT-W-902MH SWIVLE TIP WIRE $119.99 BLT-W-1002MH SWIVLE TIP WIRE $129.95 BLT-WR-902MH A ROLLER W/SW/TIP $189.95
  21. Visit our facebook page for give away...https://www.facebook.com/brettsplaceonthebay
  22. Trevor is the Man! Glad he is taking care of his customers!! Grayden outdoors also owns deeper diver and tripsy diver. Grayden outdoors customer service is great!! I support there product lines 100% due to the above statements!!
  23. Good Idea adding a secondary clip. The Clip that comes with unit is an Elberta Clipper from Dreamweaver which is a good clip too.
  24. Be sure to put your inside dipsy's on a 1 setting and your outside dipsy's on a 3 setting. You also may want to stagger the length behind the boat too, your outside dipsy being the farthest back. Hope this helps Brett
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