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  1. Hi, Its an easy process to get it, . It involves a multiple choice test on basic boat operating (if you pass the boaters operator card you can pass this) and an open water man overboard practical test using a small Boston whaler with your classmates Tests take place on Thursdays from the outer harbour marina off leslie spit. and you have to reserve a spot and pick up the paperwork or have it mailed before so you can study. You are subject to a fine if you operate in the port of Toronto which extends east to the water filtration plant at Queen and Victoria park and all the way to Humber river about 2 miles offshore. As to whether or not the fishing is worth it, I got mine about 3 weeks ago so I could take the family to centre island, but I also heard the bass and pike fishing around Toronto islands is amazing. I used to launch out of the public launch at ashbridges and I didn't know it at the time but I should have had the permit at the time. No one ever stopped me, I think it's a case of dont be a fool on the water and you won't be bothered though $30 and a morning is all it takes. Good luck
  2. Try reading previous June (ie 2012, 2011 etc) posts for the areas you are considering that should give you an idea. I know there will be some variation year to year but fish are caught mid June around PC and the bluffs in June. Good luck