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  1. Since I don't see a weather forecast tab, and I'm not a professional, I'm going to guess you are correct in your availability assumption!
  2. According to NYSDMV, the only exemptions to registrations are kayaks and non motorized canoes. Did not find a definition of "motorized" but I'm guessing since you can put a trolling motor on a canoe, that would be considered to be a motorized canoe. It goes to follow that yes, you would need to register the 10' boat with trolling motor. http://www.dmv.org/ny-new-york/boat-registration.php#What-to-Register
  3. Excellent condition. Used twice a year for a few days when we would take the small boat to go camping. Sold the small boat, new owner didn't need the trolling motor. Asking $100. Pick up only. Live in Chili NY (Rochester)
  4. New PM sent. Relatives are on board.
  5. PM sent regarding getting your address. Thanks Ricc!
  6. I have relatives in Oakville that would be willing to pick them up for me I believe. If mapquest is accurate, shows you living very close to University of Toronto/Mississauga? US funds or Canadian? Very interested.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Show Me, PM sent regarding taking a look at the unitrolls at some point.
  8. Hello, my name is Jim, and I came across this site, and have been very glad I did. Have already purchased a used net, and sold a boat I had outgrown. Last fall I purchased an 18' Targa Tracker. On decent days, it does well on the lake. I'm in the process of gearing it up to recreational fish for trout in the spring and fall, and salmon through the summer. I already have planer boards, planer mast, rod holders, etc. for spring fishing the browns. My big question is regarding down riggers. I will most likely only make 5-10 fishing trips a season that I would have a need for them, so I'm looking to buy used. Quick list of questions: Do I even bother with electric rigs, or just plan on manual. 44 years old, so a little cranking now and then won't kill me. Are all downriggers bases a universal size? The side rails of the boat are 4.5" wide, and are aluminum. Will most bases fit this space, including swivel mounts? If bases do fit, should I plan on using some kind of backing material (plywood, stock steel etc) to reinforce the side rails where the riggers would be mounted. I'm only looking to set up two down riggers. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to buy something that just doesn't work on my boat.
  9. In the process of selling my 12' flat jon boat. 2003 Crestliner. Excellent condition. Included Minn Kota Endura 36 lb thrust trolling motor, Lowrance Mark 5x pro depth finder, transducer, and mounting bracket for the Lowrance. (The Lowrance works, for the most part. I think the transducer is starting to fail? Occasionally it will just flash 60 feet of water for a few minutes, then settle back into working correctly). Selling boat due to upgrade last fall. No trailer. $350. Can post pics if interested. Transferrable registration included.
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