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  1. He quoted me $30 a piece for 12# torpedo's, and $13 shipping. He says he will be making weights in a few weeks. EXCELLENT pricing! Have heard nothing but good things about Troutman
  2. Regarding the hijacking....too late....
  3. I have 2. Don't let your arms get tired using an ice spud, and just let it drop into the hole you are chipping away at. At some point, it breaks through, slips right out of your grasp, and plants itself in the mud 5 feet down. About 10 inches deeper than you can plunge your arm in after it. DON'T decide in your younger years it would be a good idea while fishing for catfish at night(without lights) to clip your car keys to the last eye on your rod so they would "jingle" when you have a hit. Eventually, when you go to cast your rig again, the eye finally breaks off, and you hear two distinct "plunks" in the water 50 yards out. Your rig, and your car keys.
  4. Sent you a PM regarding 12# torpedo weights. Wasn't sure if you've been on, or if it didn't get to you for some reason. If you see this, check your messages. Thanks in advance, Jim
  5. Don't. Do. It. That same rig you sell for say 18K, will cost you 30K down the road to replace, if and when you reach your comfort zone of fiscal security. Find another way to save some cash. Hamburger helper and Ramen Noodles! I only say this because I watched a close friend sell off his rig to help pay the bills. Guess what. The bills kept coming, the sale of the rig only held off the bill collector for a short time, and now...well, he can't even go fishing to get away from it all. Not saying you are the same situation, but a short term gain usually lends itself to a long term....."well that didn't work out too well". On the flip side, if you only take your rig out twice a year.....you should think about GOING FISHING MORE!!
  6. 5 year fishing license? It would certainly help me avoid that embarrassing moment in October where I wake up early to go fishing with a buddy and suddenly remember...crap, I'm out of date..... Would save me 4 years of beating my head against a wall....
  7. I did the same thing with an ice spud....slipped right through my hands. Not as costly for sure. Not sure what you paid for it used, but this link may help if you want to just purchase a new shaft.... http://www.jiffyonice.com/EComStore/catalog/drill-assemblies,19.htm
  8. 2002 17.5 Tracker w/ 75 Merc. Upgraded from a 12' john boat a year and a half ago. Not the sexiest, or the biggest, but she's ours, and she fishes....
  9. I've always wanted to get one, but I have to ask before I make an offer... Why only 5 uses, and now sitting in a basement? How well did it work when you used it? Is it usable on a boat in the summer on a sunny day? Any info on how deep it will actually be able to "see" structure/fish at? What type of batteries? Just curious, since there are a lot of electronics out there that just never provide the quality the adverts say it will.
  10. I'm almost as new as you are, so I won't try to give tips that I'm still working on, but don't fear, there are a lot of experienced, helpful folks out here, and you will get some pointers soon enough. As Bruce Willis said in Die Hard, "welcome to the party pal". If you are anything like me, there really won't be an option not to make this a "big hobby" once you start catching fish. Jim
  11. Troutman got back to me. At this time he only makes torpedo weights in 12# sizes. Being new to this, what is the difference as far as cutting down blowback (I'm using cannonballs currently), tracking, etc? If there isn't much difference, I could go with the torpedos. Thanks in advance, Jim
  12. I'm in the market for 12# sharks. Specs on my Unitrolls say 12# max, so I guess I should listen to them.... Any chance you make 12# weights?
  13. Thanks. I know Troutman 87 makes 14# pounders....I suppose I should just pm him and see if 12# is an option.
  14. I know I've seen a few of you that make weights in the 14# size, but the specs on my Unitroll limits me to 12# weights. Not sure if a 2# difference would end up breaking the riggers, but why chance it? I run a SubTroll off one, and if a boom or a base were to fail, I would be pretty unhappy I'm sure. So, that being said, is there anyone that makes 12# sharks? I'm in Rochester, so keeping shipping down would be a plus. Thanks in advance.... Jim
  15. I had NO idea what the bulbs were. I'm innocently checking out some posts, and the mouse wandered. Now that I know what they are....keep 'em coming. And I totally support the easter egg/shamrock/firecracker idea Big Dave suggested. Just need to find the right sounds for all of them.
  16. I have a stabilizer fin on my Mercury 75....I've always wondered if one of these will mount up with it, or would they interfere with each other. My fin (hopefully you can picture this) slides over the outboard plate, so there is a slice of fin, the plate, and then a top slice of the fin all bolted together. I suppose I should post this as a separate thread, but figured it may get answered here just as well. Been looking for something to slow my trolling speed down besides 5 gallon buckets (poor mans drift bags) over the side.
  17. Just ordered two bottles (funny, the main website says it has 4 oz and 1 oz size bottles, but when you finally get to the ebay page...they only list the 1 oz size. Either way...won't know for sure if it even works until next year, but since we spend a few weeks in the Adirondacks where the ankle biters are just so thick (100% deet doesn't even do the trick...they just bit through it) if it works, it's worth $4 an oz.
  18. It's an 8 hour classroom. Anyone ever take a hunter safety course? Pretty much the same thing. They point out the really dumb things not to do....(DON'T SHOOT OTHER PEOPLE)... and regardless of this, people will still do dumb things. It's a bull crap move to generate revenue IMHO.
  19. Change gear lube as well, unless that's what Yoda meant by 1)Change oil
  20. Keep up the dailies! Still a lot left in the season....
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