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  1. Nice job. Did you go out in the morning? I was there in the afternoon in the rain. Lots of marks in 90-100, but not a darn rod popped.....
  2. No problem. I may have spent a few more dollars there yesterday that I intended.....
  3. Try here? http://www.greatlakestackleshop.com/products.php?pg=18
  4. What ever questions you may have, you came to the right place to ask them. There is a ton of folks here who know their stuff.
  5. Waves 2-4 subsiding to 1-3? That's a forecast looking better? I suppose if your boat is big enough you can get out, but it won't be fun to fish. Sailed with my brother yesterday out of Sodus in the same 2-4 subsiding....here's what it looked like. We were heading almost straight towards Oswego. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/emanonpettis/media/MVI_0636.mp4.html
  6. I'm okay with re applying. I bought the 4 oz bottles, and it only took a few pumps to cover my lower legs. One bottle will last a long time and since it works...I'm good to go. I found 98% deet spray at Dicks one year in a small bottle. I've used it on the lake, and as far as I could see, the biting flies just thought it was salad dressing on my legs....didn't do a thing. It also eats car paint....I found out the hard way when I hosed myself down and the over spray from the can hit the side of the car.....
  7. I know, to the purists it's just a mud minnow, a bottom slug, a cheap date, etc. However, being this is only my 2nd year of fishing the lake, it is not only my biggest fish landed (hey, I didn't say I had skills) but for a few brief days, my name will grace the Lake Trout leader board for the first time ever. 15 lbs, 14 oz. 34". Thanks to my co pilot (Mike Francis) who is also skipper of the Irish Wake. His exact words to me at work yesterday were "after work, want to go bounce up a leader board fish?" (We'll take your boat....) Which is what we did. As my boat name suggests....I got lucky and found a nut. 105 fow. For most of the afternoon, the screen was a desert.... Thanks again Mike.
  8. I ordered this spray based on another thread about biting flies http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/37425-black-biting-flies-while-trolling-on-lake-ontario/ Tried it yesterday on one ankle, and left the other untreated. I kid you not....the treated ankle had NO flies visit. The untreated lasted 20 minutes before I sprayed it as well. Rest of the afternoon, I was fine. My co pilot however, didn't use it and he was swatting at them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/160310073360 Its the Buggspray no scent. It has two additional chems besides deet that are specifically for biting flies (stable flies etc). I'm convinced it works. Enough so that I'm going to buy a bunch more just to have them.
  9. Whoops, never mind....guess there isn't a place to post for the summer derby....my bad
  10. Thanks for holding it horizontal, and not vertical. I hope most know it, but even holding larger bass vertical can damage vertebrae and nerves. A fish that size and weight would certainly suffer some damage. Awesome fish, and excellent catch and release!
  11. Weather Underground. They have a collection of weather "stations" and there are numerous one's along the lake shore. I fish out of Sandy, and the yacht club there just added a station that is situated right at the mouth of the creek, so you get live wind direction and speeds. (The site takes a bit of looking around to find what you are after...the weather stations are part of the "wundermaps" tab. it's weather station #69. Also, they have a marine forecast that is usually (but not always) close. You can also look up the buoy that is located north of Rochester that gives real time wind and wave heights.
  12. I'm old school. I have an 18' tracker with a 75 on it. Just couldn't get it to idle low enough to troll under 3.5 -4 mph. I tossed out two 5 gallon pails with trip ropes to dump them, and cleated them to the sides by the bow. However, after a carb rebuild, engine will now idle down to 2 mph without those darn buckets. They worked however, and no one could tell they were there...unless you were on the boat. Saved a lot on buying bags....and when those on the boat laughed at them, I suggested they could pay for bags, or swim home.
  13. There is a thread that mentions this bug spray. Contains deet, as well as 2 "biting fly" additives. I bought two bottles, people say it works great. Here is the link to the product. They have a bunch of sprays, make sure you get the one labeled for "biting flies". For $12 bucks for two bottles, it's worth a shot. We camp in the Adk. Mts. in June and August, and the flies up there are KILLER. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buggspray-Insect-Repellent-No-Fragrance-2x4-fl-oz-/160310073360
  14. Guess I will try again later. In case someone reads this...I would go down to $70.....
  15. Funny, just posted a smaller one for sale. Minn Kota 36. $85
  16. Approximately 7 years old. Used twice a year to push around a 12' john boat for a few days on vacation. Very few hours on it. 36 pounds/thrust. 5 forward speeds, 2 reverse. 36" shaft. Great for a canoe, or anything up to 14'. Moved our 12' around nicely. Sold the john boat, but kept the motor to sell. $80 to a good home. Paypal accepted. Pick up in Chili, or possibly meet locally.
  17. Nice report. I really need to get my wife to work harder so I don't have to.....need more time fishing!
  18. Appears it is down again. BYC also removed it from their website. None of the links are working. I wonder why?
  19. Just got back from Sandy as well. Gulls are loving this. Alewives everywhere. Didn't trip a rod today. Guessing whatever fish may still be in close are full to bursting at this point.
  20. Not even in any of the mixed drinks the ladies were having? What kind of bar are you fishing anyways? OOHHH...you mean on the LAKE. Sorry....
  21. It's up. Frame rate seems poorer than last year, but at least I can see if there are white caps....
  22. Looks like I'm painting/coating them. Thanks for all the info.
  23. An old timer taught me how to do fish drives when ice fishing as well... run out past the holes, and hop/stomp your way back...drives them to the bait. Thanks all. Had a decent day out last Sunday. Hoping to get out for the start of the derby, but the weather doesn't seem like it wants to play nice...
  24. Start here. I just searched "spring king tips" in the forums search window. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 From what I understand, Kings, lakers, coho etc aren't really "set up" at this point. No real thermocline, and they are all actively feeding. Someone said start by finding bait schools in 20 - 100 fow and where you find bait, you will find fish. Good luck!
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