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  1. Also posted in general forum. Oops. Also supposed to be 8/21. I'm on a roll! Went 2/3 this afternoon. Didn't get setup until 3pm but found a honey hole on accident. Funny story. We were following a course I had set and some garbage appears in the water. Turns out to be a rusty full can of Budweiser. Had to be old. Distracted by the shiny thing, my wife veers off course and I'm not paying attention. About 5 min later the port wire dipsey starts hammerin'. We were in 190' out 360 on a 2.5 setting with FF combo. Hypnotist I believe with glow frog. My wife gets her in...21lb female king. Her first, and biggest in my boat yet!! We circle the spot and an hr later I lose another in the EXACT spot after 30 min fight. Glow pro troll with hammer fly, again wire dipsey out 360. After a few tries (current was playing with us) we went thru the spot again and I hook up. 45 min later 23lb male on the pro troll setup. What a fighter!!! Almost spooled me, then had 3 runs to 400 and 2 to 200 before I tired his ass out. Hopefully the pics turn out. The odyssey began when I tried to find a place go clean the fish at 9pm!! But all is well and back at it in the am.
  2. Transferred report to fishing forum
  3. Lotta places booked. Ended up at Silver Waters. Headed out soon, my wife's first time...I hope I can get her "hooked"
  4. Headed to sodus this afternoon and would like to moor my boat overnight somewhere and find a place to sleep. I've only been up once so consider me a newbie with details. I see Katlynn marina and bay bridge as options from the Internet. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help...I'll be sure to post a report later!
  5. We're out of Sodus headed deeper. What depth are you marking fish? We are only seeing marks in 40-50 over 300
  6. Yeah thanks. Message loud and clear. Newbie mistake.
  7. Anyone have info on launches for Cayuga, mid lake west side? I hear Taughannock charges $10 to launch Someone mentioned Sheldrake but I've never been there. Is it a public launch? Deans is a bit further North than I want to go...and Ithaca is a bit south. I know, picky picky.
  8. Thanks everyone for the idea's. I have a 2011 18' Starcraft Superfisherman. It's not so much that the linkages aren't tight or the motor turns on its own, it's more the deep V acting like a sail heading into the wind. It turns quickly. I am outfitted with an iPilot on the front and honestly didn't think about trying the two motors in tandem. Well I did, but I second guessed myself whether it could be effective. I'll give it a try and see how it works! Thanks again.
  9. I can see that there are replies, but I cannot see them. I'll try the mobile app. Wasn't there something to do with clearing cookies or something? NM When I posted this, i can see the replies.
  10. Since I fish alone mostly it would be really handy to give my outboard a setting and have it troll straight while I tend rods. I've seen something similar on bigger charter boats with direct drive and a rudder. But is it possible on an outboard? What would it take? I'm not a gear head, but it seems like it might be cost prohibitive to do this.... Anyway, just dreaming... thanks for your thoughts.
  11. I've caught them a few times trolling for walleye in about 20 FOW but never deep. That's bizarre!
  12. Seems like our luck was at the transition of haze to sun and went from one color to the the other, we timed it just right!! Great bite between 9 and 12, then fell off. One good Salmon around 3pm made our day.
  13. What a glorious day! Started a bit late due to my partners having a "Saturday Night". And first I must say thanks to everyone on this forum, you have helped me beyond belief!! Launched at Severne and ran North a bit, setup and BANG wire dipsy goes with a copper puke spoon before I can get anything else in the water. Very foggy and hazy, we fished in close, about 35 FOW @ 9am. Nice Brown and on we go North. Started hitting bait bombs in shallow and the fish followed. Copper puke did the damage on the wire dipsy at 20ft!!! 3 more hits, 1 catch, and lost a "big one" after ripping line off. Turned around past Miles and went South, not much happening until Showboat thru Castle, then Bang-Bang-Bang, Browns and Salmon same lure depth but in 45 FOW. Caught a fish on every pole except the copper. One nice brown at 6lbs. Riggers at 20', dipsies at 20-40', copper out 300' was probably too deep. With the same setup we ran back an forth and ended up 9/14 by noon. We went deep after the bite tailed off and couldn't pull a laker, so we packed it in at 3pm. This was by FAR my best day on Seneca. And I owe it all to this site and the members who help us newbies out!. I just started trolling last year and I'm so excited that we finally got into the fish! So are my partners! Hopefully I can post pics soon.
  14. A friend of mine has caught over 100 lakers in the past 4 weeks. He was gracious enough to "show me the ropes" 2 weeks ago. We literally caught ~25 fish, mostly 2-4 lbs, in 2 hrs. All jigging, within about 100 yds. We fished where there weren't many marks and NO bait and tried to find fish that would come off the bottom. They played along and we could have stayed all day but my boy (6) was tired and my arm hurt! Down near H-port there is so much bait and the fish are stacked up in the water column. Have been that way for weeks. I just can't imagine how many lakers are in Keuka. After fishing Seneca for the last year, WOW.
  15. McIntyre Bait & Tackle on 414 just outside of Corning has thousands of oakies. Tell'em the "little lake perch guy" sent ya!
  16. On a #1 Dipsy the avg ratio with the o-ring is 2.3, without is 2.9 on the 3 setting. But take a closer look and you will see why some find the depths are way off. For 10' w/o ring on 3 setting chart says 30. Perfect 3:1 right? nope. For 15' its 2.3:1 For 20' its 2.5 For 50' its 3.6 Its not linear. Don't know why exactly but it probably has something to do with diminishing returns due to line drag overwhelming the dive. Thats why I programmed my own app with a best fit line. I'd be curious how the actual chart holds up to the fish hawk test and how line diameter affects the table. And does line weight (stainless) have an impact vs braid or mono. I cannot find any tables with this info...
  17. Maybe I'm confused, what is Clute park launch? right next to the Marina, the $5 launch with big parking? That was open tonight and normally where I launch. I never knew there was a ramp problem there. Huh. Guess I'll be more careful.
  18. I was just checking out these apps and I think they just use the standard chart...but there is a problem in the chart: Desired depth 45 w/o ring on 2 setting is a typo. It should be 124. The desired depth 10 line is also odd in that its the only one not on a linear ratio relationship. Not a big deal I guess. Even better than those apps though is you can use a best fit line in excel to figure out the equation and download a free iSpreadsheet app to create your own.
  19. Is the marina closed?
  20. Nice video Mike! Thanks again for your help this year!
  21. Is that shirt he has on CS soccer? Central Square?
  22. Awesome! I'm jealous. I can't get out until Sunday!
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