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  1. Try buying a boat. Seems like Integrity has been lost in the society.
  2. So I finally received my deposit back from Gulf to Lake marine and trailer. So in short here is what happened I was in FL and seen this boat. (see attached) I decided this is the one, after speaking to Ian the sales manager. I contacted a surveyor and went for it. The biggest issue was that it is advertised w/ 424 hours. THE HOUR METERS DO NOT WORK! Here is a list of a FEW items that where wrong with the boat. 1.Hour meters don't work 2. RPM gauges don't work 3. Port motor flooded through exhaust with water during launch and would not start for 2 hours ( Never heard of such a thing) 4. generator would quit when motors started 5. a/c did not work 6. chips in coat ext. http://www.gulftolakesales.com/2000-sea-ray-amberjack-290/
  3. I am looking at purchasing this boat and bring it to the U.S. side does anyone up North know anything about this boat or owner. Does anyone know anything about moving a boat from Canada to the U.S. Thanks in advance for any help. http://www.boatdealers.ca/boats-for-sale/297992/sea-ray-290-amberjack-toronto-ontario
  4. Tiara makes a wonderful boat for sure. Wife likes the interior of the Sea Ray better seeing she makes more money then me and spends just as much time on the boat as I do. I kinda have to listen to her a little.
  5. Had a boat surveyed in FL. Dealer lied about hours on boat and told me all systems where operational. I am out $600.00 dollars due to there false representation of the boat.
  6. I am looking at a boat in Canada And wondering if there is anyone out there that knows how to get it from Canada to NY. I am looking to have a Capt. or a professional service Bring it from Toronto to Sodus Point. I have no idea how that is done I have been inquiring through the surveyors but not getting anywhere.
  7. I Just received my tickets to the PGA Championship, not the masters but going to be awesome...
  8. i might have a few buddies that look like that. hahahah
  9. Thanks Sammy just not what I am looking for. I am having a Amberjack surveyed Hopefully this week.
  10. Sharing information so a fellow human can have the enjoyment to catch a fish and enjoy one of the greatest thrills we have left in this world is a noble thing to do. To sacrifice some of your thrill is hard. I rarely reel in the Fish hooked on my boat, to watch the person sharing the experience with me is worth its weight in salmon fillets. I would like thank all who have sacrificed some information so that someone else could experience what they have already. TIGHT LINES TO ALL!!
  11. Look to purchase a few Big Jon swivel bases.
  12. Would like your opinions
  13. Just got word from owner of the boat I was looking at, it has sold!!! Still need HELP!!
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