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fishing fool

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  1. fishing fool

    Anyone still trolling?

    Hey bulhead ya fishing from shore for those pike at the oak,like to try something different this wkend other than trout
  2. fishing fool

    Legacy- 2015 Deer Season

    That is a great picture ,thanks for sharing ,next best thing than being in your stand!!
  3. fishing fool

    56" SLR Musky Today !

    Great fish and awesome story ,way to go!!
  4. fishing fool

    See this?

    Yea no big deal until a pope and young 10 pt strolls by your at stand at 15 yds on October 10 and you can't shoot him,because of some stupid regulation.I guess you thought no deer hunting on Sunday was a good idea and no big deal too.
  5. fishing fool

    See this?

    You want more and better bucks every year,one buck a year ,shorten gun season and start it after the rut ,just like ohio and you will have better quality deer in no time for everyone!i . The dec has no fn clue what their doing on game pop and seasons in this state
  6. fishing fool

    Erie Steelhead Fishing

    That's the one
  7. fishing fool

    Erie Steelhead Fishing

    If you find them let me know,I have only caught a handful while walleye fishing in 60 to 90 ft of water suspended from the Catt to dunkirk in the summer over the yrs,I heard they do good on them off Erie pa on right off the mountain in 100 plus ft, good luck
  8. fishing fool

    Well fed bear

    That's cool ,great picture!
  9. fishing fool

    How do you catch surface feeding Crappies?

    Small blue fox minnow spin works for me on private ponds I fish
  10. fishing fool

    Niagara River Musky Reports

    Great reports larry, thanks for the updates and pictures!
  11. fishing fool

    Lost "Mission" bow-Stueben county----RETURNED!

    Excellent, great news!!
  12. fishing fool


    This state is finished, no hope , never voting again here. it's officially time to start looking to get out of here as soon as possible. Very sad day(2 nd ammendment R. I. P.) it's over
  13. fishing fool

    Legacy- 2014 Deer Woods

    7 diff bucks in one morning, what a primo spot ,consider yourself very lucky.you have a hell of a spot w/ quality bucks to boot! I have nt seen 7 diff bucks the whole season and been hunting hard in 6 diff spots in 3 separate counties in wny .Biggest buck so far was a 10 in 8 pt. thanks for the pictures and be safe
  14. fishing fool

    Halloween Buck - 9 pt

    Nice buck nice shot. Congratulations!
  15. fishing fool

    Legacy- 2014 Deer Woods

    Nice view, is that by cauaga lake?