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  1. Looking for a Moor Sub Troll, must be willing to ship since I'm in PA. I always wanted one but now my Garmin 93SV now longer shows temp I need one.
  2. How the lake tonight, I heard its ripping and some are saying not to come up, others are saying too.
  3. Where are the lakers this time of year and are they easier to catch. I'm not looking for any specific species but plan on targeting kings 1st but if it is slow, are other species easier to catch/more predictable or dos the winds screw all the fish up.
  4. Looks like the weather changes a little in our favor, anyone doing good out of Olcott or Wilson.
  5. The weather/wave report getting any better for Saturday.
  6. I'm heading up this Saturday from PA, how the wave report looking for sat. I know it wed and things change hourly/daily.
  7. I am looking for two reels that I would be using for riggers. Line counter preferred as they could be used for other applications. No okuma magda or cabela brand.
  8. I have 36 total new in box Kaboom Deep Nitro Shiners for sale. I don't use the Kabooms like I use too. You get 6 of each color in the picture for a total of 36 lures. $150 shipped. PM me interested. If looking for smaller lot, PM me.
  9. I have a few different Kabooms DNS that are custom painted then two part epoxied. They are new out of the package $6.50 plus shipping. Here are a few examples I have but have others PM if interested. 1st pic is Gobie 2nd is Mardi Gras 3rd is night vision 4th is Barbie
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