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  1. thanks everyone found one
  2. Looking for a large salmon net
  3. I will take them can you send me details where you are or if they have to be shipped? you can call me also 585-329-2159, Thank you
  4. will take the lot that has the smaller spoons on the left and with all the purple spoons on the lower right, u can call me 585-329-2159
  5. So how much for the rods and reels? All of them !
  6. are the rods still available? And how much for all of them?
  7. How much for the reels and tackle box?
  8. what is the year and is it electric start?
  9. Want to buy a MOOR brand probe. w
  10. will take lot 10. text me 585-329-2159
  11. Call Gene at finger lake trailer he does boat transoms! 585-880-5675
  12. i will take them can you call me tuesday the 21first? 585-329-2159
  13. i will take them when can you meet me? text me at 585-329-2159
  14. do you have a weekly rate ? are you booked for the whole summer?
  15. does it come with the bolts and what type of tips are on it? broadhead etc
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